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vrm.1.3 Hanuma s climbing Mountain Mahendra to leap over the ocean, and on the advice of the Ocean, Mountain Mainaka s coming up from under waters to give rest to Hanuma, and Hanuma s seeing that mountain are depicted.
vrm.1.17 Indra procreated the lord of vanara s, namely Vali, who by his physique is like Mountain Mahendra, and the highest humidifier among all the humidifiers, namely the Surya, procreated Sugreeva.
vrm.1.24 b, a "On giving filth and hunger emerged out of the body of Mahendra here on the earth then the Devas were gladdened.
vrm.1.60 b, a "When Mahendra said so, Trishanku loudly exclaiming at the ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra saying, save me, save me, and fell down from heaven.
vrm.1.75 "Such as you were, you on becoming a dedicatee to probity, haven t you given the planet earth to Kashyapa and haven t you repaired to forests, and haven t you flagged yourself on Mountain Mahendra.
vrm.1.75 and I am at present on Mountain Mahendra practising ascesis and thus conjoined are the powers of ascesis in me.
vrm.1.76 "Thereby oh, valiant one, it will be inapt of you to impair this motility of mine, oh, Raghava, I will depart with the speed of cerebration to Mountain Mahendra, a par excellent mountain.
vrm.1.76 "It will be apt of you to unloose that unsurpassed arrow, oh, Rama, as you have ethical commitment to wipe out Rakshasas as I wiped out menacing kings, and should you unloosen that arrow now I wish to depart to the ethereal mountain Mountain Mahendra, a point of no return for me.
vrm.1.76 On seeing all of his realms of heavens are shot blasted by Rama of Dasharatha, Rama of Jamadagni vanished in a trice to Mountain Mahendra, the heavenly mountain.
vrm.3.37 "Definitely you do not apperceive Rama who is decidedly dynamic and exaltedly adept, for you are impetuous and desultory in dealing with your spies, but that Rama is identical to the thunderous Mahendra and tempestuous Varuna.
vrm.3.50 a Rama", the son of Dasharatha, is the master of all the world, one similar to Mahendra and Varuna and the one who is connected with the well being of all the world.
vrm.3.65 b, c If, oh, king, you with your traits of sincerity, solidarity, simplicity, and scrupulosity are not going to get back Seetha, then you may you may put whole of the universe to turmoil with the torrents of your arrows which have swift egress as they are with golden handles which are stuffed with eagle feathers, and which mirror up the Thunderbolts of Mahendra in their
vrm.4.11 "Saying that way to that Dundubhi that highly enraged Vali heaved up the golden chest pendant around his neck on to his chest, which was given by his father Mahendra, and stood firm for fight.
vrm.4.37 "Convoke the Vanara s available on the summits of these five mountains, namely Mountain Mahendra, Mountain Himalaya, Mountain Vindhya, and Mountain Kailasa and those that are on the whitish peak of Mountain Mandara.
vrm.4.38 Oh, enemy flamer Rama, the legions of Vanaras along with their Vanara commanders who are viable to Mahendra in valour, and who compare with massive clouds and mountains, and who domiciled on Mountain Meru and Mountain Vindhya will be coming in your service.
vrm.4.40 "The mighty vanara chiefs who are guise changers by their wish and who in sheen are like Mahendra, and who dwell in my province have arrived and they are properly encamped too.
vrm.4.40 "On searching the eastern quarter expertly, which quarter is cherished by no less than Mahendra and which is circuited by the grooves of forests, and on attaining Seetha, the dear wife of the one born in Raghu s dynasty, namely Rama, and on returning from that Far East, you all may livelong happily.
vrm.4.41 importance of the mission undertaken vis vis your individual capacities to leap the ocean, you reach the glorious Mountain Mahendra.
vrm.4.41 Mountain" Mahendra is glorified with numerous kinds of flowered trees and climbers.
vrm.4.41 And the Thousand eyed Indra will always be visiting that Mountain Mahendra on every auspicious day.
vrm.4.41 b, a "There is a dazzling island on the other side of the shore of Mountain Mahendra, which is breadthwise a hundred Yojana s, and which is an impassable one for humans, and you have to search that island up to its fringes.
vrm.4.42 "On which mountain the distinguished Mahendra, whose Horses are green and who is the controller of Paka, is anointed by Gods as their king, such a mountain is this named Mountain Megha, or Mountain Meghavanta, which you have to scour.
vrm.4.42 "On going further from that best mountain ruled by Mahendra, namely Mountain Meghavanta, you shall go to the range of sixty thousand golden mountains.
vrm.4.52 "The king of all the world and one similar to Mahendra and Rain god, such an illustrious Rama of Dasharatha entered Dandaka forest with his bother Lakshmana, even along with his wife Vaidehi, but Ravana coercively abducted his wife from Janasthana.
vrm.4.59 Oh, father, I as a desirer of flesh flew up to skies in time and overspreading the Mountain Mahendra, I very well hovered on it.
vrm.4.67 b, a This Mountain Mahendra is beaming forth with boulders and altitudinal cliffs, and the crests of this mountain are indeed tough, and even
vrm.4.67 hence, from the peaks of this Mountain Mahendra I will gain speed for my kick start.
vrm.4.67 b, a Then that Vanara who is the son of Vayu and a selfsame of Vayu shinned up that towering mountain Mahendra, as he is an enemy subjugator about to subjugate the arch rival Ravana, where that mountain is hedged in with diverse flowers, its pastures are the sweethearts of deer, it is constrictive with diverse flowers of ever flowering, ever fruiting trees and with the flowers of climbers as well, and where Lions and Tigers are freely moving and ruttish Elephants love it, and where the flights of Birds are uproarious, and pent up
vrm.4.67 He who is equal in valour to the Paradisiacal Mahendra, that highly energetic and grand Vanara Hanuma ambled on loftiest and towery crags of such a mountain.
vrm.4.67 With snakes popping up halfway through their snake pits with their hoods swaying and tongues hissing that earth borne mountain Mahendra appeared to be a gleaming mountain with flying flags.
vrm.5.1 Pressed by that mighty Hanuma, streaks of gold silver and antimony color appeared on the Mahendra mountain.
vrm.5.1 After that, powerful trees sank into the salt ocean like mountains sinking into ocean due to fear of Mahendra.
vrm.5.16 In the forest during war Virada of horrible prowess has been killed by Rama by valour, like Sambara by Mahendra.
vrm.5.51 "Either Brahma the self existing god with four faces or Rudra with three eyes and the destroyer of Tripura, or Mahendra the god of atmosphere and sky as also the lord of Suras would not be able to protect the one to be killed by Rama in battle.
vrm.5.57 Approaching a bit near and observing Mount Mahendra, the great mountain looking like a dense cloud, that Hanuma made a loud noise.
vrm.5.57 Then, seizing the hand of Angada, Vali s son, Hanuma sat down at a distinct spot in the charming forest of Mount Mahendra.
vrm.5.58 Thereafter, the mighty Vanaras, headed by Hanuma and others, experienced a great joy on that summit of Mount Mahendra.
vrm.5.58 Thus commanded by Jambavan, Hanuma, with his hair standing on end mentally offered his salutation to Seetha, the princess, by bowing his head and replied as follows: With an intention to reach the southern shore of the ocean, I leapt into the sky, indeed before your presence, from the summit of Mount Mahendra.
vrm.5.61 Then, the excellent Vanaras, resembling Meru and Mandara mountains, like Elephants in rut, as if covering the sky, having huge bodies and colossal strength, keeping Hanuma in their front, leaving Mount Mahendra, went ahead leaping delightfully.
vrm.6.4 Then, the lotus eyed and the mighty armed Rama reached Mahendra mountain and ascended its top, adorned with trees.
vrm.6.56 Akampana, like Mahendra, assailed a hail of arrows on Hanuman, who remained as firm as a rock.
vrm.6.59 standard, banner and canopy, armed with javelins, swords, stakes and other weapons and missiles and composed of imperturbable soldiers and Elephants as high as the Mahendra Mountain? Hearing the words of Rama, Vibhishana the equal of Indra in valour, then narrated to Rama about the choicest army of the foremost among Rakshasas of the highest peculiarity as follows:
vrm.6.59 He who, the archer like unto the Vindhya, Asta or Mahendra Mountains, standing in his chariot, a mighty warrior, of superior strength, who wields a bow of unequalled size and having an exceedingly grown body, he is called Atikaya.
vrm.6.59 Lakshmana, the equal of Mahendra, fixing some sharpened arrows, swift as lightning and of blazing effulgence on his bow string, discharged them on Ravana in order to strike him down.
vrm.6.60 Resting on an excellent and charming throne made of Gold, Ravana looked at the Rakshasas and spoke the following words: "All that great penance performed by me became a waste indeed, for, I who am equal to Mahendra the Lord of Devas have been defeated by a mere man!" "The terrible words of Brahma the Lord of Creation saying, You know of the threat from men appear true.
vrm.6.60 "Now, I shall drive away the misfortune from Ravana the King of Rakshasas, even if I have to cut Mahendra himself to pieces or to freeze the Fire.
vrm.6.61 That Mahendra wielding a thunder bolt was enraged and struck Kumbhakarna with his weapon of the white thunderbolt.
vrm.6.61 "Enraged as he was on Mahendra, the mighty Kumbhakarna then pulled out a tusk of Airavata, Indra s Elephant and struck it into Indra s chest.
vrm.7.4 With that foul desire, when the time for delivery arrived, she went to the mountain Mahendra and giving birth to a splendid son and abandoned the new born baby there.
vrm.7.10 And, O Brahman, seven Apsaras in Nandana, ten attendants of Mahendra, as well as sages and human beings, have been devoured by this one.
vrm.7.19 And coming to the most powerful crowned heads resembling Mahendra and Varuna, the Rakshasa king said: Give me battle; or declare we have been defeated.
vrm.7.21 And burnt up by its energy, the most of Vaivasvata fell down in the field like unto banners of Mahendra.
vrm.7.24 And the stairs, of that picturesque house resembling the abode of Mahendra, covered with girdles, were made of crystal.
vrm.7.26 The king of Seven islands proceeded in a golden and well painted car resplendant like that of Mahendra, shining in his beauty and sprinkled with celestial unguents.
vrm.7.30 Thereupon reaching the hill Kailasa, the abode of Vaisravana, the lord of Rakshasas, resembling Mahendra, encamped his army.
vrm.7.32 And Mahendra, afraid of Ravana, poorly went to Vishnu and gave vent to the following accents: How shall I, O Vishnu, withstand, the Rakshasa Ravana? The highly powerful Rakshasa hath come here for battle.
vrm.7.33 And the encounter between Mahendra s son Jayanta and Ravana s son Meghanada, and that between the Devas and Rakshas was like one between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.7.33 Surrounded by Asuras and Rakshasas and with the celestial car he encountered Mahendra in the battle field.
vrm.7.34 Having left behind all other Devas he pursued Indra and the highly effulgent Mahendra too espied his enemy s son.
vrm.7.34 Having overpowered the approaching charioteer with many excellent arrows he covered Mahendra with a downpour of shafts.
vrm.7.34 And having seen Mahendra carried away by force from the battle field the Devas thought What is this?" That conqueror of Sakra and subduer of enemies, conversant with illusory powers, was not visible, by whom, Indra, although master of many illusions, was carried away by force.
vrm.7.34 By virture of my illusory powers I have made Mahendra captive lord of the three worlds and of the celestial host; I have crushed down the pride of the Devas.
vrm.7.35 THE highly powerful Mahendra being thus defeated by Ravana s son, all the Devas, taking the patriarch Brahma before them, went to Lanka.
vrm.7.35 Do thou therefore, O thou having long arms, release Mahendra, the chastiser of Paka and for setting him free what do thou want from the Devas ?"Thereupon the highly powerful Indrajit the subduer of enemies, said "If dost thou say so, O god, I pray for immortality.
vrm.7.39 Having got out Ravana from his arm pit, the foremost of Vanaras, laughing again and again said: Whence art thou coming?" Thereupon being surprised greatly, Dasanana, the king of Rakshasas, with eyes, shaking with exhaustion, said to the king of Vanaras: O king of Vanaras, resembling Mahendra, I am Ravana, the king of Rakshasas; I came here to fight: but I have beeen defeated by thee.
vrm.7.70 The assembly of Rama, of unwearied, actions appeared like that of Mahendra, Yama and Varuna.
vrm.7.92 O Rama, like unto Mahendra governing his kingdom of heaven under the guidance of Brihaspati, the preceptor of Devas, Danda, the grand son of Manu, governed his own kingdom with the help of Usanas.

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