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vrm.7.2 Hearing those words of his, the exceedingly energetic Kumbhayoni spoke as follows, "Having regard to his Indrajit s energy and might, I shall relate unto thee the history of his race, in the light of which thou wilt perceive why Ravana s son had been capable of slaying his enemies, but could not himself be slain by them.
vrm.7.89 Thereupon the highly effulgent and leading ascetic Kumbhayoni said: "O Raghava, I have been greatly delighted with thy coming.
vrm.7.89 And having taken that excellent ornament, Dasarathi asked the great saint Kumbhayoni, saying "Whence hast thou obtained this celestial ornament of a wondrous make ?Who hast given thee this ?O Brahman, I do accost thee thus out of cuiosity.
vrm.7.92 Hearing the wondrous words of the great saint Kumbhayoni, Rama, out of great curiousity and impotance of the subject, again asked him, saying "O Brahman, why was that dense forest, in which the king Sweta used to perform hard penances, divested of birds and animals? And how did he proceed to that forest devoid of men and animals for undergoing penances? I wish to hear the truth.

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