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vrm.1.45 "This way while the Gods are praying Mahadeva, namely Shiva, then handling his disc and conch shell Vishnu has also revealed himself at that place.
vrm.1.55 Oh! Mahadeva, the Impeccable Great God.
vrm.1.75 b, a "By the hum sound of Vishnu that ruinously overpowering longbow of Shiva is broken, and the triple eyed God, Mahadeva, is frozen.
vrm.7.16 And then, O Rama, Mahadeva foremost of the deities even Hara, as in sport pressed the mount with his great toe.
vrm.7.16 Do thou propitiate Uma s lord the blue throated Mahadeva; for, O Dasanana, save him thy refuge see we none in this matter.
vrm.7.16 And thereat that Lord Mahadeva, pleased, set free the hands of Dasanana stationed at the top of the mount, and O Rama, addressed him, saying, O Dasanana, pleased am I with thee on account of thy hymns.
vrm.7.16 If disregarded, it will for certain come back to me Having thus received his name from Maheshvara, Ravana, saluting Mahadeva, ascended Pushpaka.
vrm.7.36 I shall, also on the coast of this river, like the rays of the autumnal moon, reverentially worship with flowers Mahadeva, holding Pinaka in his hands.
vrm.7.38 And beholding the ascetic resembling the rising sun arrived, the king Arjuna bowed unto him reverentially like Indra saluting Mahadeva.
vrm.7.56 Thereupon at dawn he rose up and asked the charioteer to get the chariot ready, saying, "Like unto the powerful Mahadeva we shall hold the waters of the Bhagirathi on our head.
vrm.7.74 Having thus obtained the boon from Rudra, the mighty Asura, again bowing to Mahadeva, addressed him, saying :"O reverend one, may this excellent dart be the possession of my family O god, thou art the lord of the immortals.
vrm.7.100 Thereupon, cognizant of that king s intention, the goddess, with Hara s consent, said Half" of the boon, that thou shalt beg of us both, shall be granted by Mahadeva, and the other half shall be granted by me.
vrm.7.103 Hearing the words of Mahadeva, the Brahmanas, having propitiated him with great devotion, prayed for Ila s manhood.
vrm.7.103 Thereupon delighted the highly effulgent Mahadeva, having conferred upon him manhood, disappeared.
vrm.7.103 In this wise the horse sacrifice being finished and Mahadeva having disappeared, the far seeing and leading twice born ones repaired to their respective hermitages.

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