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vrm.1.4 Then Lava and Kusha who are in the attire of hermits have touched the feet of that contemplative soul Valmiki, who is now thoughtful.
vrm.1.4 Glorious Kusha and Lava are the virtue knowing princes, and they are endowed with melodious voice, besides being the residents of the same hermitage, thus Valmiki saw them saluting at his feet.
vrm.1.4 embodying the epic is sung by Kusha, Lava.
vrm.1.4 All those saints being the saint patrons of virtue are pleased at heart, and praised the praiseworthy Kusha and Lava, while they are singing.
vrm.1.4 honour worthy bothers, Lava and Kusha, to his palace and honoured them.
vrm.1.4 These two saint like Kusha and Lava, who also possess
vrm.1.32 "Once there was a highly righteous kingly sage who is the brainchild of Brahma, whose ascesis is of higher order, who has never flouted the rules of rituals or his vows, and who revered the knowers of virtue by name Kusha.
vrm.1.32 "That great souled Kusha begot four selfsame and mighty sons, namely Kusumba, Kushanaabha, Asuurtarajasa, or also called Adhuurtarajasa, and Vasu through the princess of Vidarbha, which princess is of noble birth and an eligible wife of Kusha.
vrm.1.32 "With an aspiration that his sons shall uphold the principles of Kshatriya s, Kusha spoke to them who are brilliant, highly enthusiastic, virtue abiding, and the advocators of truth saying, establish your rulership, sons, and achieve righteousness abundantly.
vrm.1.32 b, a "On hearing the words of Kusha those four sons that are the formidable ones in the world and the best men among people initiated to build four cities.
vrm.1.34 During the performance of the ritual, supremely generous Kusha, the brainchild of Brahma and the father of Kushanaabha, spoke to the king Kushanaabha.
vrm.1.34 Thus Kusha said to Kushanaabha.
vrm.1.34 "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha dynasty, that eminently righteous Gaadhi is my father, and since I am born in Kusha dynasty, oh, Raghu s legatee, I got the name Kaushika.
vrm.1.34 "Sublime is this lineage of Kusha dynasty which always dedicated itself to righteousness, and the dynasts of Kusha are the best ones among mankind, and they symbolise with god Brahma himself, thus they are highly reverential.
vrm.1.45 Hearing the words of great souled Raghava, Vishvamitra of Kusha dynasty, started to cross over the River Ganga along with the assemblage of sages, and with both the Raghava s.
vrm.1.46 "The Thousand eyed god Indra made available fire, firewood, water, the sacred Kusha grass, fruits and like that tubers also, and whatever other items she required in her ascetic practise.
vrm.1.51 "There was a king named Kusha, a brainchild of Prajapati, and Kusha s son was the powerful and verily righteous Kushanaabha.
vrm.2.4 "That is why, with self control, you along with your wife should observe fast for this night from now onwards, and sleep on a couch made of Kusha grass.
vrm.2.20 Why this seat for me? Time has come for me to sit on a seat made of Kusha grass.
vrm.2.99 While coming to the hermitage, Bharata saw some signs here and there serving as a proper direction to that hermitage, tufts of Kusha grass and strips of bark tied to the trees by Rama and Lakshmana.
vrm.2.111 "O, charioteer! Spread speedily the Kusha grass on the ground here for me.
vrm.2.111 Seeing Sumantra who was gazing at Rama waiting for his command, the low spirited Bharata, on his own, brought a heap of Kusha grass and spread it on the floor.
vrm.3.15 Lakshmana built a very spacious straw cottage there levelling and raising the clay for raised floor of the cottage, strongly pillared with long bamboos, thereupon on those pillars excellent rafters are made, and the branches of Shamii trees are spread out, twined firmly with twines of jute strands, and with the cross laid bamboos for thatching, and over that blades of Kusha grass and leaves of Kaasha are spread and well over covered for the roof, and thus that very great mighty Lakshmana made that best and very spacious straw cottage with a levelled surface for residence of Raghava in the interests of Raghava alone, and it resulted as a feast to the eye.
vrm.6.19 Having been thus exhorted, Rama then sat on the shore of the ocean covered with blades of Kusha grass, as the God of Fire ascends the altar.
vrm.6.21 Following the scriptural injunction, that Rama who was devoted to his sacred vow, while sleeping on the ground spread with Kusha grass, spent a time of three nights there.
vrm.6.88 The terrific pile of arrows in battle appeared like a mass of sacred Kusha grass by the side of two blazing fires at a sacrifice.
vrm.6.111 Washing himself and offering in his wet clothes, according to scriptural ordinance, sesame seeds mixed with water, as well as blades of Kusha grass and offering obeisance to Ravana by bowing his head, Vibhishana entreated those women to return, consoling them again and again.

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