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vrm.7.120 Heaing Rama s words Bharata was also stupified and speaking ill of the kingdom, said "O King, I swear by truth, that far from kingdom I do not wish to live in heaven even without thee: O King, of these two princes, Kusi and Lava, do thou place Kusi in Kosala and Lava in North Kosala: And let quick moving emissaries go to Satrughna and communicate unto him the intelligence of our going there.
vrm.7.120 Thereupon having gone through his duties he installed Kusi in the kingdom of Kosala and Lava in the nothern country.
vrm.7.120 Having thus installed the high souled and heroic Kusi and Lava and conferred upon each of them thousand chariots, Ayuta Nagas, Ayuta horses and various jewels and riches he established them in their respective kingdoms.
vrm.7.121 Having informed him of the renouncing of Lakshmana, Rama s promise and the following of the citizens they said: The intelligent Rama has reared for Kusi the spacious city of Kusavati at the foot of the Vindhya range.

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