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vrm.7.6 Do ye, ye Maharshis, in the heat of this afair, seek the shelter of Vishnu.
vrm.7.18 And thereat considering him as defeated, Suka proclaimed this all round; and from delight cried aloud, Victory unto Ravana And then devouring the Maharshis that were present at the place of sacrifice, Ravana, satiated with their blood, again went to the earth.
vrm.7.73 At this time Sumantra, entering, addressed him, saying, "O king, stopped at the gate, some ascetics stay there, Maharshis, led by Bhargava and Chyavana.
vrm.7.73 Hearing Rama s speech, all the Maharshis sat down on those graceful and elegant golden seats.
vrm.7.73 Raghava, restraining himself, with joined hands, observed :"What is the reason of your visit ?What shall I heedfully perform for you ?I am worthy of being commanded by the Maharshis; and I must without demur compass every pleasure of theirs.

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