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vrm.7.5 O mighty king, do thou, gradually, know the offspring that were begot by Sumali on Ketumati, Prahasta, and Kampana, and Vikata, and Kalikamukha, and Dhumraksha, and Danda, and the redoubtable Suparswa, and Sanhradi, and Praghasa, and the Rakshasa, Bhasakarna, and Raka, and Pushpotkata, and Kaikasi of luminous smiles, and Kumbhinasi these are known as the offspring of Sumali.
vrm.7.30 Having slain their kinsmen thou hast brought these beautiful damsels hither, but disregarding thee, O king, Madhu hath carried away Kumbhinasi.
vrm.7.30 His grand daughter is Kumbhinasi and is born of our maternal aunt Anala ;so she is virtually our sister.
vrm.7.30 Thereupon being afraid of the king of Rakshasas, Kumbhinasi, with folded palms, touched his feet with her crown.
vrm.7.74 His beloved wife the exalted and majestic Kumbhinasi is the offspring of Viswavasu by Anala.

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