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vrm.7.36 Hearing the words of Raghava, the ascetic Agastya, having six sorts of wealth, laughing said, like unto Brahma, speaking to Rudra O Rama, O lord of earth, traversing the earth, Ravana arrived at the city of Mahishmati, resembling the city of the Devas, where lived perpetually the deity of fire.
vrm.7.37 At no distance from where on the banks of tbe river Narmada, that dreadful lord of Rakshasas collected the flowers, Arjuna, the King of Mahishmati, and the foremost of the victorous, was sporting with his wives in the water And being encircled by them the king Arjuna appearo like a leading elephant surrounded by a thousands of she elephants.
vrm.7.38 And having been moved by the love for his son, the highly effulgent, great ascetic, proceeded to see the king of Mahishmati.
vrm.7.38 Proceeding by the aerial way, that twice born one, gifted with the velocity of wind and the flight of mind, reached the city of Mahishmati.
vrm.7.38 On beholding thee my city Mahishmati hath been turned into Amaravati.

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