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vrm.1.18 Desirous to have an audience with king Vishvamitra said to the doorkeeper, Let the king be informed quickly that I, the son of Gadhi from the dynasty of Kushi, have come b, a On listening those words all the doorkeepers are dumbfounded, and ushered by those words they quickly rushed to the place of Dasharatha.
vrm.1.20 Thus, by the incongruous talk of Dasharatha, the outstanding Brahman and son of Sage Kushi, namely sage Vishvamitra is overwhelmed with outrageous anger by his mentation, and that fire like glorious sage looked like the ritual fire into which many inflammable oblations are offered, and which is drenched with a lot of clarified butter, whereby it is flaring up its tongues.
vrm.1.21 "Whether Rama is trained in weaponry or not, Rakshasas cannot trounce Rama as long as Kushi s son Vishvamitra protects him, like the heavenly firewall that protects divine nectar.
vrm.1.21 "This son of Kushi, Vishvamitra, can as well control those Rakshasas by himself, but intending to accord beneficence to your son he approached you and imploring upon you.
vrm.1.26 "Upon my father s order, upon my honour to my father s word, and looking upon this as the word of sage Kushi s son, my mentor, this task is definitely to be implemented.
vrm.1.59 Vishvamitra", the son of Kushi, piteously spoke this mellowly sentence to king Trishanku who spoke thus, and who in reality attained a state of profaner.
vrm.1.60 This Vishvamitra is the legatee of Sage Kushi, and indeed he is a saint similar to Ritual fire besides being an extremely furious person.
vrm.1.63 "Then Indra along with all the assemblages of the Maruts spoke to Rambha, the Apsara, words that are advantageous to himself, but disadvantageous to the son of sage Kushi, namely Vishvamitra.

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