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vrm.2.68 Having crossed Ganga River at Hastinapura, they proceeded towards west and, reaching Panchala kingdom through Kuru Jangala and observing well filled lakes and rivers with clear water, the aforesaid messengers went briskly, due to the pressing nature of their mission.
vrm.2.91 "Let that beautiful garden in the region of northern Kuru, presided over by Kubera always with its leaves which serve as raiment and ornaments, with its fruits in the form of heavenly damsels appear in this place.
vrm.2.91 A forest of divine enjoyments from the territory of northern Kuru s along with a river shaped with various trees on its bank appeared there.
vrm.4.43 "There in the north, the provinces of Mleccha s, Pulinda s, that way Shurashena Prasthala Bharata Kuru Madraka Kaamboja Yavana shall be scrutinized along with the cities of Shaka and Darada, and then search in Himalayas.
vrm.4.43 a "Then there is the North Kuru, the dwelling of those who have achieved divine merit in their previous births and now born in that country to enjoy the fruits of that divine merit, thus that country itself is earmarked for meritorious beings.
vrm.4.43 "On passing beyond that mountain in Uttara Kuru, there is a treasure trove of waters, namely vast of Northern Ocean, in the mid of which there is gigantic golden mountain named Mountain Soma.
vrm.4.43 "Under any circumstances you shall not go to the north of Kuru province as there is no other way out to follow, even for other beings like Daitya, Danava, Yaksha, Gandharva s, though they possess some extraordinary capabilities.

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