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vrm.1.24 b, a "On Mountain Kailasa Brahma created a great lake at his will, oh, tigerly man Rama, hence that is called Maanasa Lake.
vrm.1.24 b, a "That river which spontaneously flows out of that Maanasa Lake surrounds Ayodhya city is this one, the River Sarayu.
vrm.4.28 "The Swans are well journeying to Lake Maanasa in their avidity to live in there, but the Cakravaka Birds ruddy gees, now having an attachment with their beloveds are not departing.
vrm.4.43 "The treeless Mountain Kama and the abode of Birds Mountain Maanasa are also to be searched, and there is no inlet for any being, let alone Gods or Rakshasas.

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