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vrm.1.45 b, a "After a thousand years of churning, then a male personality, an epitome of Life Sciences, namely Aayur Veda
vrm.2.105 "As a donkey cannot emulate the tempo of a Horse, or an ordinary bird the movement of Garuda, neither can I follow in your footsteps, O, Lord of the world!" "O, Rama! Know his life to be blessed forever, on whom others depend Life is, however, difficult for him who depends on others for this life.
vrm.2.105 Life ends in death.
vrm.6.66 Life is indeed dear to us.
vrm.6.116 Why I, who was still in Lanka, was not abandoned then itself?" "O hero! Life would have been given up by me, when deserted by you immediately on hearing the message conveying your desertion before the eyes of the Vanara.

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