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vrm.1.34 "Saying so, oh, Rama, Kushanaabha s father Kusa entered the sky and journeyed to the time honoured abode of Brahma.
vrm.2.6 Rama ate the remainder of clarified butter after finishing the sacrifice, which he performed for his own good, silently meditated on Lord Narayana with controlled mind and slept along with Seetha on a properly laid bed of Kusa grass in a splendid temple of Lord Vishnu.
vrm.2.25 "Oh, son with magnificent arms! Protected by your service to father and service to mother as well as truthfulness, you will belong lived" "Oh, Rama, the best among men! May the wooden sticks used for feeding the sacred fire, blades of the sacred Kusa grass and rings of Kusa grass worn on the forth finger on sacrificial occasions sacrificial altars temples and various sites selected by Brahmanas for worship of Gods, mountains, trees, bushes, large and deep pools of water, Birds, snakes and Lions protect you.
vrm.2.37 Then, Seetha who wore silken clothing, by seeing the piece of bark intended to be worne by her, felt alarming as a deer would on seeing a snareset for entrapping Feeling abashed while taking the wearing apparel made of Kusa grass and greatly troubled in mind, Seetha who bore auspicious marks knew what is righteousness who was an illustration of righteousness spoke these words with her eyes filled with tears to her husband who looked like Chitraratha the king of Gandharvas
vrm.2.38 "Oh, Kaikeyi! Seetha does not deserve to go with a robe made of Kusa grass.
vrm.2.44 The goddess of fortune as Sita followed the invincible hero even as he departed for the forest, clad in a garment of the sacred Kusa grass.
vrm.2.56 Rama and Lakshmana along with Seetha, having auspicious characteristics, satisfied the sirits by crowns of flowers obtained in the forest, by fruits roots and cooked meat, by water, by prayers as uttered in the sacred texts Vedas, by sacred grass, by fuel and Kusa grass and then entered the auspicious leaf hut.
vrm.2.87 Lakshmana" then personally brought a layer of Kusa grass and arranged a fittingly nice bed with it for Rama immediately.
vrm.2.88 Here are indeed the blessed marks of his changing sides, in the form of all the blades of Kusa grass, trampled by his limbs on the hard ground.
vrm.2.99 As Bharata was lamenting thus, he beheld in that forest, a splendid and sacred leafy hut, which was covered with many soft leaves of Sala, Tala and Asvakarna trees, overspread with blades of Kusa grass in a sacrificial
vrm.2.103 Rama placed the pulp of the Ingudi tree mixed with the pulp of plums on a mat of Kusa grass and overcome with sadness, weeping, spoke the following words: "O, Great King! Be pleased to partake of this, which we eat for, that which man eats, is also consumed by his Gods.
vrm.5.4 Hanuma saw those who were initiated into various Vedic practices, those who wore matted locks on their head, those who had shaven heads, those who wore cow hides and other clothing, those who were carrying Kusa grass as weapons and also those who had fire vessels as weapons, those who carried hammers and clubs in their hands and also those who had worn staffs as weapons, those who were one eyed, those who had one ear, those who were pot bellied and with hanging breast, those who had horrible appearances, those with twisted mouths, those who were horrific and also short people, those who carried bows and arrows those who carried swords, those who carried pestles and clubs as weapons, those who carried excellent Parighas in their hands, those who shone with strange armour, those who were not very fat, those who were not too thin, those who were neither tall nor short, those who were not very fair, those who were not very dark, those who were not very hunchbacked, those who were not very short, those who had great brilliance, those who carried banners, those who carried flags and those who carried different weapons.
vrm.5.38 "Taking a blade of Kusa grass from his bed made of Kusa grass, Rama employed it to work with Brahmastra missile.
vrm.5.38 "As Rama threw that blazing blade of Kusa grass towards that crow, that blade of grass went chasing that crow in the sky.
vrm.5.38 Then that blade of Kusa grass shooted the right eye of that crow.
vrm.6.11 Touching the feet of the king and greeted in turn by the king, some sat down on seats, some others on mats of Kusa grass and others on the ground.
vrm.7.1 And having, according to their rank, seated themselves on gorgeous and superb seals of Kusa or deer skins embroidered with gold, those foremost of sages those mighty saints,versed in the Vedas, along with their disciples and leaders,having previously been asked as to their welfare, addressed Rama,saying, "O son of Raghu.
vrm.7.79 Thereupon taking Kusa the upper part of the grass and Lava the lower part the great ascetic Valmiki made those arrangements.
vrm.7.79 And giving Kusa sanctified by Mantras unto the hands of elderly women he said, "do ye rub the person of the elder boy with these and giving them Lava he said "do ye rub the person of the younger brother with this.
vrm.7.79 And according to this I shall name the first Son Kusa and the second Lava ;and by those names they shall be celebrated on earth.
vrm.7.79 Thereupon reverentially taking from the hands of Valmiki and Kusa Lava, the means of protection, the elderly ladies engaged in guarding them.
vrm.7.106 Thereupon Valmiki said to his desciples, Lava and Kusa.
vrm.7.106 O Kusa and Lava, in your proper mood do you sing this sweet song with charming Murchana accompanied by the sweet notes of Vina.
vrm.7.106 Being thus commanded by the ascetic, Janakis sons, Lava and Kusa, the slayers of enemies, issued out therefrom saying.
vrm.7.107 Thereupon the night being over, having bathed and performed the Homa, both Lava and Kusa, in consonance with Rishi s command, began the song.
vrm.7.107 Thereupon taking leave from business for some time and inviting the great ascetic Valmiki, kings, learned men, persons well versed in Nyaya, Puranas and science of words, all old men, twice born ones, those conversant with the signs of music, Brahmanas desirous of hearing the Ramayana, persons deep read in palmistry, Gandharvas, citizens, all those who have mastered the use of words, letters and Samasas, those who have studied well metres, those well informed in the science of music, those well versed in astronomy, those who are well up in the knowledge of rites and ceremonies, those expert in the despatch of business, logicians whose fame has spread far and wide, those well versed in reasonings and arguments, poets, historians, Vedic Brahmanas, painters, and songsters Rama resquested Lava and Kusa lovingly to sing the song before the assembly.
vrm.7.107 The citizens and villagers speaking thus with one another Kusa and Lava chanted Twenty sections beginning from the first, pointed out by Narada.
vrm.7.107 Thereupon when Lakshmana addressed himself in no time to give them gold coins separately Kusa and Lava, not accepting them and surprisingly said "We are dewellers of a forest, living upon roots and fruit what shall we do with them coins ?Therefore living in the forest what shall we do with the Gold ?"Hearing the words Rama and the audience were greatly worked up with curiosity and surprise.
vrm.7.107 He heard the Ramayana sung by Kusa and Lava, gifted with musical characteristics, consisting of sections, vowels, and consonant and enchanted in accompaniment with the music of a stringed instrument.
vrm.7.108 And understanding from the story that Kusa and Lava were Janaki s sons, Rama mentioning her name said before the assembly "Send a good emissary unto the illustious Valmiki and let him communicate unto the ascetics that if Janaki is sinless and has lead pure life in the forest; let her give proof of purety by the great ascetic s permission.
vrm.7.110 I know that these twin brothers Kusa and Lava are my sons.
vrm.7.111 Having thus settled and taken with him Kusa and Lava and sent away the assembled people he entered his palace and spent the night mourning for Sita.
vrm.7.112 Thereupon the high souled Rishis having taken their seats Kusa and Lava began the last portion of the Uttarakandam.

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