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vrm.7.74 Her son, the highly powerful wicked, and fierce Lavana, ever since his boyhood, gave himself up to a sinful course of life.
vrm.7.74 And forsaking this world, he entered the region of Varuna ;and making over the dart unto Lavana, communicated to him all about the boon he had obtained.
vrm.7.74 And by virtue of the power of the dart, he oppresseth the three worlds in especial the ascetics; such is the power of Lavana, and such is his dart.
vrm.7.74 Therefore our prayer is that thou mayst deliver us afflicted with the fear of Lavana.
vrm.7.75 Thus accosted by the sages, Rama answered them with joined hands: "What doth he live on ?What are his ways ?And where doth Lavana live ?"Hearing Raghava s words, the sages informed him of the way in which Lavana increased in power.
vrm.7.75 Having thus bound himself with that promise to the asetics of fierce energy, Raghu s son along with his brothers spoke: "What hero shall slay Lavana? Do you decide this.
vrm.7.76 When my second brother had already vowed that he would lay Lavana, I ought not to have returned the answer I actually have.
vrm.7.76 I saying, I will in battle slay the dreadful Lavana, I have been guilty of an unrighteous speech.
vrm.7.76 And on Satrughna having been installed the high souled sages dwelling on the banks of the Yamuna, thought that Lavana had been slain.
vrm.7.76 With this, O son of Raghu, thou, O splacid one, wilt slay Lavana.
vrm.7.76 Keeping in his abode that great and redoubted which had been bestowed on Madhu by the high souled Tryamvaka, for the destruction of foes, and worshipping the same ever, Lavana goeth about and secureth excellet fare for himself when one challengeth him, desirous of reducing him his antagonist to ashes.
vrm.7.77 Thou shouldst proceed so fearlessly that Madhu s son Lavana might not know that thou art going for encounter.
vrm.7.77 If he can perceive before, whoever that enemy might be, Lavana shall forsooth destroy him.
vrm.7.80 Thereupon when the night set in Satrughna accosted Bhrigu s son Chavanya saying, "O Brahman, how powerful is Lavana ?And what is the strength of his dart ?What persons before had been destroyed by this dart in conflict ?"Hearing the words of the high souled descendant of Raghu, Satrughna, the highly effulgent Chavanya replied saying
vrm.7.80 O descendant of Raghu, Lavana hath accomplished many works by this dart; amongst them, hear, what Mandhata, born in the race of Ikshwaku, did.
vrm.7.80 Indra having said this, the high souled Mandhata replied: O Sakra, who on this earth, hath disobeyed my commands ?"Whereto Indra replied "O sinless one, the night ranger, Lavana, Madhu s son, living in Madhuvana, is not under thy control.
vrm.7.80 O slayer of enemies, with an angry heart, army and conveyance be went to subjugate Madhu s son Lavana and sent an emissary inviting him to battle.
vrm.7.80 The ambassador, having gone there, addressed many unpleasant words unto Lavana and the night ranger devoured him.
vrm.7.80 On the other hand inding the delay of his return tke king Mandhata, enraged, began to assail the Rakshasa Lavana with arrows from all sides.
vrm.7.80 Laughing wild Lavana took up the dart in his band and discharged it to destroy the king with his followers.
vrm.7.80 Thereupon growing powerful the dart reduced the king with his servants and army into ashes and returned to Lavana.
vrm.7.80 Forsooth thou shalt slay Lavana next morning.
vrm.7.80 Certain is thy victory if Lavana cannot take up his dart.
vrm.7.80 People shall be at ease if thou canst bring about the destruction of Lavana.
vrm.7.80 O foremost of men, I shall then descibe unto thee the imcomparable and dreadful prowess of the vicion souled Lavana and his dart.
vrm.7.80 O king, with great exertions did Lavana slay Mandhata and not easily.
vrm.7.80 O high minded one, next morning thou shalt surely destroy Lavana.
vrm.7.81 The clear morning having arrived, the heroic Lavana issued out of his city to collect food.
vrm.7.81 Thereupon returning in the noon with many sand animals, the night ranger Lavana, of dreadful visions, espied Satrughna standing at the gate with a weapon is hand.
vrm.7.81 How shalt thou, of thy own accord, enter into my mouth Lavana?" having said this again and again laughing great hero Satrughna shed tears in anger.
vrm.7.82 Hearing the words of the high souled Satrughna, Lavana was greatly enraged and again and again asked him to wait.
vrm.7.82 And Satrughna, the slayer of celestial s enemies, said to the dreadful Lavana, giving vent to those words Satrughna" was not born when thou didst defeat other kings ;do thou therefore proceed to Death s abode being assailed by shafts.
vrm.7.82 Being beside himself with fire on hearing those words of Satrughna, Lavana threw a huge tree against his breast.
vrm.7.82 he said "Hear, O ye Devas, Satrughna hath taken up this arrow for the destruction of Lavana.
vrm.7.82 This Satrughna is the first portion of Vishnu s person ;do ye all go hence and behold the destruction of the foremost Rakshasa, Lavana, by the high souled, heroic Satrughna, the younger brother of Rama.
vrm.7.82 Hearing the words of the Patriarch Brahma, the Devas arrived at the battle field of Satrughna and Lavana and saw that the arrow, held by Satrughna s hands, was burning like the fire of dissolution.
vrm.7.82 Beholding the welkin covered by the celestials, Satrughna, the descendant of Raghu, emitting leonine roars, again and again looked towards Lavana.
vrm.7.82 And being again excited by the high souled Satrughna and enraged Lavana arrived for encounter.
vrm.7.82 Thereupon expandiag his bow up to ears, Satrughna, the most accomplished archer, discharged his arrow against the spacious breast of Lavana.
vrm.7.82 And being pierced by that shaft the night ranger Lavana fell down on earth like a mountain clapped by a thunder bolt.
vrm.7.82 Thereupon chanting the glories of Satrughna, the Devas, Rishis, Pannagas, Apsaras, said "O son of Dasaratha, it is really fortunate, that thou, renouncing fear, hast acquired victory and that the Rakshasa Lavana hath been vanquished like a serpent.
vrm.7.83 Lavana being slain the Devas headed by Agni and Indra said in sweet accents to Satrughna the represser of enemies "O child, fortunate it is that thou hast been crowned with success after slaying the Rakshasa Lavana.
vrm.7.83 Satrughna now engaged in beautifying the spacious, white houses that were made by Lavana before, with vaious ornamental works.
vrm.7.84 Having referred at first to Lavana s destruction, he said :"Having slain Lavana thou hast performed a very hard work.
vrm.7.84 And thou hast easily slain that vicious souled Rakshasa, Lavana.
vrm.7.84 Lavana being slain, the Devas have been greatly delighted what more the well being of the whole universe and all creatures has been brought about.
vrm.7.85 And having bowed with folded hands unto Rama, having truth for his prowess, Satrughna said "O great king, I have carried out all thine behests ;I have slain the vicious Lavana and filled his city with subjects.

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