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vrm.3.23 Likewise Mahakapaala, Stuulaaksha, Pramaathi, Trishira are the four commanders of Rakshasa forces and they followed Duushana marching at his behind.
vrm.3.26 In the meantime infuriated are the three leading commanders of that army, namely Mahakapaala, Sthulaaksha and great mighty Pramaathi, and they collectively ran towards Rama, bound by the rein of death.
vrm.3.26 a Mahakapaala raising a broad trident, Sthulaaksha handling a scimitar, Pramaathi handling an axe rushed towards Rama.
vrm.3.26 b, a Rama, the legatee of Raghu, chopped off the head of Mahakapaala, with incalculable spates of arrows he eliminated Pramaathi, and filled the bulging eyes of Sthulaaksha with arrows by which Sthulaaksha is killed and fell down onto ground like a burly tree with its broad branches.

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