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vrm.7.6 And Namuchi and Kalanemi, and that foremost of heroes, Sanhrada and Radheya, and Vahumayi, and the virtuous Lokapala, and Yamala, and Arjuna, and Hardikya, and Sumbha and Nisumbhaka, Asuras and Danavas endowed with strength and possessed of terrific prowess all these, who, having come to the field, had never been heard of as worsted, who had performed hundreds of sacrifices, who had been well skilled in illusion, who had been versed in every branch of knowledge, and who were the terrors of their foes have by hundreds and by thousands been destroyed by Narayana.
vrm.7.27 Thou art Ganesha, Loka Sambhu, Lokapala, and of huge arms; thou art great, the holder of a huge dart, having dreadful teeth, and the greatest of gods.
vrm.7.31 I have been thus directed by that Lokapala s son.

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