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This list contains only a part of references of Lakshmana. Total references is around 1269

vrm.1.1 "In whom humbleness and the natural brotherly affection of a brother are abounding, such a fondly younger brother of Rama, namely Lakshmana, indeed heartily followed his forest going brother Rama, exemplifying the ideals of brotherhood, thus augmenting the happiness of his mother Sumitra.
vrm.1.1 And when Rama is teamed with Guha, Lakshmana and Seetha, he left off the charioteer and a minister of his father who charioted them thitherto, namely Sumantra.
vrm.1.1 b, a "That trio of Seetha, Rama and Lakshmana on treading forest after forest, and on crossing rivers with plethoric waters, reached the hermitage of Sage Bharadwaja, and by the ordainment of that Sage they arrived at Chitrakuta, and setting up a handsome cottage there, they who have enjoyed every comfort in Ayodhya enjoyed every comfort here also in no less a degree and that trio lived happily and exuberated themselves in woods at Chitrakuta, similar to Devas and Gandharvas.
vrm.1.1 b, a Ravana" stole the wife of Rama, namely Seetha, by getting the princes Rama and Lakshmana distracted distantly from their hermitage through the trickster Maricha, and after putting the eagle Jatayu, which came to Seetha s rescue, to sword.
vrm.1.2 b a "The adventures of valorous Rama along with Lakshmana, and the misadventures of Rakshasas, known or unknown in every detail, and even the plight of Vaidehi which is either revealed or un revealed so far, and whatever legend that has happened, all that will also be known to you, even if it were to be unknown, as yet.
vrm.1.3 Of Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha, also of King Dasharatha and his wives, and what bechanced on Rama when he was in kingdom Ayodhya Valmiki veritably discerned all that.
vrm.1.3 Then, that which bechanced on truth abiding Rama, while he is trekking in forests, with a lady being the third partner, where Lakshmana is the lone male aide, Valmiki visualized all that.
vrm.1.4 features, Rama spoke to Lakshmana, and Shatrughna, and Bharata likewise.
vrm.1.18 Queen Sumitra then gave birth to two sons who are the embodied epitomes of Vishnu, namely Lakshmana, and Shatrughna, who are valiant ones and experts in all kinds of weaponry.
vrm.1.18 The fair minded Bharata is born under Pisces where Pushyami is the star of day, and the so ns of Sumitra, namely Lakshmana and Shatrughna are born under Cancer, where Aasresa is the star of the day and when sun is rising.
vrm.1.18 Elapsed are eleven days and the naming ceremony is performed, then Vashishta, the chief priest, named the high souled elder one as Rama, Kaikeyi s son as Bharata, and one son of Sumitra as Lakshmana and the other as Shatrughna The king feasted Brahmans, urbanites and villagers and he gifted many
vrm.1.18 b, a Right from childhood Lakshmana, the enhancer of prosperity, is always amiable towards his world charming elder brother Rama.
vrm.1.18 b, a Lakshmana who is endowed with the wealth of dedication dedicated himself to
vrm.1.18 b, a That best one among the men Rama does not get his sleep without Lakshmana and he would not eat food brought for him, however delicious it may be, without Lakshmana.
vrm.1.18 b, a Whenever Raghava mounts a Horse and goes on a hunting game Lakshmana rushes
vrm.1.18 b, a Lakshmana s younger brother Shatrughna is a dear one to Bharata, like that Bharata too held Shatrughna dearer than his own lives.
vrm.1.22 When Vashishta said that way king Dasharatha with an air of satisfaction personally fetched Rama along with Lakshmana.
vrm.1.22 walked ahead, while Lakshmana handling his own bow followed Rama.
vrm.1.22 Rama and Lakshmana, with two quivers each and two bows in their hands, and making all the ten directions of compass lambent followed Vishvamitra, as if three headed serpents followed Vishvamitra, and with their highly dynamic physiques and spiritedness they look as if like the Ashwins of unequal charm following Brahma, the Forefather.
vrm.1.22 Both the unreprovable brothers Rama and Lakshmana are highly resplendent and effulgent by their worth.
vrm.1.22 Though both Rama and Lakshmana slept on an undeserving grass bed, nestled by the comfortable words of Vishvamitra that night is as though pleasant to the noteworthy children of Dasharatha.
vrm.1.23 At dawn after that night the great saint Vishvamitra spoke to the legatees of Kakutstha, Rama and Lakshmana, those that are sleeping on a grass bed.
vrm.1.23 On performing their dawn time duties those two stalwarts, Rama and Lakshmana, enthusiastically presented themselves before the ascetically rich sage Vishvamitra for further journey, duly venerating him.
vrm.1.23 On seeing that merited hermitage Rama and Lakshmana are highly pleased and said this word to that great soul Sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.23 So said Vishvamitra to Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.1.23 Afterwards those sages of that hermitage have accorded reception to Rama and Lakshmana, and applauded by Vishvamitra for their hospitality those sages have entertained Rama and other guests with myths and legends.
vrm.3.64 Oh, Lakshmana, will the Yaksha s be comfortable now, no Gandharva s no monsters no Rakshasas no either Kinnara s or humans no, none can be comfortable henceforth.
vrm.3.64 b, a All beings cannot fly high in the sky, oh, Lakshmana, as there will be a labyrinth of my arrows released from my bowstring, minus an intercolumniation.
vrm.3.64 Bombarded with my iron shafts this world will be put to disorderliness, Lakshmana, you may now witness how the animals and Birds will be dazed and devastated.
vrm.3.64 On saying so that illustrious Rama, the delighter of world, grabbed his bow from Lakshmana and gripped it tightly, unholstered a deadly and dazzling arrow from his quiver which is like a poisonous serpent, and readying it on the bowstring of his bow, that Rama, the vanquisher of enemies fastnesses, who looked like the Ear End Fire, spoke this sentence.
vrm.3.65 Lakshmana on seeing Rama who is searing and careworn owing to the abduction of Seetha, blazing like the doomsday inferno, twinned with the notion of rendering the worlds into nonentity, kenning at his stringed bow, keen to blaze away entire universe, suspiring again and again, and who is alike Rudra at
vrm.3.65 the end of era, and whose highly infuriated persona Lakshmana has not seen previously, became pale faced and spoke to Rama with folded palms.
vrm.3.65 Thus Lakshmana appealed to ireful Rama.
vrm.3.66 While Rama is bewailing like a forlorn as his anguish is scorching him, rendered impoverished with an inanimate heart as a high passion possessed him, Lakshmana, the son of Sumitra, suppliantly gripped his feet and started to address him.
vrm.3.67 Even though Rama is elder to Lakshmana he gleaned the ultimate tenor of Lakshmana s words when Lakshmana just said them expediently because Raghava is a best gleaner of the gist of advises.
vrm.3.67 Such as he is that dextrous Rama on controlling his highly heightening fury, propping against his bedazzling bow spoke this to Lakshmana.
vrm.3.67 Lakshmana, now you think of it, clearly.
vrm.3.67 To such a Rama who is tormented by anguish, Lakshmana said, "it will be apt of you to search this Janasthana alone which is rife with many Rakshasas, and replete with manifold trees and climber plants.
vrm.3.67 Lakshmana said so Rama.
vrm.3.67 a When Lakshmana said in this way to that ireful Rama, he roved entire forest along with Lakshmana readying a crescent shaped razor sharp deadly arrow on his bow.
vrm.3.67 On beholding him who is like a mountaintop in his gleam, Rama said to Lakshmana, "This one has gluttonised Seetha, the princess from Vaidehi, there is no doubt about it.
vrm.3.67 "I have seen that lady while being stolen by brute forced Ravana when you and even Lakshmana absented from her.
vrm.3.67 Thus, lamenting in that way for many times Raghava patted the body of Jatayu along with Lakshmana instancing his parental regard.
vrm.3.68 Obviously, lives in his body are very feeble, oh, Lakshmana, it is natural, isn t it, and he looks highly anguished with a dulled
vrm.3.68 Thus on saying to Lakshmana, Rama then spoke to Jatayu.
vrm.3.68 Lakshmana, this eagle which has dashed to rescue Seetha in order to render help to me is slain by that brute forced Ravana, only because of me, you see.
vrm.3.68 To me, oh, enemy inflamer, oh, gentle Lakshmana, anguish caused by Seetha s abduction is not that much, when compared with the anguish caused by the perish of this eagle, that too, because of me.
vrm.3.68 Thus saying to Lakshmana, Rama said this to dead eagle Jatayu.
vrm.3.68 Even those two, Rama and Lakshmana, on performing water oblations in respect of that best bird Jatayu, and on assertively giving thought to the information given by Jatayu, they like the chiefs of Gods, namely Vishnu and Indra, went to southerly woods when their mind is set to search for Seetha.
vrm.3.69 Both the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, have seen a Rakshasi there, who is an inducer of horror to the dunderheaded dullards, traumatic in her acts and truculent in her appearance, pot bellied, pierce fanged, overblown, pachydermatous, head hair shaggy, body shape lumpy bumpy, and she is going on eating massive beasts.
vrm.3.69 Drawing nigh of those valorous brothers who are journeying on their way, that Rakshasi actually clung onto Lakshmana who is going ahead of his
vrm.3.69 When said that way that enemy suppressor Lakshmana became furious, and upraising his sword he sheared off her nose, one ear, and one of her breasts.
vrm.3.69 When her nose and ear are cut off that Rakshasi of hideous mien yelled highly in a high voice, and she rushed off as she had rushed in at Lakshmana.
vrm.3.69 Though Lakshmana is the one with preparedness, properness, and pureness and thus a highly fulgent one by his persona, he prayfully said this sentence to his brother Rama whose anima is radiantly fulgorous.
vrm.3.69 So said Lakshmana to Rama.
vrm.3.69 But desiring to know the source of that noise that sword wielder Rama has seen a gigantically giant bodied and gigantesque chested Rakshasa in a section of brushwood along with his younger brother Lakshmana.
vrm.3.69 In that situation, that valiant Rama, the legatee of Raghava s, is not verily anguished owing to his courage, but Lakshmana is very much anguished, as if he is callow and in an unsheltered state, and he that younger brother of Raghava, namely Lakshmana, also dejectedly said this to Rama, the
vrm.3.69 So said Lakshmana to Rama.
vrm.3.69 b, a But when Lakshmana said that way, Rama said to Soumitri, Fret not thyself, futilely.
vrm.3.69 b, a In the meantime, that ruthless, log armed, fiercest Rakshasa Kabandha thunderously asked those brothers, Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.3.69 b, a On hearing that sentence of that vile souled Kabandha, Rama said this to Lakshmana with a wilted face.
vrm.3.69 b, a Oh, truth valiant Lakshmana, now coming to pass is a worst catastrophe, after a worse catastrophe, after a catastrophe.
vrm.3.69 b, a Oh, Lakshmana, the efficacy of Time is preponderant and proportional among all beings.
vrm.3.69 Oh, Lakshmana, to show its impact on each and every being Time, or God is unencumbered and unremitting.
vrm.3.70 On prying at those two brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, who are completely stowed in the hangman s halter like arms of the Rakshasa, and who are enduring within it, Kabandha said this sentence to them.
vrm.3.70 Lakshmana who is possessed by anguish, and who is determined to wreck revenge on that Rakshasa, said these expedient and advisable words to Rama on hearing that Rakshasa s word.
vrm.3.70 Then that dextrous Rama with an unrestrained speed hacked off the right arm, and valiant Lakshmana on his part hewed down the left arm that
vrm.3.70 quot When that great mighty Kabandha is asking thus, Lakshmana who has prosperous characteristics has informed him about Rama of Kakutstha, an unremitting dynasty.
vrm.3.70 He is known to people by the name of Rama, the legatee of Ikshvaku dynasty, and you know me as his younger brother, Lakshmana, by my
vrm.3.70 But who are you? Your legs are broken, and your mouth is infernal, yet it is on your chest, and alike a topless, rootless tree trunk you are sprawling in the forest, how so, or, for what reason? Lakshmana asked the Rakshasa thus.
vrm.3.70 But Kabandha is highly delighted when Lakshmana spoke that way,
vrm.3.71 b, a "Oh, Lakshmana, you may know as the most handsome son of Danu, and this misshapen form has chanced on me owing the ire of Indra in battlefield.
vrm.3.71 b, a Indra" has also said to me, as and when Rama hacks off your arms along with Lakshmana in a conflict, then you can go to heaven.
vrm.3.71 b, a When Raghava is said thus by that Kabandha, the heir of Danu, that duty minded Rama said this word to Kabandha while Lakshmana is hearing.
vrm.3.72 On his part Lakshmana started to torch that pyre with highly sparkling torches from all over, and even that pyre too suddenly blazed with blazes from all over.
vrm.3.72 b, Oh, Rama, you along with Lakshmana went into a spell of nemesis, and thus you have become an underprivileged one, and that spell alone has obtained you this dire straits, in the form of abducting your wife.
vrm.3.73 "Let Lakshmana present those Ambrosial fruits to you either by climbing up those trees to pluck them, or else by pelting them to ground, according to his convenience.
vrm.3.73 Lakshmana will reverentially offer them to you on skewering them with arrow, and on broiling them on iron rod of arrow after descaling and de finning them.
vrm.3.73 b, a "While you eat those fishes to satiety, Lakshmana will offer you the water of Pampa Lake, which will be in the bunches of flowers of that lake, and which will be lotus scented, pellucid, comfortably cool, shiny like silver and crystal, uncontaminated and that way pristine, by lifting it up that water with lotus leaf, making that leaf a stoup like basin.
vrm.3.73 oh, Rama, Lakshmana will show them to you.
vrm.3.73 That impressive Kabandha adorned with divine garlands and abiding in sky scintillating with the grandeur of the dazzle of the sun has bidden both the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana thus, awaited a bid adieu from them.
vrm.3.73 b, a Rama and Lakshmana who started off on their peregrination said this sentence to that highly providential Kabandha, who is temporising in the sky in their vicinity, thus as "you may proceed.
vrm.3.74 Those two, Rama and Lakshmana, while seeing several of the ticketed trees on mountains which have nectarous fruits on them moved forward to see Sugreeva.
vrm.3.74 On seeing them that sublimated yogi Shabari instinctively made palm fold, got up imperatively, and then she braced the feet of Rama, and even that of sagacious Lakshmana, impressively.
vrm.3.74 Rama on hearing those duty congruous words of Shabari along with Lakshmana, obtained a uniquely high rejoice and he also said, astonishing is this.
vrm.3.75 While Shabari ascended to heaven with her own divine self resplendence, Raghava who is with Lakshmana started to cogitate over the magnificence of Matanga disciples.
vrm.3.75 That noble souled Raghava on thinking about the efficacy of the disciples of Matanga, said to Lakshmana, who is the maintainer of Rama s well being, and who is thinking single mindedly.
vrm.3.75 I have seen a highly astounding hermitage of self controlled sages, oh, gentle Lakshmana, in which the deer and Tigers are at home, and which is adored by divers Birds.
vrm.3.75 Oh, Lakshmana, holy is our taking a bath in this holy Pampa Lake, for it is formed by the waters of seven seas, and even holier is our oblation of this holy waters to Pitris.
vrm.3.75 What that was unpropitious for us is completely abated by our holy bath and holy oblations, oh, Lakshmana, propitiousness is standing en face us, thereby presently this heart of mine is highly gladdening.
vrm.3.75 a Thereby, where Mountain Rishyamuka is beaming forth at its nearby, on which that right minded son of Surya, Sugreeva, is living along with four other vanara s, always frightened by the fear from Vali, we will go to her, to that spectacular Lake Pampa, come on, Lakshmana.
vrm.3.75 Then that Lord of People and Lord of Nature on exiting from that hermitage, he then came nigh of Lake Pampa along with Lakshmana.
vrm.3.75 Then Rama along with Lakshmana on seeing at that Pampa Lake, that self refulgent son of Dasharatha whimpered over, owing to his passionate recollection of Seetha.
vrm.3.75 b, b That best one among men Rama, said this way, oh, Lakshmana, you make a headway for that chief of Vanaras, Sugreeva.
vrm.3.75 and further said this to Lakshmana whose valiance is truthfulness alone, how can I possibly live without Seetha.
vrm.3.75 Such as he is whose thinking is applying itself to Seetha alone, and who is vocalising his anguish for her, to whom aa stymie is laid by the Kamadeva just at the appearance that lake, that Rama on saying that sentence in that way to Lakshmana neared that superb and heart delighting lotus Lake Pampa.
vrm.3.75 along with Lakshmana on entering the area of that lake, has seen that Lake Pampa.
vrm.4.1 Rama, on arriving at that Lake of Lotuses called Pampa along with Lakshmana, which is full with lotuses, costuses, and fishes, lamented as his emotions are disturbed, on seeing the beauty of the Lake comparable with Seetha s face.
vrm.4.1 There, on seeing that Lake of Lotuses, thrilled are his senses with gladness, and he engrossed and overcame by passion spoke this way to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.1 "These are the flowers already fallen, about to fall, or still on the trees, but everywhere the air is playing with these flowers, see that Lakshmana.
vrm.4.1 see them, Lakshmana.
vrm.4.1 b, a "And if she with slender eyelids on her eyes, decent hairdo, and a soft spoken one, Oh! Soumitri, if she is unseen by me will there be any purposefulness of my life? b, a "My dear Seetha has an enchantment for these enchanting woodlands bustling with koels up to their horizons, and Lakshmana, similarly enchanting is this vernal season to her.
vrm.4.1 "See Lakshmana, on that mountain terrace this peahen longing for love is dancing at the nearby of her husband, that peacock.
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana, see the fondness even in those originated in animals, thus that peahen in her passion is following her husband.
vrm.4.1 "See Lakshmana, while these forests are abundantly weighty with flowers in wintry season these flowers are becoming futile to me.
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana", observe the appealing tonality of Birds in the forest that calling out atop the flowered trees, that which is indeed furthering one s passion… "That honeybee is quickly reaching these red flowers bouquets of Tilaka that are like his loved ones that are raising their faces with vigour…
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana, these mango trees bearing greenish yellow flower are appearing like men whose hearts are flirtatiously aroused, and who have creamed their bodies with greenish yellow body cream… "Oh, tigerly man Soumitri, see these Pampa s amazing forests ranges.
vrm.4.1 "See Lakshmana, these fragrant and propitious blue lotuses are everywhere in the waters, glistening like tender sun.
vrm.4.1 Oh! Lakshmana.
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana"", the breeze from the greenswards of Pampa that carries the fragrance of lotuses including that of red lotuses is an auspicious one, an eliminator of melancholy, and those that adore such a breeze are fortunate ones.
vrm.4.1 "Whose kingdom is forfeited, and whose soul succumbed to the circumstance at the time of exile, but she accompanied suchlike me, and Lakshmana, without her how I can I live on in desolation.
vrm.4.1 Lakshmana, when can I hear that conversation of Vaidehi that will have smiles and wits in between.
vrm.4.1 "What can I say in Ayodhya to that kind hearted lady and my mother Kausalya, oh, prince Lakshmana, when she asks ‘where is she, my daughter in law? And how is she?
vrm.4.1 "Begone! Lakshmana.
vrm.4.1 isn’t so!" So said Rama to Lakshmana To that great souled Rama who is bewailing that way like a waif, his brother Lakshmana said these appropriate and infallible words.
vrm.4.1 Thus addressed by Lakshmana, then Rama whose conscience is marred by emotions, got rid of pity and fondness, and acquired courage, to perform the deed demanded of his incarnation.
vrm.4.1 That great one Rama on observing all over quickly, all round the forest with its brooks and caves, and reviewing with Lakshmana, though agonised at heart that anguished one travelled on.
vrm.4.1 While that great soul Rama is walking ahead, that great souled Lakshmana whose stride is also like that of an Elephant, and whose deeds are agreeable to Rama, vigilantly protected Rama with an un despaired mind and even by his virtue and strength.
vrm.4.1 He who is the chief of Vanara s, who moves about Mountain Rishyamuka, while he is meandering thereabout he happened to see those two who are so amazing for a look, namely Rama and Lakshmana, by which he is so frightened that he is petrified.
vrm.4.1 On seeing those two Rama and Lakshmana who are advancing his way, he that great soul who is a tree branch animal, and he who strides like an Elephant, derived profound agony that muffled him in worry, and he is engulfed under the weight of his fear.
vrm.4.1 On seeing those magnificent two, Rama and Lakshmana, the Vanaras are frightened and fled towards the pious hermitage of Sage Matanga, which has an inland that is always adored by Vanaras for it is consolatory and sheltering them.
vrm.4.2 On seeing them the wielders of best weapons and audacious ones, two brothers and great souls, namely Rama and Lakshmana, Sugreeva became ambiguous.
vrm.4.2 On seeing Rama and Lakshmana then that chief of Vanaras Sugreeva with much dreadfulness said this to his ministers.
vrm.4.2 Then on seeing the great archers Rama and Lakshmana the ministers of Sugreeva have gone from that mountain terrace to another high peaked mountain.
vrm.4.2 Thus this way ordered by Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras, Hanuma, the son of Vayu made up his mind to go there, where Rama and Lakshmana are.
vrm.4.2 proceeded there where that highly mighty Rama is there along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.3 Saying thus to those valorous Rama and Lakshmana, Hanuman, the sententious wordsmith, spoke nothing further.
vrm.4.3 Hearing all those words said by Hanuma, that illustrious Rama is well pleased facially, spoke to his brother Lakshmana who is standing at his side.
vrm.4.3 Oh, faultless Lakshmana, if this sort of envoy is not there to a king, really how can that king accomplishes his ways and means.
vrm.4.3 Rama thus said to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.3 When said thus by Rama, wise worded Lakshmana spoke to that Vanara and the minister of Sugreeva, namely Hanuma, the son of Vayu, who is equally a wise worded one.
vrm.4.3 On observing that operative sentence of Lakshmana the Vanara Hanuma is gladdened, as seen from his composure, and kept his mind at ease at the prospective victory, and then he wished to materialise the pact of friendship between Rama and Sugreeva, at the earliest.
vrm.4.4 Then that Hanuma, who has good deeds for his credit, on hearing the words of Lakshmana, and even knowing that they are finely meaningful, he
vrm.4.4 On hearing the words of Hanuma, Lakshmana motivated by Rama, narrated about the great soul Rama, the son of Dasharatha.
vrm.4.4 I am the one who obtained servitude by the justness of this faithful and knowledgeable one, and his younger brother, by name I am named as Lakshmana.
vrm.4.4 Lakshmana said thus to Hanuma.
vrm.4.4 To Lakshmana, who is telling that piteously with tears falling
vrm.4.4 Hanuma when said thus virtuous Lakshmana adored him customarily in the way befitting to an envoy, and spoke this to Rama.
vrm.4.4 needless is telling untruths to such a valiant son of Vayu, Hanuma, isn’t it! So said Lakshmana to Rama Then he that very intelligent son of Vayu Hanuma, took those two valorous Raghava s to go to the king of Vanaras Sugreeva.
vrm.4.4 Hanuma, the extensively renowned heroic son of Vayu with pious mind and highly audacious nature, is then gladdened like the one whose difficult deed is just accomplished, thus he gladly travelled to that mountain where Sugreeva is abiding, along with Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.4.5 oh, stubbornly valiant Sugreeva, this virtuously valiant Rama arrived along with his brother Lakshmana.
vrm.4.5 "These two brothers Rama and Lakshmana, are interested to make friendship with you.
vrm.4.5 b, a Then Hanuma the son of Vayu, gladly gave a well flowered branch of sandalwood tree to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.6 Then Sugreeva who is gladdened again spoke to Rama of Raghu s dynasty, "My best minister and this servant of yours Hanuma informed me of the reason for which you have come to uninhabited forests along with your brother Lakshmana, and that while living in the forest, and when you and this courageous Lakshmana are not her alongside a Rakshasa stole your wife Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, wailing as she was.
vrm.4.6 and also calling Lakshmana.
vrm.4.6 With the unending rush of tears he saw Lakshmana at his side and started to wail piteously.
vrm.4.6 Lakshmana", see this upper cloth and these ornaments too of Vaidehi, shed from her body and dropped onto the ground while she is being abducted.
vrm.4.6 So said Rama to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.6 When Rama thus said Lakshmana said this, "I know not the bracelets and I know not the earrings But because I always salute her feet I know these anklets well.
vrm.4.8 Sugreeva is gladdened and satisfied too by that sentence, and said this sentence to Lakshmana s elder brother, Rama the valiant one.
vrm.4.8 "That is thus only," said Rama before Lakshmana, which Lakshmana is sagacious, resplendent and who vies with Indra, about what is said by Sugreeva, which Sugreeva is by now soft natured in his looks, doffing off his jittery look.
vrm.4.8 Then on seeing Rama standing there with greatly mighty Lakshmana, Sugreeva cast his sight with his bolting eyes around that forest.
vrm.4.8 On seeing those two sitting on a branch then Hanuma also broke a branch of sala tree for the modest Lakshmana and seated Lakshmana on it.
vrm.4.11 When Sugreeva spoke that way Lakshmana a little smiled and asked him, "On performing which act do you confide in the possibility of Vali s elimination?" Then Sugreeva said to Lakshmana, "earlier Vali used to agitate each of the trees, one after the other, on many occasions.
vrm.4.11 Lakshmana", if he lifts and kicks the skeleton of this dead Buffalo by the might of his foot, and makes it fall at a distance of two hundred bow lengths, I can confide.
vrm.4.11 So said Sugreeva to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.11 Saying so to Sugreeva in a comforting manner, he that dextrous, vigorous Rama, the elder brother of Lakshmana sportively flipped the skeleton of Dundubhi with his big toe, and flicked that withered body of the Rakshasa with his big toe itself to a ten Yojana distance without lifting his foot.
vrm.4.11 Then on seeing at the hurled body, and at valiant Rama who by now is like the blazing sun, again Sugreeva said this meaningful word to Rama in the presence of Lakshmana and other Vanaras.
vrm.4.12 That great percipient Rama embraced Sugreeva, which Sugreeva is pleasant in his look for he gained confidence by now, and who is an alternate of Lakshmana to partake Rama s affection, and then Rama said these words to such a Sugreeva in reply.
vrm.4.12 Raghava also came to that forest, along with his brother Lakshmana and along with Hanuma, where that Vanara Sugreeva fled.
vrm.4.12 Seeing the arrival of Rama with Lakshmana, Sugreeva ashamedly turned his eyes down to earth and piteously spoke this without eyeing Rama "Showing your dexterity you encouraged me to invite Vali for fight, but you got me battered by my enemy, what is this done by you.
vrm.4.12 "Eliminating one who is protected means a terrifying sin of highest order, even so, myself and Lakshmana and also thus Seetha with her exquisite glow are all dependent on you, and you are our shelterer in this forest.
vrm.4.12 Lakshmana", pick up this gaja creeper that is beautiful in its appearance and let this noble souled Sugreeva be garlanded with that.
vrm.4.12 So said Rama to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.12 Then Lakshmana plucked that gaja creeper with flowers growing at the foot of the mountain, and slung it like a garland around the neck of that Sugreeva.
vrm.4.13 Stern necked Sugreeva and the great mighty Lakshmana strode ahead of that great soul Rama.
vrm.4.13 "Offer salutations determinedly and adjoining palms addressing the sages called Seven Persons, oh Raghava, along with brother Lakshmana "Those that offer salutations to those sages with contemplated souls will evince no bodily trauma in the least.
vrm.4.13 Then Rama along with brother Lakshmana adjoined palms, addressed himself to the great souled sages known as Seven Persons, and offered salutations to them.
vrm.4.13 That righteous Rama along with brother Lakshmana, Sugreeva and other Vanaras having worshipped those sages proceeded to Kishkindha well pleased at heart.
vrm.4.13 Then Rama s bother Lakshmana, Rama, and other Vanaras wielding their weapons and flaring with their upsurged fiery again came to eliminate that enemy Vali to the city that is ruled by the brawn of the same Vali, the son of Indra.
vrm.4.14 b, a By which creeper garland that Lakshmana plucked out and garlanded you, by this creeper garland of gaja flowers alone your identification is marked.
vrm.4.15 "Those that are born in Ikshvaku dynasty, sons of the king of Ayodhya, valiant and unconquerable ones in war, called Rama and Lakshmana are there in this country.
vrm.4.17 Then on seeing him who has fallen in war, the one with golden pendant, enormously chested, mightily armed, face golden, eye greenish, but who is like a fire extinct of its flame who is like Indra in unassailability and like Upendra in indomitability and who like Yayati who has fallen from heaven, as well like the sun who falls onto earth from solar orbit when Time ender flings him at the end of era such as he is, on seeing that son of Indra, who forsooth has fallen, Rama neared him followed by Lakshmana.
vrm.4.17 a On seeing the brave Vali fallen like that, who by now is like fire with extinguished tongues of flames, and who is seeing droopily, those two valiant brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, neared him with due honour.
vrm.4.17 b, On seeing Rama and the great mighty Lakshmana as well, he who fell to ground flatly hurt by arrow, and whose energy and lives are trifling and vigour trivialised thereby, that Vali spoke these sarcastic words in his proper pride to Rama, who is taking pride in this conflict as a victor, which words at the same time have meaning, politeness, and self righteousness.
vrm.4.18 "My association with Sugreeva is as good as that with Lakshmana, nevertheless it betided with an understanding to regain Sugreeva s wife and kingdom, and he will give succour to me.
vrm.4.18 "Oh, lord of men, it will be apt of you to show the same kind of outlook towards Sugreeva, oh, king, even towards Angada, which you have for Bharata and Lakshmana.
vrm.4.19 She saw Rama standing and abutting on his very powerful bow, and his younger brother Lakshmana, even at the younger brother of her husband, namely Sugreeva.
vrm.4.25 While a similar disquiet of Sugreeva is prevailing over Rama and Lakshmana, Rama palliatively said this to Sugreeva, and even to Tara together with Angada.
vrm.4.25 At the close of Rama s sentence Lakshmana, the eliminator of braving foes, spoke this courteous sentence to the disconcerted Sugreeva.
vrm.4.25 Thus said Lakshmana to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.25 Speaking thus to Sugreeva that enhancer of his mother Sumitra s delight and the eliminator of braving foes, Lakshmana stepped off and stayed behind his brother Rama.
vrm.4.25 On hearing the words of Lakshmana Lt.
vrm.4.25 On seeing such a sort of palanquin Rama said to Lakshmana, "Let Vali be taken away quickly and funeral ceremony be undertaken.
vrm.4.25 On cremating Vali of lofty aplomb and manifest renown and whom the arrow of that Rama, the best of Ikshvaku dynasty has eliminated, Sugreeva then approached that Rama, who is with Lakshmana at his side, and whose flair equals a flaming fire.
vrm.4.26 "This is not a time for any striving, hence you enter the propitious city Kishkindha, oh, gentle Sugreeva, and I for my part will stay on this mountain along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.26 While that kind of pompous anointment is taking place all are gladdened and that way they repeatedly extolled the great souled Rama, and even Lakshmana too.
vrm.4.27 Rama along with his brother Lakshmana reached Mountain Prasavana while the enthroned Sugreeva entered the cave city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.27 Rama along with Lakshmana has taken up an ample spaced cave as residence on the cliff of that mountain.
vrm.4.27 Rama, the faultless one and the elder brother of Lakshmana, who is the delight of Raghu s dynasty, and who made an accord with Sugreeva regarding cessation of activity during rainy season, spoke these significant and timely words to his humble brother Lakshmana who is the enhancer of prosperity.
vrm.4.27 "The melodies of singing and the tunes of musical instruments played and sung in Kishkindha are heard from here, oh, the best triumphant Lakshmana, and even the blares of vanara s together with their snobbish drumming is heard, hence it is not far away.
vrm.4.27 Rama thus spoke to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.27 Raghava having said thus resided on that Mountain Prasavana along with Lakshmana, whereat many sightly caves and arbours are there.
vrm.4.27 While pacifying Rama who is pensive and who is always subjected to grief, his brother Lakshmana who is similarly sad for his brother s sadness spoke these words.
vrm.4.27 Thus said Lakshmana to Rama.
vrm.4.27 Honouring that expedient and propitious advise of Lakshmana, Raghava spoke this sentence to that good hearted and good natured Lakshmana.
vrm.4.27 "What is to be said by an affectionate, amiable and cordial person, also whose courage is truth itself, that you have said it, Lakshmana.
vrm.4.27 Rama said so to Lakshmana, keeping Sugreeva in view.
vrm.4.27 Visualising what Rama said about their waiting for pre winter season to be candid, and praisefully making palm fold at that determination of Rama, and even to clarify his own opportune viewpoint, Lakshmana spoke to Rama who by his own aspect is a delightful one for a ken.
vrm.4.28 Rama then on eliminating Vali and enthroning Sugreeva and when residing on the hinterlands of Mountain Malayavata Prasavana, spoke to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.28 "But I am with my wife stolen, toppled down from the great kingdom, like a riverbank that is toppled over, I am toppling down, Lakshmana.
vrm.4.28 "Thereby I am looking forward for the time, oh Lakshmana of felicitous aspect, and I stay abidingly.
vrm.4.28 Rama said so to Lakshmana, keeping Sugreeva in view.
vrm.4.28 Then, Lakshmana resolving what Rama said alone is to be candid, honouring Rama s words adjoined his palms spoke to Rama, who by his own aspect is a delightful one for a ken, and to evince his benign rationale about the future course of action, Lakshmana spoke to Rama.
vrm.4.29 b, c "Therefore, as the one with straightforward actions firstly you resort to an unimperilled course of action, lest any peril is imminent, and it will be apt of you to dutifully achieve the purpose of your friend Rama, for which alone Rama along with Lakshmana came to you, thus let your power preponderate.
vrm.4.30 Meandering on the pleasant mountain terraces in search of fruits brilliant Lakshmana returned and has seen his elder brother Rama.
vrm.4.30 Thus Lakshmana said to Rama.
vrm.4.30 Lakshmana with his seemliness spoke those undeniable and expedient words that emerged from his very nature, which are tasteful, morally abiding, and further abounding with friendliness, righteousness, and meaningfulness, and on listening such words Rama spoke to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.30 Thus Rama said to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.30 On thinking about the fruit of his mammoth task, namely that lotus petal eyed Maithili, thereafter Rama spoke to Lakshmana with a dried up face.
vrm.4.30 "The rales of clouds, Elephants, peacocks, and oh, merited Lakshmana, of the freshets too, are suddenly quietened.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, gentle Lakshmana, with clear waters, well sounding fish hawks, teeming teams of Cakravaka Birds the lakes are glistening well.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, prince, those that are reciprocally bound by hostilities and desirous of victory, oh, gentle Lakshmana, for those kings their striving time has come up.
vrm.4.30 "On the sand dunes of rivers Swans, Saarasa s, Cakravaka s, also Krauncha Birds are fully overspreading from all over, see Lakshmana.
vrm.4.30 "Dear departed, kingdom plundered, rendered homeless, and one in desperate straits, such as I am Lakshmana, king Sugreeva is not benevolent to me.
vrm.4.30 "By these reasons, oh gentle Lakshmana, I am perhaps scoffed off by the spiteful king of Vanara s Sugreeva oh, the enemy blazer, Lakshmana.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, enemy blazer Lakshmana, such as you are, you enter Kishkindha and upon my word speak to that arch vanara Sugreeva, which stupid is tangled up in uncouth pleasures.
vrm.4.30 "But, oh, prince Lakshmana, Sugreeva is fully aware of my valour.
vrm.4.30 "For which reason this venture of eliminating Vali and its sequel is commenced, oh, the vanquisher of enemy capitals, Lakshmana, and the timeframe set for it, that king of fly jumpers Sugreeva is not recognising, as his ends are achieved.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, great mighty Lakshmana, you may proceed to Kishkindha and let Sugreeva know through you as to how my fury takes shape, and oh, brave one, he may be told this word also.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, best one among men, Lakshmana, when the mission of searching for Seetha is scheduled in this way but hampered, you speak about all things that are appropriate for us and for Sugreeva even, oh, foremost one among men, hurry up, let there be no time lapse.
vrm.4.30 Otherwise, now driven by my arrows to death, and on going to Yama, the Time god s Inferno, you will see Vali Thus Rama appraised Lakshmana about his thinking of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.30 On clearly examining his elder brother Rama, who has become ruthlessly uncompassionate and pitiably prating, the mood of that intensively resplendent Lakshmana, who is an augmenter of Manu s dynasty, has become hostile towards the Vanara king Sugreeva.
vrm.4.31 When Rama of undeterred stamina has become pitiable while yearning for Seetha, overcome with grief while the search for Seetha is becoming futile, overwrought with anger while Sugreeva is reneging on his promise, to such an elder prince brother from a godlike king, his younger prince brother Lakshmana spoke in this way.
vrm.4.31 Thus said Lakshmana to Rama.
vrm.4.31 Rama, the slayer of braving enemies, spoke this well thought sentence that includes persuasiveness to Lakshmana who is with an irrepressible wartime anger, who has apprised his intention to slay Sugreeva, and who on taking his bow is now leaping at Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 Thus Rama is saying to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.31 Lakshmana", as person with righteous conduct you are not supposed to understand this matter in this way, or undertake in this way, but you are supposed to adhere to those aspects of friendliness with Sugreeva and the affinity earlier existed in dealing with him.
vrm.4.31 Thus Rama said to Lakshmana.
vrm.4.31 That brave one and the slayer of braving enemies Lakshmana thus schooled expediently by his elder brother about the means of gainfulness, that best one among men proceeded to enter the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 That right minded and well informed Lakshmana who is bent on doing only that which is agreeable and beneficial to his elder brother, then swallowing his exasperation and wielding a bow which is shining forth like the bow of Indra, and which is standing out like a peaking mountain proceeded towards the palace of the Vanara, namely Sugreeva, and with such a bow he appeared to be the peaking Mountain Mandhara and like the Era Ender.
vrm.4.31 Lakshmana the non defying adherer of Rama, a coequal of Brihaspati Jupiter, in intelligence, then mulled over the exact words of Rama to be spoken to Sugreeva, possible reply of Sugreeva on them, and his own sensible counter reply to them, enwrapped as he is in a furious fire fired up by the desire of Rama for Seetha, proceeded to Sugreeva s palace like an embittered whirlwind aided and abetted by a furious fire.
vrm.4.31 While knocking down Saala, Palm, Ashvakarna trees with his might, razing mountain crests and even other trees with his strength, splintering boulders underfoot, Lakshmana made haste through an enmeshed path leaving off one foot pathway as with an Elephant striding fleetly, and proceeded swiftly impelled by the mission.
vrm.4.31 Entrenched among mountains, impregnated with vanara army is the magnificent citadel of the king of Vanaras, and the tigerly Ikshvaku, Lakshmana, has seen such an impassable city, namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 While his lips are quivering owing to rancour towards Sugreeva, Lakshmana saw formidable Vanara s at the outposts of Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 On seeing the most notable one among men, Lakshmana all of the elephentine vanara s available in the gorges of mountain have grabbed hundreds of mountain crests and gigantic trees, and they are at the ready.
vrm.4.31 But on seeing all of them handling assaultive peaks and trees, Lakshmana s fury has become twofold as with a fire to which much fuel is added.
vrm.4.31 On seeing overexcited Lakshmana who is like the Time god and the Epoch Ender, troops and troops of those fly jumpers quickly fled away in all directions with scare coiling their bodies.
vrm.4.31 Then on entering the palace of Sugreeva, some best ones among Vanaras have appraised about the arrival of Lakshmana, and even about his fury.
vrm.4.31 Then, as directed by ministers of Kishkindha in order to figure out the mood of Lakshmana, some of the elephentine Vanaras who are frightening just by their appearance, who in sheen are similar to mountains and dark clouds have gone out of the city.
vrm.4.31 Infuriated Lakshmana has then seen Kishkindha, an unassailable city, as those great mighty Vanaras flaunting trees are spreading throughout it.
vrm.4.31 All of those Vanaras then exiting from the inside of the compound wall of the castle and coming underneath of the iron latches of the castle s gateway, they became visible and stood up to Lakshmana with their ebullient might.
vrm.4.31 On envisaging Sugreeva s blunder and of his elder brother s expediency, that sensible one and fury restrained Lakshmana, again went into the restraint of fury on seeing the Vanaras.
vrm.4.31 With his long, fiery, and endless exhales and eyes bloodshot in fury, that tigerly man Lakshmana is like a fuming fire.
vrm.4.31 Lakshmana has become identical to a five faced serpent as his curvi bow looked like the curvi hood of a serpent, arrowheads looked like the poking tongues of the serpent, and as his own fervency is proliferating as that serpent s venom.
vrm.4.31 Angada succumbing to high despair caused by the scare neared Lakshmana who is aglow like the Fire of Perdition and like a King of Nagas, who is perforce infuriated.
vrm.4.31 With his eyes reddened in rancour that highly adorable Lakshmana sent a word through Angada, saying "oh, boy, let Sugreeva be informed about my arrival," and said this way.
vrm.4.31 "Oh, enemy destroyer Angada, oh, boy, you may say these words to Sugreeva, oh, enemy destroyer Sugreeva, distressed by the distress of his brother this Lakshmana has arrived in your presence and waiting at the door, oh, Sugreeva, the vanara, if you are interested it will be apt of you to listen to his advise, either by coming here or inviting him inside.
vrm.4.31 Thus Lakshmana spoke to Angada.
vrm.4.31 On hearing the words of Lakshmana Angada is muffled up in grief, and on arriving in the presence of his father Sugreeva he informed Soumitri" has come.
vrm.4.31 Bewildered in his perception at the very sharp words of Lakshmana, mighty Angada then has gone to the palace assuming a very sad face, and there he firstly saluted the feet of his father Sugreeva and then at the feet of Ruma, wife of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.31 Angada whose vitality is intense clinched himself to the feet of his father Sugreeva, and later clung to the feet of his mother Tara, and he even clasped the feet of his paternal aunt Ruma, and latching on to the feet of his parents then he stated to appeal to them about the message of Lakshmana.
vrm.4.31 The hearts of mobbing Vanaras are flustered with fear when they pored over infuriated Lakshmana, thus they jibber jabbered so as to appease him.
vrm.4.31 And those Vanaras on observing Lakshmana instantly raised a hubbub at his nearby that is similar to a storm of a torrent, thunder of a thunderbolt, and the roar of a lion.
vrm.4.31 On hearing the words of Angada two ministers who are agreeable in their advice and appreciable in their aspect have come along with him, and those two ministers of the king of vanara s, namely Plaksha and Prabhava, have appraised Sugreeva that Lakshmana has arrived to discuss variously about the prosperity and probity.
vrm.4.31 Rama" and Lakshmana are the brothers who abide by truth, highly providential, and though they are worthy enough to rule kingdom for themselves they have bestowed the kingdom to you, such as they are, they have become your true friends.
vrm.4.31 One" among those two, Lakshmana, is biding at the door wielding his bow, by whom the Vanaras are panicked and venting out alarms shuddering utterly.
vrm.4.31 "This Lakshmana, the brother of Raghava, has arrived here at the decree of Rama on the chariot called his endeavour charioted by the charioteer called the word of Rama.
vrm.4.31 "Oh, merited one, even Lakshmana has ushered this Angada hastily, oh, king, the precious son of Tara, to your presence.
vrm.4.31 "Oh, king of Vanaras, such as he is, that brave Lakshmana is sticking fast at the door with an awning of rancour on his eyes and as if to burn down the Vanaras just with his eyes.
vrm.4.32 On hearing the words of Angada along with those of his ministers, namely Hanuma, Plaksha, and Prabhava et al, also on knowing that Lakshmana is angered, that sensible Sugreeva stirred from seat.
vrm.4.32 "I have not in the least spoken any ill of them, nor committed any misdeed in their respect, thus I am thinking why should Raghava s brother Lakshmana take offence at me? "Unsympathetic rivals of mine, who will always be snoopy for scope, might have ear filled Raghava s brother about the fabricated faults of mine.
vrm.4.32 "In this situation, all of you on your part and according to your perspectives have to find out firstly and meticulously about the attitude of Lakshmana, along with a steady but diligent determination thereof.
vrm.4.32 "Definitely there is no fear for me from Lakshmana, not even from Raghava, but an unfounded ire of a friend alone is giving rise to disquiet.
vrm.4.32 "Anywise, by virtue of his friendliness with you Raghava must be annoyed, hence he must have expedited his brother Lakshmana, whose disposition in effect to is enhance prosperity.
vrm.4.32 "Because the time for campaigns has chanced, oh, the ablest Vanara, and because you were very slumberous you have not got the drift of it, as such Lakshmana must have come here, and it is obvious.
vrm.4.32 Raghava" s bitter words are endurable by you as he is primarily an anguished person, further he is the one whose is wife is abducted, and furthermore he is magnanimous in giving kingdom to you, besides, he is reproachful through another person, namely Lakshmana.
vrm.4.32 "Indeed, I do not foresee any other appropriate means for you, as a blunder is committed by you, other than seeking Lakshmana s pardon duly adjoining your palms.
vrm.4.32 "It will be unseemly to fend off the ruling of Rama, or of his brother Lakshmana even in your imagination, oh, king of Vanaras, as your heart is aware of the humanly tenacity of that Rama, whose resplendence vies with that of Indra, and who is associated with selfsame Lakshmana, isn t it.
vrm.4.33 Then on invitation to inside, Lakshmana, the slayer of braving enemies, entered that delightful cavelike Kishkindha at Rama s orders.
vrm.4.33 On seeing Lakshmana the huge bodied and highly mighty Vanaras available at the gateway stood back with their palms adjoined in supplication.
vrm.4.33 Glorious Lakshmana has seen the splendid Kishkindha which is a colossal cave crafted with jewels, replete with flowered orchards and richly rife with gemlike objects d art.
vrm.4.33 Kishkindha is compacted with mansions and multi storied buildings that are embellished with various precious stones, and it is enlivened with blossomed trees that bear fruit of every relish and of every season, and Lakshmana has seen such a Kishkindha.
vrm.4.33 That city is brightened with vanara s who with their prepossessing appearances are attired in marvellous garlands and garments, and who can change their guise just by their wish, as they are the children of Gods and Gandharva s, and Lakshmana has seen such a city.
vrm.4.33 She is perfumed with the fragrances that are pleasing the sense of smell like sandal scent, true aloe scent, and the scents of lotuses, and her wide avenues are highly exhilarated with the bouquet of flower liquors and grape wines, and Lakshmana has seen such a sweet scanted city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.33 In that city Lakshmana of Raghava dynasty has seen buildings that are not single storied but multi storied, semblable with Mountain Vindhya and Mountain Meru, and he even saw mountain rapids with pure water.
vrm.4.33 On the kings way Lakshmana has seen the exquisite mansion of Angada, likewise the lavish mansions of distinction pertaining to the other vanara chiefs, namely Dvivida, Gavaya, Gavaksha, Gaja, and Sharabha, Vidyunmali, Sampati, Suuryaaksha, Hanuma, and that of the noble souled Nala, and even those of Virabahu, Subaahu, Kumuda, Sushena, Lt.
vrm.4.33 Those mansions that glitter like silver clouds, fragrant with scents and festooned with flower tassels, replete with wealth and food grains, are beaming with gemlike female vanara s, and Lakshmana saw them on his way.
vrm.4.33 And the very bold Lakshmana unimpededly entered such a fascinating palace of Sugreeva, as with the sun entering a colossal cloud.
vrm.4.33 Passing through a set of seven courtyards in which carriers like palanquins, sedans, and even settees are spread over, that duty bound Lakshmana has seen the highly protected and prodigious palace chambers of Sugreeva, which is stuffed here and there with numerous golden and silver love beds and divans on which highly valuable upholstery is provided.
vrm.4.33 On his very entry Lakshmana heard the ongoing melodious tunes commixed with lyrics and strains of string instruments, and all are unvarying in cadence, wording and lettering.
vrm.4.33 Or And the great mighty Lakshmana has seen many females in Sugreeva s palace with diverse features and prideful of their beauty and youth.
vrm.4.33 On hearing the tinkles of the jewellery of female vanara s valiant Lakshmana is highly provoked with an instantaneous bitterness, and he twitched bowstring as though to fill all the points of compass with twanging.
vrm.4.33 His decent conduct hauling him down dextrous Lakshmana stood aside contingent on isolation, and alongside his heartfelt anguish of Rama.
vrm.4.33 With that twang of the bowstring the king of fly jumpers Sugreeva is startled and jerked up from his exquisite seat as he ensured that Lakshmana has arrived.
vrm.4.33 As has been apprised by Angada earlier, and even now by the twang of bowstring, that vanara Sugreeva made up his mind about Lakshmana s arrival, and he has become whey faced.
vrm.4.33 "Just on seeing you he that highly pure souled Lakshmana will stop venting his spleen, by the way, great souls will not be rampageous with women, isn t it! "If you seek his presence with propitiatory words his heart and senses will be pacified, and then I will be able to see that lotus petal eyed Lakshmana, the destroyer of his enemies.
vrm.4.33 Exquisitely featured Tara went to the proximity of Lakshmana with a waddling gait, tipsily flustering eyes, rivière strings of golden cincture dangling, and with a sticklike gracile body humbly bent.
vrm.4.33 She who is unblushing by virtue of her inebriety ad even by the gracious look of the prince Lakshmana, such a Tara spoke a highly noteworthy sentence that is dauntless in friendliness and entirely mitigatory in its vein.
vrm.4.33 "Oh, prince, what is the cause of your anger? Who is not abiding by your oral order? And who is he that draweth nigh of a wildfire that is befalling on a forest of dried up trees, without a shadow of doubt?" Tara enquired thus with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.33 On hearing her words which are with a prelude of propitiation, and which by far evince friendship for all practical purposes, Lakshmana trustfully spoke these words.
vrm.4.33 Thus, Lakshmana spoke curtly to Tara.
vrm.4.33 On hearing his words containing means, merit and reconciliation, and of mellowly tendency of Lakshmana, Tara realized that the purpose of Rama is lapsed, but having confidence in ultimate success she again said to him.
vrm.4.33 She that vanara female Tara whose eyes are fluttery under the influence having said this way, she again picked up where she left off and sentimentally spoke this sentence to Lakshmana whose brunt is inestimable, in the interest of her husband s wellbeing.
vrm.4.33 Thus Tara affectionately invited Lakshmana inside the palace chambers.
vrm.4.33 Welcomed by Tara and hastened by haste of his duty, that dextrous enemy destroyer Lakshmana entered the select chambers.
vrm.4.33 Lakshmana has then seen him who is seated like the Sun in firmament on a choicest golden seat which is elaborated with worthiest upholstery, whose body is remarkable besides being spruced up with excellent ornaments, who is wearing exquisite garlands and robes, who is glorious with a marvellous appearance and even appeared as an unconquerable as with Indra, and who is presently enwreathed with vanara females who are also bedecked with precious ornamentation and garlands, and on seeing him Lakshmana with franticly bloodshot eyes appeared as the Terminator.
vrm.4.33 Sugreeva whose complexion is like that of rich gold is seated on an exquisite seat tightly hugging his wife Ruma, and that brave one has seen Lakshmana whose quintessence is never flinching, thus, that suspiciously wide eyed Sugreeva made sheep eyes at the furiously broad eyed Lakshmana.
vrm.4.34 On seeing the illustrious Lakshmana who entered unimpededly and infuriately, Sugreeva became one with agitated senses.
vrm.4.34 On seeing Lakshmana, the son of Dasharatha, who is exasperated and exhaling heavily, and who searing in the anguish of his brother is flaring up like a firestorm, Sugreeva hopped up from his golden seat and tottered like the highly decorated flagstaff of Indra, which will be wobbly before it is thrown to ground after the ritual.
vrm.4.34 That fortunate Sugreeva whose eyes are bloodshot with drinking flurried towards Lakshmana adjoining palms in supplication, and became standstill at his nearby, like a lofty Kalpavriksha wish fulfilling tree.
vrm.4.34 Infuriate Lakshmana spoke to Sugreeva who like the star clustered moon is standing with his wife Ruma at his side amid other vanara females.
vrm.4.35 Tara with her visage that shines like the Lord of Stars, namely the Moon, then spoke to the son of queen Sumitra, namely Lakshmana, who while he is speaking is as though blazing with his own resplendence.
vrm.4.35 "Let not this king of Vanaras be addressed in this way, oh, Lakshmana, and he is not warranted to listen such tongue lashing, especially from your tongue.
vrm.4.35 Sugreeva" is not an unthankful one, oh, brave Lakshmana, a treacherous one no a flagitious one no an utterer of untruth no a duplicitous one, no, this king of Vanaras is not even that.
vrm.4.35 "Although he is a Vanara this Sugreeva has not dismissed from his mind even the favour Rama has done in his respect, oh, valiant Lakshmana, which in combat is impractical for others.
vrm.4.35 "By the beneficence of Rama, oh, the enemy scorcher Lakshmana, now Sugreeva is privileged with reputation, everlasting kingship of Vanaras, more so with Ruma and me as well.
vrm.4.35 "Oh, Lakshmana, that great sage Vishvamitra clinging together with Ghritachi, an angelic Apsara, for a period of ten years, forsooth that virtue souled sage regarded that period as one day.
vrm.4.35 "He who is overwrought and now undergoing natural bodily appetites, oh, Lakshmana, and who is overtired as he is absolutely discontent in the concupiscence, such as Sugreeva is, it will be apt of Rama to bear with him for a while.
vrm.4.35 "Without knowing realities, oh, young man Lakshmana, it will be extraneous of you to hastily enter into the control of your rancour like a commoner.
vrm.4.35 "Oh, Lakshmana, it is impossible to kill those Rakshasas, or that Ravana, the evil doer and abductor of Seetha, without any assistance, more so to Sugreeva.
vrm.4.35 "Only today millions and millions of Rikshas and hundredfold millions of Golangulas, and innumerable Vanaras who by their own flare are like firebrands will arrive in your fore, oh, Kaakutstha Lakshmana, thereby, oh, the enemy repressor, therefore rebut your rage.
vrm.4.36 And when Lakshmana conceded to that argument of Tara, Sugreeva, the king of Vanara troops, got rid of his highly intense scare of Lakshmana, like the riddance of a dampened cloth.
vrm.4.36 Sugreeva who is the most powerful one among all vanara s, then placatingly spoke this humble sentence to Lakshmana, whose prowess is most formidable.
vrm.4.36 Who is capable of requiting Rama, oh, prince Lakshmana, even by a fraction of that kind
vrm.4.36 gigantic trees, a mountain, and even the earth, all just with one arrow! He who outstretches his bow with a clangour by which the earth with its mountains quakes, oh, Lakshmana, to him these aides are really of what aid, indeed!
vrm.4.36 Lakshmana, I just can tread behind that king of people, Rama, on his charging to eliminate enemy Ravana along with all of his vanguards, that s all.
vrm.4.36 Lakshmana is pleased with that great souled Sugreeva who is speaking thus, and said this he said to him, indeed, in friendliness.
vrm.4.37 When the great souled Lakshmana spoke to Sugreeva in this way, Sugreeva spoke this word to Hanuma who is available at his side.
vrm.4.37 Those quick paced Vanaras quickly reached Kishkindha just at that moment when Lakshmana is still with Sugreeva, and those Vanaras arrived at that place where Sugreeva is available along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.38 Gladdening Sugreeva who is indomitably mighty and the indomitable one among all vanara s, Lakshmana spoke these courteous words to him, "oh, gentle one, if it please you, make an exit from Kishkindha.
vrm.4.38 a On hearing the courteous words of Lakshmana Sugreeva is extremely pleased and he indeed spoke this sentence to him, "So be it.
vrm.4.38 b, Sugreeva speaking thus to Lakshmana, whose person itself is auspicious, then bade adieu to Lady Tara and the other female vanara s.
vrm.4.38 And on seeing palanquin positioned at his nearby the king of Vanaras Sugreeva said to Saumitri, "you mount it, Lakshmana, be quick.
vrm.6.101 Seeing the valiant Lakshmana bathed in a stream of blood, when struck down in battle with a spear by the mighty Ravana and having given a tumultuous fight, to the evil minded Ravana, Rama spoke as follows to Sushena, even while releasing a multitude of arrows at Ravana.
vrm.6.101 "This heroic Lakshmana, falling down on earth yielding to Ravana s prowess, is wiggling like a serpent, causing an increase in grief to me.
vrm.6.101 "My energy to fight is failing, even as I see this valiant Lakshmana, who is dearer to me than life, bathed in blood, my mind being greatly disturbed.
vrm.6.101 Seeing Lakshmana his brother lying wounded in the dust of the battle field, he got into extreme despondency and lamented as follows, confused in mind, as he was: "O the valiant Lakshmana! Even victory cannot create a pleasure for me.
vrm.6.101 What pleasure can the moon create for a man who has lost his vision?" "What purpose of mine will be served by fighting or eve by life? When this Lakshmana lies killed in the forefront of battle here, I have no use for the war.
vrm.6.101 "In the same way as the very glorious Lakshmana followed me When I was going to the forest, I too will in the same way follow him to the abode of Yama the lord of Death.
vrm.6.101 "The Rakshasas, who fight treacherously, created this condition to Lakshmana, who loved his relatives and who was ardently devoted forever to me.
vrm.6.101 "Of what use is the kingdom for me, without Lakshmana, who was difficult to over power? What can I tell to Sumitra, the mother who was so fond of her son?" "I shall not be able to bear the reproach, which will be levelled by Sumitra.
vrm.6.101 What shall I pay to kausalya the mother or what shall I say to Kaikeya?" "What shall I say to Bharata or to the mighty Shatrughna, when they ask me, how I came back without Lakshmana even though I went to the forest along with him?"
vrm.6.101 Lakshmana", the augmenter of prosperity, has not got into death.
vrm.6.101 "The repeatedly beating heart with the signs of breath of Lakshmana, lying on the earth s surface, fast asleep, with his limbs relaxed are telling it, O the gallant prince!"
vrm.6.101 Having addressed the words thus to Rama, the highly learned Sushena spoke the following words to Hanuma the great Vanara, who was standing nearby: "Proceeding from this place with full speed, O gentle one!, to the mountain called Oushadhi Mahodaya, which was already described to you previously by Jambavan, O brave one! Bring here for restoring the great souled and heroic Lakshmana to consciousness, the precious herb Vishalyakarani by name which was sprung up on its southern peak, Savarnakarnani Samjivakarani and the precious herb, Samdhanakarani
vrm.6.101 Then, crushign that herb, Sushena the excellent of Vanaras, having a great splendour, administered it through Lakshmana s nose.
vrm.6.101 Duly inhaling it well, that Lakshmana, the annihilator of adversaries, having the spear lodged in his body, raised quickly from the earth s surface rid as he was of the spear and his pain.
vrm.6.101 Seeing that Lakshmana risen from the ground, the mokneys were overjoyed and applauded Lakshmana, saying, "Excellent, excellent!".
vrm.6.101 Rama, the destroyer of enemies, said to Lakshmana, "come, come!" and embraced him firmly with affection, with his eyes clouded with tears.
vrm.6.101 After embracing Lakshmana, Rama then said to him: "Luckily, O valiant one, I see you here, returned from death.
vrm.6.101 If you have attained demise, tell me what significnace is there for it to me?" While the great souled Rama was speaking thus, the exhausted Lakshmana, in a feeble tone, spoke the following words: "Having solemnly taken that pledge of killing Ravana before, O brother true to your promise, you ought not to speak as you have done like a weak and courageless man.
vrm.6.102 Hearing those words of Lakshmana, that valiant Rama, the annihilator of his enemies, taking hold of his bow, fixed an arrow on the bow string.
vrm.6.108 Rejoiced with the victory in battle, Sugreeva, Vibhishana and Angada together with Lakshmana along with their friends paid their respects with due ceremony to Rama, who looked charming.
vrm.6.111 “When Indrajit, your son was killed in battle by Lakshmana, I was hard hit then and today, of course, I am completely beaten down.
vrm.6.111 Having destroyed the enemy, Rama too experienced happiness, along with his army as well as with Sugreeva and Lakshmana, even as Indra the wielder of thunderbolt did on destroying Vritra.
vrm.6.112 Chatting themselves about the awful destruction of Ravana, the terrific prowess of Rama, the admirable combat of the Vanaras, the counsel tendered by Sugreeva, the affection and valour of Lakshmana the son of Sumitra the loyaltyof Seetha to her husband and about the strength of Hanuma, the illustrious Devas and others rejoicingly returned as they had come.
vrm.6.112 Having embraced Sugreeva greeted by Lakshmana and having been honoured by the Vanara troops.
vrm.6.112 Then, Rama spoke as follows to Lakshmana, son of Sumitra, who was endowed with strength and having auspicious marks, who stayed nearby.
vrm.6.112 "O the benevolent Lakshmana! Consecrate on the throne of Lanka, this Vibhishana to whom everyone is attached, a loyal person as he is and the one who has formerly done a service to us.
vrm.6.112 Hearing the words of the great soled Rama, Lakshmana replied, so it be and rejoicingly procured a golden pot.
vrm.6.112 That mighty Lakshmana, then placing that pot in the hands of the Vanara chiefs, instructed them, who were as swift as thought, to bring sea water.
vrm.6.112 Thereupon, Lakshmana together with his friends, taking one pot and making Vibhishana to sit on the throne, sprinkled him with sea water from that pot in accordance with the rule prescribed in Vedic scriptures, while the Rakshasas were witnessing the ceremony, to make him the king for Lanka, as directed by Rama.
vrm.6.112 Rama together with Lakshmana were greatly delighted.
vrm.6.112 Accepting them, the valiant and unconquerable Vibhishana happily offered all those auspicious objects to Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.112 "O Hanuma, the proficient one in speech! Inform Seetha that myself together with Lakshmana and Sugreeva are well and that Ravana had been killed in battle.
vrm.6.113 “O Seetha! Rama is well, together with Sugreeva and Lakshmana, along with Vibhishana as his supporter and collectively with the army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.113 Rama and Lakshmana, with the support of Vibhishana and the Vanaras, killed the valiant Ravana.
vrm.6.113 Hearing those words of Seetha, the highly intelligent Hanuma, the son of Marut, bringing delight to Seetha, spoke the following words: “You shall see today, Rama whose countenance is like a full moon, whose friends like Sugreeva and Vibhishana are alive, whose enemies have been killed along with Lakshmana, as Shachi the consort of Indra would see Indra the lord of Gods.
vrm.6.114 "By her, who has trust in me because of confidence which has trust in me because of confidence which had been inspired me on a former occasion, I was spoken as follows: I desire to see my husband, who has accomplished his purpose, together with Lakshmana.
vrm.6.114 Hearing the words of Rama, Lakshmana Sugreeva and Hanuma the Vanara then felt very much perturbed.
vrm.6.115 Set you mind on Lakshmana or Bharata, as per your ease.
vrm.6.116 Seetha, thus speaking, weeping and stammering with tears, said to Lakshmana, who was sad and engaged in thoughtfulness as follows:
vrm.6.116 "O Lakshmana! Create a pile of fire, for me, which is a remedy for this disaster.
vrm.6.116 Hearing the words of Seetha, Lakshmana, the destroyer of enemy warriors, giving way to wrath, looked towards Rama.
vrm.6.116 Understanding the inclination of the mind of Rama, hinted by the expression in his face, that valiant Lakshmana prepared a pyre, in deference to the wishes of Rama.
vrm.6.119 "Fortunately has the fear born of Ravana which increased the severe darkness on the entire world has been removed by you, on the battle field, O Rama!" "You are fit to go to the heaven, by comforting the depressed Bharata and the illustrious Kausalya as well as seeing Kaikeyi and Sumitra, the mother of Lakshmana having got the sovereignty of Ayodhya, bringing delight to your friends, stabilizing the back bone in the race of Ikshvaku, getting excellent glory by performing a Horse sacrifice and by granting riches to Brahmanas.
vrm.6.119 you offer your respectful salutation to him, along with Lakshmana, your brother.
vrm.6.119 Hearing the words of Shiva, Rama along with Lakshmana his brother, offered their salutation to their father, seated on the topmost part of an aerial car.
vrm.6.119 The lord Rama along with Lakshmana his brother saw their father, who was blazing with his own splendour and clad in brilliant garments.
vrm.6.119 "Seeing you in a fine fettle with Lakshmana and hugging you today, I stand completely rid of sorrow even as the sun is freed from mist.
vrm.6.119 "O gentle one! You spent fourteen years, residing in the forest with Lakshmana and Seetha.
vrm.6.119 May that terrific curse not touch Kaikeyi and her son, O Lord!" Saying May it be" to Rama who stood with joined palms embraced Lakshmana.
vrm.6.119 Dasaratha again uttered the following words to Lakshmana: "A great gratification has been rendered to me and reward in the form of religious merit earned by you in that you served Rama and Seetha, the princess of Videha kingdom, with devotion.
vrm.6.119 Thus speaking to Lakshmana, the former king, addressing his daughter in law standing before him with joined palms as "My daughter", slowly and affectionately advised her as follows: "No wrath indeed should be rendered by you towards Rama, for having repudiated you.
vrm.6.120 All the Vanaras felt surprised, saying to one another "What miracle is this?" Seeing Rama, whose wish has been fully realised, all the foremost of Devas, with a great delight, spoke praisingly to Rama and Lakshmana: "O monarch! Proceed to Ayodhya from here and disband the Vanaras.
vrm.6.120 Thus speaking to Rama and Lakshmana, Indra the thousand eyed god of Devas, having beenpleased, returned to heaven with other Gods in their aerial cars, shining liek the sun.
vrm.6.120 having respectfully saluted all those Devas, Rama along with Lakshmana his brother, then instructed all the Vanaras to take rest in their respective places.
vrm.6.120 Thereupon, that illustrious and mighty army of rejoiced troops, for its part, whichw as protected by Lakshmana and Rama, and was blazing with splendour on all sides, shone brightly like the might, illumined by the moon.
vrm.6.121 “O Rama! When you have been offered with reference all the entertainments, you along with Lakshmana, your brother and Seetha your consort, shall then depart.
vrm.6.121 The generous minded Rama along with Lakshmana felt amazed to see the aforesaid aerial car, Pushpaka, which resembled a mountain and which could travel everywhere at will, arrived on that occasion.
vrm.6.122 After some circumspection, Rama of great splendor, affectionately spoke the following words to him, while Lakshmana was listening:
vrm.6.122 He mounted the aerial car along with Lakshmana, his valiant brother wielding a bow and taking the illustrious Seetha, who was feeling abashed, in his arms.
vrm.6.123 "Here was Vidyunmali killed by the great souled Sushena and here was Indrajit, the son of Ravana, killed by Lakshmana in a combat.
vrm.6.124 "O Rama, the victorious in battles! Formerly, on seeing you penetrating deeply into the great forest on foot, with the sole intention of practicing virtue, clad in pieces of bark, going away from sovereignty, deprived of all enjoyments, like an immortal fallen from heaven, having renounced all your possession, with your spouse Seetha as the third of your party besides Lakshmana and yourself, resolved in carrying out the behest of your father and intent on implementing the pledge given by your father to Kaikeyi and living on wild roots and fruits, pity arose in me earlier.
vrm.6.125 Tell him of me as having returned, accomplished of our object, with my consort and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.125 Leaping into the auspicious sky, the dwelling place of Birds, duly crossing over the terrific conjunction of Ganga and Yamuna rivers, reaching Shringaverapura and approaching Guha the chief of Nishadas, that valiant Hanuma spoke the following words in a charming voice: “Along with Seetha and Lakshmana, Rama, your friend, that scion of Kakuthsa, of true prowess, has for his part enquired of your welfare.
vrm.6.125 Lakshmana" too, who is endowed with extraordinary energy, is coming intact with Seetha, the illustrious princess of Videha territory and with Rama as Sachi the wife of Indra would with the mighty Indra
vrm.6.126 "Carrying out that ardous task, Rama and Lakshmana, both the brothers, went to the beautiful hermitage of Sharbhanga, in that evening.
vrm.6.126 As ordered by Rama, the mighty Lakshmana thereupon rose quickly and seizing a sword, chopped off her ears and nose.
vrm.6.126 "O good sir! While Rama was chasing the deer and even when Lakshmana had gone out, Ravana forthwith entered their hermitage during that interval.
vrm.6.126 "While searching for Seetha, Rama along with Lakshmana strolled after blossomed woodlands along the bank of Godavari river.
vrm.6.126 Lakshmana killed Indrajit, the son of Ravana.
vrm.6.127 "In the same aerial car are the valiant Rama and Lakshmana, the brothers, along with Seetha, the immensely brilliant Sugreeva and Vibhishana the Rakshasa.
vrm.6.127 Thereafter, the jubilant Bharata, the destroyer of adversaries, approaching Lakshmana and Seetha, then saluted them in reverence and also announced his name.
vrm.6.127 Then, the valiant Shatrughna offered his salutation to Rama, along with Lakshmana and offered his reverential salutation to Seetha s feet, by bowing in humility.
vrm.6.128 Bharata, having bathed first, the mighty Lakshmana, Sugreeva the lord of Vanaras and Vibhishana the king of Rakshasas took bath.
vrm.6.128 Shatrughna, the valiant and charming man, the promoter of Ikshvaku dynasty made arrangements for personal adornment of Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.6.128 Lakshmana winnowed a fan.
vrm.6.128 Rama, affectionate of righteousness, spoke to Lakshmana, the knower of righteousness as followers: "O Lakshmana, the knower of what is right! Rule with me, this earth, as ruled by the earlier kings, with the help of an army.
vrm.6.128 When Lakshmana did not give his consent, even though being repeatedly entreated in all ways, nay even being appointed to the office of Prince Regent, the great souled Rama thereupon consecrated Bharata.
vrm.6.128 That Rama, having his long arms reaching down his knees, having a broad chest and glorious, ruled this earth with Lakshmana as his companion.
vrm.6.128 Even as Kausalya, the mother has Rama as her living son, or as Sumitra has Lakshmana or as Kaikeyi has Bharata, the women likewise can become mothers of living sons, endowed with children as well as grand children and thus become happy forever.
vrm.6.128 Sesha is said to be Lakshmana.
vrm.7.1 By good fortune it is that to day we see thee victorious along with Sita, and, O righteous souled one, with thy brother, Lakshmana, ever compassing thy profit.
vrm.7.12 Knowing this, he gave away his daughter, having regard to the race of Ravana s paternal grand father ;and he also conferred on him an exceedingly wonderful dart acquired through the most rigid austerities, by which he wounded Lakshmana.
vrm.7.35 Hearing the words of Agastya, Rama, Lakshmana, Vanaras and Rakshasas all said "wonderful it is"; and Vibhishana, who was by the side of Rama, said: After a long time, the old recollections have come to my mind.
vrm.7.40 It is by the strength of the arms of that Vayu s son I have obtained Lanka, Sita, Lakshmana, Victory, kingdom and my friends.
vrm.7.48 The royal saint Janaka having gone away, Rama, with folded hands and humbly said to his maternal uncle Kaikeya "O king, this kingdom, myself, Bharata and Lakshmana are all at thy disposal.
vrm.7.48 With immense wealth and various jewels let Lakshmana follow thee.
vrm.7.48 Thereupon, Rama, at first saluted and went round him and then Yudhajit, the son of Kekaya, went away to his kingdom in the company of Lakshmana like unto Indra leaving for home in the company of Vishnu on the destruction of the Asura Vritra.
vrm.7.49 We would have, on the other side of the ocean, well protected by the prowess of Rama and Lakshmana, and freed from all disturbances, fought at pleasure.
vrm.7.49 And taking all those jewels, the highly power ful Bharata, Lakshmana and Satrughna returned to their own city.
vrm.7.53 Thereupon Rama incidentally addressed them saying O Vadra, how do the inhabitants of the city and provinces talk about Sita, Bharata, Lakshmana, Satrughna and the mother Kaikeyi ?The kings, when they deviate from the paths of justice, become objects of censure in the houses of men and even in the forests as well.
vrm.7.54 Having sent away his friends and determined what to do, Rama, the delight of the Raghus, commanded the warder, who was seated hard by, saying: Do thou speedily bring here, Lakshmana the son of Sumitra and gifted with auspicious marks, the great Bharata and the irrepressible Satrughna.
vrm.7.54 Hearing the words of Rama and placing his folded palms on his head the warder reached the house of Lakshmana and unobstructed entered therein.
vrm.7.54 And having saluted him, with folded palms he said to the high souled Lakshmana "The King wishes to behold thee do thou soon go there.
vrm.7.54 Having beheld Lakshmana s departure the warder humbly went to Bharata and having blessed him with folded hands said: "The King wishes to see thee.
vrm.7.55 Sita hath beeh born also in the holy family of the great Janaka; gentle Lakshmana, hou knowest how in the solitary forest of Dandaka, Sita was stolen away by Ravana and how have I slain him.
vrm.7.55 Do thou, O Lakshmana, next morning, ascending the car driven by Sumantra, take away Sita to another country.
vrm.7.56 The night being over, Lakshmana, with a poor heart and died countenance, addressed Sumantra, saying: O chaioteer, do thou soon yoke quick coursing steeds to an excellent chariot, and for Sita place an excellent seat on the car.
vrm.7.56 Heaing the words of Sumantra, Lakshmana, the foremost of men, approached Sita in the inner apartment and said "O queen, thou didst request the king to show thee the hermitage the king too did promise he hath now commanded me to take thee there.
vrm.7.56 Hearing the words of the high souled Lakshmana, Janaki attained to excessive delight and became anxious to go.
vrm.7.56 Taking various jewels and costly clothes she said to Lakshmana.
vrm.7.56 Thereupon Sita said to Lakshmana, the enhancer of prosperity "O descendent of Raghu, I behold many inauspicious omens.
vrm.7.56 Heaing this Lakshmana bowed unto her touching the ground with his crown, and though greatly sorry, said as if delighted "All well.
vrm.7.56 Thereupon having arrived at the hermitage situate on the banks of Gomati Lakshmana spent the night there.
vrm.7.56 According to the request of the intelligent charioteer, Sita, with Lakshmana, ascended that excellent conveyance.
vrm.7.56 Reaching the currents of Bhagirathi before noon Lakshmana, on beholding her, cried aloud.
vrm.7.56 Thereupon beholding Lakshmana thus distressed, Sita, conversant with piety, waxing anxious said.
vrm.7.56 "Why art thou weeping, Lakshmana ?I have reached the banks of Janhavi, for which I have so long desired.
vrm.7.56 O foremost of men, thou dost spend thine days and nights in the company of Rama, Thou hast left him for two days only at thou sorry for this Lakshmana? Rama is also dearer than my life but I am not so sorry do thou not be therefore overwhelmed with grief.
vrm.7.56 Hearing the words of Sita and wiping his beautiful eyes, Lakshmana, the slayer of enemies, sent for boatmen.
vrm.7.56 Having then brought a boat to cross the holy Ganges Lakshmana, with a quiescent mind, took her to the other side.
vrm.7.57 Having at first conducted Sita to the spacious and we decorated boat plied by fishermen Lakshmana himself set it up.
vrm.7.57 Thereupon having reached the other side of Bhagirathi, Lakshmana, with subdued voice and folded palms, said to Sita "O daughter of the king of Videha, this, thougth pierced my heart like a dart, that my brother, by making me the instrumental of this action hath made me the object of censure in the world.
vrm.7.57 Saying this, the humble Lakshmana began to weep and pray for death.
vrm.7.57 Beholding him thus overwhelmed, Sita said "What is the matter, Lakshmana ?I do not understand anything.
vrm.7.57 Sita having addressed him thus, Lakshmana, with a poorly heart and suppressed tone, said "O worshipful queen; I have kept within my heat all those words, which the king said, before he entered his palace, rendered sorry and impatient on hearing in the assembly the report of censure regarding thee, O daughter of king Janaka.
vrm.7.58 And senseless for some time, Sita, with her eyes full of tears said to Lakshmana "Forsooth, O Lakshmana, the great Dispenser hath created this body to suffer miseries; and all my afflictions are manifest in form today.
vrm.7.58 Sita having said this, Lakshmana, with a bewildered heart, saluted her touching the ground with his head.
vrm.7.58 Under these circumstances how can I cast looks upon thee ?"Having addressed Sita in this wise Lakshmana again sent for a boat and ascending it ordered the boatmen to go.
vrm.7.58 Looking again and again when Sita saw that Lakshmana and the chariot have gone beyond the range of her vision, she became overwhelmed with anxiety and grief.
vrm.7.60 BEHOLDING the great ascetic Valmiki thus conducting Sita into his own hermitage Lakshmana s heart was bewildered with grief.
vrm.7.60 O charioteer, the opinion of the citizens is by no means just; consequently what shall we gain by performing such a bad action for fame as the exile of Sita ?"Hearing those words of Lakshmana, the wise Sumantra reverentially replied "Be not aggrieved for Sita, O Saumitri Formerly in the presence of thy sire the Brahmanas related this account of Sita s exile.
vrm.7.60 O Lakshmana, when Durvasa was addressed by the king Dasaratha as to thy future he replied in the above way.
vrm.7.60 Hearing these grave and important words of Sumantra, Lakshmana ordered him to relate.
vrm.7.61 Being thus requested by the high souled Lakshmana, Sumantra began to reveal the mystery of Durvasa s account "In the days of yore the great ascetic Durvasa, the son of Atri, resided for a year in the holy hermitage of Vasishta.
vrm.7.61 Under these circumstances, O Lakshmana, thou shouldst not grieve for Sita or Rama; in their interest do thou become patient.
vrm.7.61 Hearing those wonderous words of the charioteer Sumantra, Lakshmana became greatly happy and eulogised him again and again ?They thus conversing with one another on their way back, the sun set.
vrm.7.62 Having spent the night on the banks of Kesini, the mighty car warrior Lakshmana, got up early in the morning and again proceeded on his journey home and reached in the noon the city of Ayodhya filled with various jewels and delighted and plump citizens.
vrm.7.62 But the high souled Lakshmana became greatly sorry stricken with the thought as to what he should relate on approaching the feet of Rama.
vrm.7.62 Having descended from his car at the palace gate, Lakshmana, the foremost of men, with his face downwards and a distressed heart, unobstructed, entered the palace.
vrm.7.62 The intelligent Lakshmana, the son of Sumitra, having said this, Rama, the descendant of Kakutstha and fond of friends, with great delight said "Thou hast spoken the truth, O Lakshmana, O foremost of men.
vrm.7.63 Hearing those wondrous words of Lakshmana Rama was greatly delighted and said "O thou having an auspicious look, thou art gifted with great intellect and after my heart; a friend like thee is rare at such a time.
vrm.7.63 The cow was old and weak so they both, With mutual consent, conferred that upon another Brahman, O Lakshmana, the king Nriga is still sufering from that dreadful curse.
vrm.7.63 Do thou therefore go in person, O Lakshmana and see who hath come for business,"
vrm.7.64 Hearing the words of the highly effulgent Rama, Lakshmana, conversant with discrimanative knowledge replied with folded hands, saying "O Kakutstha, it is for a very simple folly that the two Brahmanas imprecated that curse upon the king Nriga, dreadful as the rod of Vana.
vrm.7.65 Rama having said this Lakshmana replied "I am not satiated with the account of those wonderful stories, O king.
vrm.7.65 Hearing the reply of Lakshmana, Rama, the descendant of Ikshwaku, began again with themes instinct with morality "There lived a highly pious and powerful king by the name of Nimi.
vrm.7.66 Hearing the words of the effulgent Rama, Lakshmana, the slayer of enemies, said with folded hands "Having thus cast of their bodies how did that Brahman worshipped by the Devas and the king regain them ?"Having been thus accosted by Lakshmana, Rama, the descendant of Ikshwakus and the foremost of men, replied "Having renounced their persons both Nimi and the pious Vasishta, having asceticism for their wealth, were metamorphosed into air.
vrm.7.67 HEARING this wonderful and heaven]v theme Lakshmana was highly gratified and said to Rama "O Kakuthstha, how did that twice born, one worshipped by the Devas and the king regain their bodies, after being bodiless.
vrm.7.67 Hearing the words of Lakshmana, Rama, having truth for his prowess, began to relate the story of Vasishta.
vrm.7.68 And having said this, Lakshmana, the slayer of enemies, burning in his native effulgence, said "O foremost among kings, this ancient account of the ascetic Vasishta and king Nimi is highly surprising and wonderful.
vrm.7.68 Thus accosted Rama, the Kshatriya chief, said to the great Lakshmana conversant with all Sastras "O hero, forgiveness is not to be seen in all men.
vrm.7.70 Rama said to Lakshmana, gifted with auspicious marks "O O Saumitri having long arms, do thou proceed to the city gate to receive those who have come here for business.
vrm.7.70 According to Rama s command Lakshmana, gifted with auspicious mark, arrived at the gate and called those who had come there for business.
vrm.7.70 Lakshmana, with folded hands, said to Rama, "None has come for business.
vrm.7.70 Being thus addressed Lakshmana issued out of the house and saw that a dog was waiting at the gate.
vrm.7.70 Beholding it in that plight the valiant Lakshmana said "O generous sir, what business has brought thee hither do thou relate it conidentially.
vrm.7.70 Heaing the words of Lakshmana the dog replied "I wish to relate it unto Rama, of unwearied actions,who is the refuge of all creatures and who declares fearlessness unto all.
vrm.7.70 Hearing the words of the dog Lakshmana entered the beautiful palace to relate it unto Rama.
vrm.7.70 Hearing the words of Lakshmana the dog said "We cannot enter into the houses of divinities, kings and Brahmanas nor can we go there where is fire, Indra, the sun or the wind, for we are the vilest born ;so I cannot enter there.
vrm.7.70 Thereupon the highly effulgent and noble minded Lakshmana entered the palace and said to Rama "O thou having long arms, O thou the enhancer of Kausalya s joy I have communicated thine orders I shall relate shortly everything regarding that ;do thou hear.
vrm.7.71 Hearing the words of Rama the intelligent Lakshmana immediately sent for the dog and informed Rama, who, on beholding it, said "Do thou communicate thy desire unto me; be not afraid.
vrm.7.73 As Rama and Lakshmana were daily engaged in conversing thus, the vernal night, neither hot nor cold, came on.
vrm.7.75 Hearing Bharata s speech instinct with fortitude and valor, the younger brother of Lakshmana stood up, leaving his golden seat.
vrm.7.76 Thus addressed by the heroic and high souled Satrughna, Rama, delighted, spoke unto Bharata nad Lakshmana, "Do you carefully provide the things ecessary for the coronation :this very day shall I install that foremost of men, the descendant of Raghu.
vrm.7.77 Thereupon having circumambulated with folded hands Rama, Lakshmana and Bharata he reverentially saluted the feet of the priests.
vrm.7.82 Having removed the fear of the three worlds with one shaft, that heroic Raghu, Satrughna younger brother of Lakshmana, holding excellent bow and arrow, appeared like the Sun of thousand rays removing darkness.
vrm.7.85 Thereupon having invited Bharata and Lakshmana, the high souled Rama, having truth for his prowess, speedily went for his city in a huge chariot.
vrm.7.85 The high souled Lakshmana and Bharata followed him on foot for some distance.
vrm.7.86 Having bade adieu unto Satrughna, Rama, the descendant of Raghu, was greatly delighted by governing his subjects piously in the company of Bharata and Lakshmana.
vrm.7.88 Hearing the sweet words of the celestial saint Narada Rama was greatly delighted and addressing Lakshmana said "O gentle one, do thou console that foremost of twice born ones and place the dead body of the boy in a jar full of oil.
vrm.7.88 The highly illustrious Rama, the descendant of Ikshwakus, thus commanded Lakshmana, gifted with auspicious marks, and thought of his car and desired it to come soon.
vrm.7.88 Hearing the sweet words of Pushpaka the king Rama saluted the great ascetics, ascended the car with his burning bow, quiver and dagger and left Bharata and Lakshmana in charge of the city.
vrm.7.95 Thereupon he said to the warder, "Do thou speedily go and having communicated my arival unto Lakshmana and Bharata bring them here.
vrm.7.96 Beholding Bharata and Lakshmana present, Rama embraced them and said "I have, as promised, performed the work of the excellent twice born one.
vrm.7.96 The wise should never undetake all those works which give affliction unto people, O elder brother of Lakshmana, it is proper to take wise counsels even from a boy.
vrm.7.97 After the conversation between Rama and Bharata had been over, Lakshmana, with reasonable words, said to the former
vrm.7.98 Hearing the words of Lakshmana, Rama, the slayer of enemies, said "O thou of firm vows, do thou at length, descibe the destruction of Vritra.
vrm.7.98 Hearing the words of Raghava, Lakshmana, the enhancer of Sumitra s delight, again took up that theme.
vrm.7.99 Having thus described at length and finished the story of Vritra s destruction Lakshmana said The mighty Vritra, the terror of the Devas, being slain, and the slayer Indra, being assailed by the sin of Brahmanicide, was bewildered and at a loss to ascetain his duty.
vrm.7.99 Hearing the charming words of Lakshmana, the energetic and high souled king, Rama, powerful like Indra, was greatly delighted.
vrm.7.100 Hearing the words of Lakshmana and smiling, the highly effulgent descendant of Raghu, Rama, skilled in the art of speech, replied Lakshmana", O foremost of men, thou hast truly related the story of Vritra s destruction and the fruits of horse sacrifice.
vrm.7.100 O Lakshmana, by virtue of this boon, the king Ila for one month used to become a man and for the next used to become a female, charming in the three worlds under the name of Ila.
vrm.7.101 Having heard of the story of the king Ila from Rama, Lakshmana and Bharata were greatly surprised.
vrm.7.102 Having heard of the origin of Kimpurushas, both Bharata and Lakshmana said to Rama "This is a wonderful story.
vrm.7.103 Rama having thus described the wonderful birth of Pururava, the illustrious Bharata and Lakshmana asked him again saying: foemost of men, tell us what did Ila afterwards do after living in the company of Soma s son for a year.
vrm.7.104 Having thus addressed his both brothers, Rama, the descendant of Kakuthstha of unmitigated prowess, again said to Lakshmana, in words pregnant with morality "O Lakshmana, having invited Vasishta, the foremost of twice born ones, conversant with all the rites of Asvamedha, Vamadeva, Javali, and Kashyapa and consulted with them duly I shall set free a horse gifted with all marks.
vrm.7.104 Hearing the words of Rama, Lakshmana, of unmitigated prowess, invited all those Brahmanas and approached Rama.
vrm.7.104 And according to their desire he said to Lakshmana "O thou having long arms, do thou soon send an emissary to the high souled Sugriva, communicating unto him Do thou come here to enjoy festivities in the company of all those highly powerful Vanaras and bears, under thee ;may good betide thee.
vrm.7.104 O Lakshmana, do thou also invite carefully, for witnessing the ceremony, other pious foreign kings who are friendly unto me.
vrm.7.105 Having speedily despatched before all article of sacrifice, Bharata s elder brother Rama set free a black horse, gifted with all marks and worthy of the sacrifice and placed Lakshmana with Ritvikas in charge of it.
vrm.7.105 Lakshmana engaged in looking after the sacrificial horse.
vrm.7.107 Having heard up to Twentieth section, Rama, fond of his brothers, said to Lakshmana in the afternoon, "O Kakutstha, do thou soon confer upon these two high souled ones Eighteen thousand Gold coins and all other things they wish for.
vrm.7.107 Thereupon when Lakshmana addressed himself in no time to give them gold coins separately Kusa and Lava, not accepting them and surprisingly said "We are dewellers of a forest, living upon roots and fruit what shall we do with them coins ?Therefore living in the forest what shall we do with the Gold ?"Hearing the words Rama and the audience were greatly worked up with curiosity and surprise.
vrm.7.115 Hearing the wonderful words of Bharata both Rama and Lakshmana were greatly delighted.
vrm.7.115 And then Rama said to Lakshmana: O Saumitri, thy two sons, Angada and Chandraketu are well versed in religions, perfectly qualified in governing the kingdom and highly powerful.
vrm.7.115 Thereupon greatly delighted Rama, irrepressible in battle, Lakshmana and Bharata, having performed the ceremony of installation ordered them to go to their respective cities.
vrm.7.115 Sumitra s son Lakshmana went with Angada and Bharata accompanied Chandraketu.
vrm.7.115 Having spent a year in Angada s city and finding his son well established in the kingdom Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya.
vrm.7.115 The pious Lakshmana and Bharata both the brothers, were greatly attached unto Rama; and though they spent their days in another place they did not experience any pain in consequence of separation from their sons.
vrm.7.115 Observing all virtues in this way, Rama, the foremost of the pious, Bharata and Lakshmana governed the subjects for ten thousand years.
vrm.7.116 And beholding the intelligent Lakshmana at the door he said: "Do thou communicate unto Rama that for some important business I have come here.
vrm.7.116 Hearing the words of Lakshmana Rama said: Do thou speedily bring here the highly effulgent ascetic bringing in a message.
vrm.7.116 Thereupon Rama promised that it should be done and said to Lakshmana "O thou having long arms, sending away the warder do thou wait at the gate.
vrm.7.116 Having thus placed Lakshmana at the gate Rama said to that Rishi: O great saint, tell me what he has communicated unto thee.
vrm.7.118 While Rama and Kala were thus conversing with one another, the great ascetic Durvasa arrived at the gate for seeing Rama and approaching Lakshmana said: O Saumitri, do thou soon take me to Rama; my time goes away, so do thou take me first.
vrm.7.118 Hearing the words of the ascetic, Lakshmana, the slayer of enemies worshipping the feet of that high souled one, said "O illustrious Sir, kindly mention thy business.
vrm.7.118 Hearing those dreadful and resolute words of the Rishi, Lakshmana thought within himself: My own destruction is far more desirable than that of all.
vrm.7.118 Having thus resolved Lakshmana approached Rama and communicated unto him the intelligence.
vrm.7.118 Heaing the words of Lakshmana and having bade adieu, unto Kala, Rama soon came out and saw Atri s son.
vrm.7.119 Therupon beholding Rama with his head downwards and poorly like unto the moon possessed by Rahu Lakshmana, delightedly and with sweet words, said "Be not aggrieved for me, O thou having mighty arms.
vrm.7.119 Hearing those words of Lakshmana Rama s mind was greatly moved.
vrm.7.119 Thereupon Vasishta, of unmitigated efulgence, said "O highly illustrious and mighty armed Rama, knew before by virtue of my asceticism, of this thy present destruction and separation from Lakshmana.
vrm.7.119 Therefore, O foremost of men, do thou protect, the Universe by sufering separation from Lakshmana, in the interest of the preservation of the three worlds.
vrm.7.119 Thereupon hearing their moral counsels, Rama said to Lakshmana before the assembly "O Lakshmana, it is not proper to act against morality, I do therefore renounce thee ;for the pious hold that destruction and renounciation are all the same.
vrm.7.119 Rama saying this, Lakshmana did not go to his own house, but with eyes full of tears specially repaired therefrom.
vrm.7.119 Lakshmana, the younger brother of Rama, being thus engaged in penances, having obstructed his breath, Apsaras, Indra and other Devas and Rishis showered flowers on him.
vrm.7.119 Thereupon beyond the sight of men, having taken the highly powerful Lakshmana within his body.
vrm.7.119 Thereupon beholding Lakshmana, the fouth portion of Vishnu arived at their city the Devas were greatly delighted and engaged in his worship.
vrm.7.120 Having forsaken Lakshmana and being stricken with sorrow and grief Rama said to his citizens and ministers "Having placed the pious and heroic Bharata on the throne of Ayodhya I shall to day repair to woods.
vrm.7.120 I shall follow the way which has been wended by Lakshmana.
vrm.7.121 Having informed him of the renouncing of Lakshmana, Rama s promise and the following of the citizens they said: The intelligent Rama has reared for Kusi the spacious city of Kusavati at the foot of the Vindhya range.
vrm.7.122 All the female servants, old and young, the damsels of the seraglio accompanied by servants having no manhood, Bharata and Lakshmana accompanied by their wives, followed him with Agnihotra.

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