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vrm.1.77 b, a In her mien Seetha is identical with goddesses, and she is like personified Goddess Lakshmi, thus she is the reshaped Divine Prosperity, and as she hails from Holy Mithila she shall be held Holy, and since she is the daughter of Janaka, a loftiest sagacious and invincible king, she is sagely and stately, besides being shapely, and she with all these heaps of natural traits and characteristics, Seetha is rejoicing the heart of Rama.
vrm.1.77 When passionately conjugated with such a princess from the irreproachable king Janaka, Rama, the son of sagely king Dasharatha, has enthusiastically shone forth like the God of Gods and the Efficient Cause, namely Vishnu, when He is together with Goddess Lakshmi.
vrm.2.4 There, in the queen s worshipping place, Rama saw Kausalya silently in meditation, wearing silk clothes and praying to goddess Lakshmi.
vrm.2.22 Oh, Lakshmana! Do not repent about this perverseness of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.
vrm.2.32 Then, Suyajna, having performed worship at the juncture of day and night, came at once along with Lakshmana and entered Rama s house which was good looking and inhabited by Lakshmi the goddess of wealth.
vrm.2.44 Indeed, what handicaps are there for him in the forest or in Ayodhya? Rama the best among men will be installed on the throne soon along with the Mother Earth Sita the princess of Videha kingdom and Lakshmi Seeing Rama departing, all the people in Ayodhya smitten as they were with upsurge of grief shed tears born of agony.
vrm.2.118 "O, Seetha! Your body, anointed with these heavenly cosmetics, will cause your husband to look beautiful, as Lakshmi does the imperishable Vishnu.
vrm.3.34 "She is the one with lengthy hairdo, her nose and thighs are fine, and that glorious one with fine looks is the wife of Rama, and she is beaming forth like a sylvan deity situated in that woodland, who in turn is like Goddess Lakshmi in a temporal form.
vrm.3.46 Ravana really acclaimed her who is an excellent one in all the three worlds, beaming forth with the beauty of her body, and who is like Goddess Lakshmi but for Divine lotus as Her settle, for Seetha is devoid of her settling, namely Rama.
vrm.3.46 "Oh, rosy faced one, are you the personified numen of Respect, Renown or Resplendence, or the Felicitous Lakshmi herself, or oh, curvaceous one, are you a nymphal Apsara, or the numen of Benefactress, or a self motivated woman, or Rati Devi, the consort of Manmatha, the Kamadeva.
vrm.5.7 Birds were made with corals on their wings and ogether with golden flowers, with good wings, with curved and bent wings in a playful way, shining like helpers of the god of love himself Images of Elephants in a lotus pool with filaments of lotus on body, with lotus petals held in their trunks, were devoted to the worship of an image of Goddess Lakshmi.
vrm.5.7 And also an image of Goddess Lakshmi with four graceful hands and holding lotus in Her hand was made to exist in Pushpaka.
vrm.5.16 Seeing that Seetha with the radiance of new gold, like the goddess Lakshmi, delightful to the world, Hanuma went by heart to Sri Rama spoke these words also.
vrm.6.34 Sarama, who entered the Ashoka grove, saw Seetha who looked like Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity bereft of the lotus and waiting for her only.
vrm.6.36 "Which learned man, understand the truth in the scriptures, would speak thus harshly to a mighty person in power, were it not to instigate him?" "Why should I give back Seetha, who is like Lakshmi the goddess of fortune without the lotus, having brought her away from the forest, through fear of Rama?" "See Rama killed within a few days by me, along with Lakshmana together with Sugreeva in the midst of crores of Vanaras.
vrm.6.111 "O my lord, who annihilated yourself and your people! Seetha is the model of forbearance even to the Goddess Earth and a model of grace to Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and charm.
vrm.6.113 Thus speaking to that Seetha, who appeared radiant before his eyes as Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity, Hanuma of great splendor, came to the place where Rama was.
vrm.6.117 "With thousand feet, with hundred heads and with thousand eyes along with Lakshmi, you bear the earth with all its created beings along with its mountains.
vrm.6.117 Seetha" is no other than Lakshmi, while you are divine Vishnu.
vrm.7.28 And there sat gracefully with a fan in her lotus hands, the goddess Lakshmi most beautiful in the three worlds as if the ornament thereof, chaste, adorned with celestial garlands,sprinkled with excellent sandal paste, be decked with rich ornaments and clad in a precious raiment.
vrm.7.41 And there appeared charming on the banks of the lake,lighting up all quarters that female, agitating the mind of all, and beautiful in the triple world like unto simple Sastilata, Rama, without lotus, pure rays of the moon, Parvati more beautiful than even Lakshmi.
vrm.7.44 And covering his person, Lakshmi, in the shape of warfare, lies stationed in his body like unto lightning in the clouds.
vrm.7.44 His spouse the gracious Lakshmi, shall be celebrated under the appellation of Sita.
vrm.7.46 Sita is the very personation of Lakshmi, sprung from earth.
vrm.7.59 And saluting him they all communicated to him Sita s bewrailings and said, "O great sir, we do not know the wife of what great man, beautiful as the very Lakshmi, and not seen before, is crying aloud why poorly ?It is better that thou shouldst see her once, this beautiful damsel, like a goddess falling from heaven being bewildered, is waiting on the banks of the river.
vrm.7.72 In Narayana s belly was stationed the earth with Lakshmi.
vrm.7.111 And being possessed by grief and anger and shedding tears he wept for some time and then said "My mind is about to be possessed by grief, which I had never experienced before, for in the very presence of mine the graceful Janaki, like Lakshmi herself, hath disappeared from view.

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