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vrm.1.29 "In the meanwhile, oh Rama, he whose brilliance is similar to ritual fire, who will be with his wife Lady Aditi, who is resplendent with his own vitality, that godly sage Kaashyapa on completing his asceticism along with Lady Aditi started to eulogise the boon giver and the eliminator of Madhu, namely Vishnu.
vrm.1.76 "I have realized your touch of nature as that of the Immutable Supreme Being, God of Gods, the Exterminator of the Madhu, namely Vishnu, by the touch of your handling that bow.
vrm.6.7 Oh, mighty armed! Madhu Kumbhinasis your sisters husband, another ruler of Rakshasas, who was proud of his valour and who was difficult to be defeated, was taken into your subjugation, your having won a battle against him.
vrm.6.117 You are the origin and the dissolution of all, Upendra the younger brother of Indra as also the destroyer Madhu.
vrm.7.4 Among the Rakshasas, who thus guarded the sacred waters, were two brothers named Hoti and Prahoti, mighty as they were, like Madhu and Kaitabha.
vrm.7.6 Do thou, O slayer of Madhu, destroy them for our welfare.
vrm.7.7 Then, having despatched thousands of Rakshasas, the destroyer of Madhu blew his water sprung conch, even as the sovereign of the Devas filleth clouds with rain.
vrm.7.24 Vritra, Danu, Suka, Sambhu, Nishumbha, Sumbha, Kalanemi, Prahlada and others, Kula, Vairochana, Mridu, Jamala, Arjuna, Kansa, Kaitabha, and Madhu used to impart heat like the sun, appear resplendant like the rays, move about like air and pour showers like Indra.
vrm.7.30 Having slain their kinsmen thou hast brought these beautiful damsels hither, but disregarding thee, O king, Madhu hath carried away Kumbhinasi.
vrm.7.30 Who is that Madhu, who has been named by thee?" Worked up with fire Vibhishana said to his brother: "Hear, the fruit of thy vicious actions hath arrived.
vrm.7.30 Thy son being engaged in the sacrifice and myself being under waters she was stolen away, O king, by the powerful Rakshasa Madhu.
vrm.7.30 Having slain today in the encounter that Madhu, who is not afraid of Ravana, shall, encircled by my friends, and desirous of battle, proceed to the region of the Devas.
vrm.7.30 And the rest of the leading Rakshasas proceeded towards the city of Madhu.
vrm.7.30 Having arrived at the city Of Madhu and entered there the Dasagriva did not behold Madhu but espied his sister.
vrm.7.30 Out of pity and love for thee I refrain from slaying Madhu.
vrm.7.30 Hearing those words Madhu said: "So be it.
vrm.7.30 Being thus honoured the highly powerful Dasagriva spent one night in Madhu s house and then, addressed himself for depature.
vrm.7.32 There is no other excellent refuge but thee in the three worlds, mobile and immobile, O lord, O god of god O slayer of Madhu.
vrm.7.72 At that time from the ears of Narayana originated two valiant and dreadful demons under the name of Madhu and Kaitabha.
vrm.7.72 Awakened by that sound, Narayana engaged in fighting with Madhu and Kaitabha, and slew them with his discus.
vrm.7.72 And the earth was called Medini because it was filled with Medas marrow of Madhu and Kaitabha.
vrm.7.74 O king, formerly in the Krita age, there was a magnanimous ofspring of Diti, the mighty Asura, Madhu, the eldest son of Lota.
vrm.7.74 And by way of honoring him, Rudra conferred a wonderful boon upon Madhu endowed with prowess and ever intent on religion.
vrm.7.74 that high souled one, well pleased, made it over to Madhu and spoke to him.
vrm.7.74 Thereat the lord of all beings, the mighty deity Siva, answered Madhu, when he had spoken thus This will not be.
vrm.7.74 Having obtained this wonderful boon from the god, Madhu foremost of Asuras caused a splendid city to be constructed.
vrm.7.74 Seeing his son, committed to an impious course Madhu was overcome with grief, but he did not say anything to him.
vrm.7.75 I shall install thee on the graceful city of Madhu; or if thou wish without and entrust Bharata with this task, O long armed one.
vrm.7.75 So if thou accept my words, then slaying Madhu s son, the sinful Lavana,rule the kingdom righteously.
vrm.7.76 O Kakutstha, this shaft was forged when invisible by Devas and Asuras the divine self sprung and invincible deity reposed on the mighty main, and when creation was oppressed by Madhu and Kaitabha as well as other Rakshasas.
vrm.7.76 And having with this foremost of shafts finished Madhu and Kaitabha, they set about creating the worlds.
vrm.7.76 Keeping in his abode that great and redoubted which had been bestowed on Madhu by the high souled Tryamvaka, for the destruction of foes, and worshipping the same ever, Lavana goeth about and secureth excellet fare for himself when one challengeth him, desirous of reducing him his antagonist to ashes.
vrm.7.77 Thou shouldst proceed so fearlessly that Madhu s son Lavana might not know that thou art going for encounter.
vrm.7.80 Indra having said this, the high souled Mandhata replied: O Sakra, who on this earth, hath disobeyed my commands ?"Whereto Indra replied "O sinless one, the night ranger, Lavana, Madhu s son, living in Madhuvana, is not under thy control.
vrm.7.80 O slayer of enemies, with an angry heart, army and conveyance be went to subjugate Madhu s son Lavana and sent an emissary inviting him to battle.
vrm.7.81 In the meantime having crossed the river Yamuna, the heroic Satrughna, with bow in his hands, stood at the gate of Madhu s city.
vrm.7.82 My children, the burning arrow, of which you are afraid, was made by the high minded Vishnu for slaying the demons Madhu and Kaitabha.
vrm.7.83 "Let his picturesque and charming city of Madhu, built by the Devas, be my capital; this is the only excellent boon I can beg.
vrm.7.102 And living in the company of Ila; having a graceful countenance, Budha, possessed by desire, spent the entire month of Madhu like a moment.
vrm.7.117 Then thou didst create two highly powerful Asuras named Madhu and Kaitabha.

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