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vrm.1.6 High bred from the classes of Iravata, the Elephant of Lord Indra, and from Mahapadma, Anjana and Vamana, too.
vrm.1.40 "After splitting the eastern direction then they split opened the southern direction, and even in southern direction they beheld an Elephant that is similar to a very great mountain, and that is sustaining southerly side of earth on its head, and on seeing that mammoth Elephant of venerable character, namely Mahapadma, they went into an inordinate astonishment.
vrm.6.70 Then, Mahaparshva was holding a large mace, which was resplendent, completely made of iron, wound round with golden wires, filled with a froth of flesh and blood, satiated with the blood enemies, the upper most part of which was blazing with splendour, decked with red coloured garlands and which frightened the Elephants supporting the quarters like Airavata, Mahapadma and Sarvabhauma.

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