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vrm.1.3 Destruction of Kumbhakarna, another brother of Ravana, and the elimination of Meghanada, the valiant fighter and son of Ravana, and the annihilation of Ravana, and also retrieval of Seetha in enemy s city, which is a kind of disgrace to Rama and a successive event follows thereon, all these are narrated in the epic.
vrm.3.17 "And the mighty Kumbhakarna who will always be in profound sleep is my brother, and the virtue souled Vibhishana too is my brother, but he does not behave like a Rakshasa, and two more bothers of mine are Khara and Duushana who are renowned for their bravery in war.
vrm.5.6 Thereafter the great Hanuma leapt for the house of Kumbhakarna which resembled a cloud and in the same way for the house of Vibhishana.
vrm.5.27 "In that dream the Rakshasa Kumbhakarna has been seen thus by me.
vrm.5.27 Ravana" by a Pig, Indrajit by a Porpoise, Kumbhakarna by a Camel set out in southern direction.
vrm.5.27 "All these best among Rakshasas such as Kumbhakarna and others taking a red cloth entered a hole filled with cow dung.
vrm.5.54 Leaving the house of Vibhishana, Hanuma of great splendour, went successively to the houses of Rashmiketu, Surya shatru, Hrasvakarna, Damshtra, Romasha the Rakshasa, Yuddhonmatta, Matta, Dhvajagreeva the Rakshasa, the terrific Vidyujjihva, Hastimukha, Karala, Pishacha, Shonitaksha, Kumbhakarna, Makaraksha, Yajnashatru, Brahmashatru, Narantaka, Kumbha as also the evil minded Nikumbha and burnt the houses.
vrm.6.12 But I could not inform this matter earlier to Kumbhakarna because of his sleep.
vrm.6.12 "This most powerful Kumbhakarna, the chief among all the wielders of weapons, was indeed sleeping for the last six months and now, he woke up.
vrm.6.12 Hearing the lamentation of Ravana who was captivated by lust, Kumbhakarna became angry and spoke the following words: "You should have contemplated thoroughly that very moment when Seetha was brought here forcibly only after a single impulsive thought from the hermitage of Rama, who was accompanied by Lakshmana, even like the river Yamuna fills the depression at its source the moment it descends on earth.
vrm.6.13 Kumbhakarna and Indrajit of great might together with us are capable of keeping off even Devendra, wielding the weapon of a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.14 Hearing the words of Ravana the king of Rakshasas and the growls of Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana spoke the following friendly and meaningful words to Ravana the foremost king of Rakshasas: By whom, O, king, has been wrapped around your neck, this great serpent of gigantic body called Sita, with heap of expended hoods as her bosom, having poison as her anxiety and with sharp fangs as her sweet smile and with five hoods as her five fingers.
vrm.6.14 O, king! Either Kumbhakarna or Indrajit and either Mahaparshva or Mahodara and either Nikumbha or Kumbha or even Atikaya cannot withstand Rama in battle.
vrm.6.14 When such is the case, how can we have fear from Rama, the son of a human king at any time in battle? Vibhishana who desired the welfare of the king and who possessed a stable mind in virtue wealth and pleasure, after hearing the inimical words of Prahasta, spoke highly meaningful words as follows: O, Prahasta! The series of actions king or Mahodara as also yourself and Kumbhakarna propose to take against Rama are impossible of being accomplished, any more than going to heaven by wicked minded persons.
vrm.6.14 Ravana or Triseersha, with great strength or Nikumbha the son of Kumbhakarna or Indrajit or yourself are not capable to withstand Rama, who is equal in strength to Indra, in battle.
vrm.6.19 Kumbhakarna, my elder brother born after Ravana, who is valiant and highly powerful, has enough strength to fight against Indra in battle.
vrm.6.57 "Either myself or Kumbhakarna or yourself my army chief or Indrajit or Nikumbha and none else could undertake such a task!" "For that reason, taking a company of warriors, you quickly place yourself in their midst and set forth in order to triumph over all those Vanaras.
vrm.6.60 "Awaken that Kumbhakarna, who is without equal in prowess, who humbles the pride of the Devas and Danavas, and on whom the curse of Brahma rests.
vrm.6.60 Rouse Kumbhakarna who is slumbering soundly.
vrm.6.60 Kumbhakarna" is sleeping happily, his understanding vitiated by lust and free from all anxieties.
vrm.6.60 Awaken quickly that mighty Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.60 "The mighty armed Kumbhakarna, the foremost of all Rakshasas will kill the Vanaras and the two princes at once in the battle.
vrm.6.60 "This Kumbhakarna, the chief among all the Rakshasas and a great mark in the battle, being fond of a rustic comfort, is always sleeping stupidly.
vrm.6.60 "If Kumbhakarna is awaken, there will be no worry for me, who stand defeated by Rama in this highly terrific battle.
vrm.6.60 Hearing those words of Ravana, those Rakshasas very briskly went to the abode of Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.60 Entering the beautiful cave of Kumbhakarna, with a large door, having an area of a Yojana on all sides and bearing a floral perfume, the Rakshasas of mighty strength, though shaken off by Kumbhakarna s breaths, remained stable forcefully with difficulty and went into the cave.
vrm.6.60 Entering that beautiful cave inlaid with diamonds and gold, those Tigers among Rakshasas beheld Kumbhakarna, of terrific prowess, who was sleeping.
vrm.6.60 They together tried to awaken Kumbhakarna who was sleeping nastily like a spread out mountain in a great slumber.
vrm.6.60 His limbs covered with down which stood on end, breathing like a serpent, as he slept, Kumbhakarna of irresistible valour emitted dreadful snores, his nostrils being horrible, and his mouth a gaping hell.
vrm.6.60 Stretched to his full length on the earth, he gave forth an odour of marrow and blood, his limbs were adorned with golden armlets and he wore a diadem as bright as the sun, thus did that lion among Rakshasas, Kumbhakarna, the slayer of his foes, appear! Then, those powerful Rakshasas, in order to satisfy him, placed a heap of venison as high as Mount Meru, in front of Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.60 Then, the Rakshasas placed pots of blood and various kinds of meat in front of Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.60 They rubbed Kumbhakarna the scourge of his foes with the most rare sandalwood and refreshed him with celestial and fragrant garlands as well as sweet smelling perfumes.
vrm.6.60 Those Rakshasas made sounds by clapping their hands, in order to awaken Kumbhakarna and shook him too, creating a great clamour.
vrm.6.60 As the illustrious Kumbhakarna did not waken from his slumber despite those great sounds, all troops of Rakshasas seized hold of bars, pestles and maces towards him.
vrm.6.60 Then, the cruel Rakshasas struck that sleeping Kumbhakarna on his chest with mountain tops, pestles, maces, hammers and their fists.
vrm.6.60 Even with all their strength, the Rakshasas could not stand upright before the breathing winds of Kumbhakarna, the Rakshasa.
vrm.6.60 Some poured hundreds of pitchers of water into his ears but Kumbhakarna, plunged in deep sleep, did not stir.
vrm.6.60 A thousand Elephants ran up and down on his body till Kumbhakarna lightly woke up and became aware of the pressure.
vrm.6.60 Being insensible to those violent blows of crags and trees hurled upon him, but under the prompting of extreme hunger, Kumbhakarna suddenly sprang up from sleep, yawning due to loss of sleep.
vrm.6.60 That figure of Kumbhakarna, rising up, stood out resembling Time at the dissolution of the world, prepared to devour all beings.
vrm.6.60 The mighty Kumbhakarna devoured them.
vrm.6.60 Then, the hungry Kumbhakarna, the enemy of Indra, ate the meat and being thirsty drank the blood and gulped pitchers full of fat and wine.
vrm.6.60 Thereupon, knowing that Kumbhakarna was gratified of his hunger, the Rakshasas approached him, saluting him with their heads bent and surrounded him on all sides.
vrm.6.60 Yupaksha, a minister of the King, with his hands joined salutation, spoke as follows to Kumbhakarna, the annihilator of his enemies, thus talking excitedly.
vrm.6.60 Hearing about the humiliation of his brother in the battle through the words of Yupaksha, Kumbhakarna rolling his great eyes, spoke to Yupaksha as follows:
vrm.6.60 Hearing the words of Mahodara, the might Kumbhakarna of great valour prepared to depart, surrounded by Rakshasas.
vrm.6.60 The Rakshasas, having awaken that sleeping Kumbhakarna of dreadful eyes, form and valour, went to the King s palace in haste.
vrm.6.60 "O, Lord of Rakshasas! Kumbhakarna, your brother, has wakened.
vrm.6.60 Uttering "Be it so", all those Rakshasas as commanded by Ravana, returned to Kumbhakarna and spoke the following words:
vrm.6.60 Go and gratify your brother!" Hearing his brother s wish, Kumbhakarna the inviolable Rakshasa of great prowess, uttering "so be it", leapt up from his couch.
vrm.6.60 Thereupon, those Rakshasas brought him quickly the wine and various kinds of eatable there, in their hurry to take Kumbhakarna with them as per Ravana s commands.
vrm.6.60 Having drunk two thousand pitchers, Kumbhakarna prepared to set out and slightly inebriated and flushed, he was exhilarated and filled with energy.
vrm.6.60 The fuming Kumbhakarna, going to his brother s palace along with the army of Rakshasas, appeared like Yama the Lord of Death at the end of all destroying Time.
vrm.6.61 Having taken his bow, Rama of great brilliance and prowess, then beheld the bulky Kumbhakarna, adorned with a diadem.
vrm.6.61 Thus asked by Rama the prince, who was unweary in action, the highly intelligent Vibhishana replied to Rama as follows: "He is the powerful Kumbhakarna, the son of Visravasa.
vrm.6.61 "Seeing the mighty Kumbhakarna with ghastly eyes and a spear in hand, the Devas were not able to kill him, having confused to think that he was Yama.
vrm.6.61 "This Kumbhakarna, by his very nature, is energetic and mighty.
vrm.6.61 That Mahendra wielding a thunder bolt was enraged and struck Kumbhakarna with his weapon of the white thunderbolt.
vrm.6.61 The great souled Kumbhakarna struck by Indra s thunderbolt was quite agitatated at it and roared loudly with anger.
vrm.6.61 "Hearing the roar of that Kumbhakarna, the Rakshasa, wh was howling loudly, the grigthened people were further frightened.
vrm.6.61 "Enraged as he was on Mahendra, the mighty Kumbhakarna then pulled out a tusk of Airavata, Indra s Elephant and struck it into Indra s chest.
vrm.6.61 "That Devendra, tormented by the hit of Kumbhakarna, was burning with rage.
vrm.6.61 "They informed about the evil mind of Kumbhakarna to Brahma, how he devoured the living creatures, his assault on Devas, the destroyal of hermitages and his taking away of others wives.
vrm.6.61 "On hearing the words of Indra, Brahma, the great grandfather of the entire world, called for the Rakshasas and saw Kumbhakarna too along with them.
vrm.6.61 "Just on seeing Kumbhakarna even Brahma was frightened.
vrm.6.61 Thereafter on restoring his confidence, Brahma cursed Kumbhakarna as follows: "It is sure that you were created by visravasa for the destroyal of people.
vrm.6.61 "Humbled by Brahma s curse, Kumbhakarna then fell down in front of Ravana.
vrm.6.61 Ravana", the king of Rakshasas, who got into an evil plight and frightened as he was in seeing your prowess, now got Kumbhakarna awakened.
vrm.6.61 "This Kumbhakarna the male Rakshasa with a terrific prowess started his tent.
vrm.6.61 The highly enraged Kumbhakarna devourincg the Vanaras on is way, is running towards us.
vrm.6.61 "Even on merely seeing Kumbhakarna, the Vanaras have now fled away.
vrm.6.62 That Kumbhakarna of great prowess and the foremost, having full of intoxicating drowsiness, marched along the king s highway, full of royal dignity.
vrm.6.62 Then, that Kumbhakarna, who was very difficult to be conquered, accompanied by thousands of Rakshasas, sallied forth, covered with a shower of flowers from the houses lining the way.
vrm.6.62 Entering Ravana s palace, like the sun entering a mass of clouds, Kumbhakarna then saw from of distance his brother seated on a throne, as Indra saw Brahma perched on his seat.
vrm.6.62 While going to his brother s palace, that Kumbhakarna, accompanied by troops of Rakshasas, caused the earth to shake with his stamping strides.
vrm.6.62 Reaching his brother s house and entering the inner apartment, Kumbhakarna saw his worried brother sitting in Pushpaka, a self moving aerial car.
vrm.6.62 On seeing Kumbhakarna who arrived there, Ravana then quickly rose up from his seat, delighted and brought him nearer to his side.
vrm.6.62 Then, the mighty Kumbhakarna having offered salutation to the feet of his brother sitting on a sofa, asked him, "What is to be done?" Rising up from his seat, Ravana embraced him.
vrm.6.62 That Kumbhakarna, who was thus embraced and made happy by his brother, occupied an auspicious, charming and excellent seat.
vrm.6.62 Resting on that seat, the mighty Kumbhakarna, with his blood shot eyes in anger, spoke to Ravana as follows:
vrm.6.62 Ravana, with his eyes rolling with annoyance, spoke to Kumbhakarna, his brother, who was there with anger as follows: "O mighty Kumbhakarna! You slept for a long period.
vrm.6.62 "O mighty Kumbhakarna! Such a danger has arisen.
vrm.6.62 "O the great armed Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.62 "O Kumbhakarna of terrible prowess! Therefore, show your entire prowess.
vrm.6.62 "O Kumbhakarna, delighting in war and feeling affection for relatives! Perform this excellent act, which is dear and beneficial to me, as per your liking.
vrm.6.63 Hearing the lamentation of Ravana, Kumbhakarna laughed at a full volume and spoke as follows:
vrm.6.63 On hearing those words of Kumbhakarna, Ravana, on his part, twisted his eye brows in anger and spoke the following words:
vrm.6.63 Thereupon, hearing those deeply harsh words spoken by Ravana and understanding that he is quite enraged, Kumbhakarna spoke slowly and smoothly.
vrm.6.63 Observing that his brother is highly perturbed and excited of his senses, Kumbhakarna, while consoling him, gently spoke the following words: "O king, the annihilator of adversaries! Listen to my words attentively.
vrm.6.63 "Let all the living beings, being devoured from all sides see today the prowess of Kumbhakarna, who slept for a long time.
vrm.6.64 Hearing those words spoken by the mighty Kumbhakarna of colossal body and large arms, Mahodara spoke as follows: "O Kumbhakarna! Though born in a good race, you are audacious, having the perception of an ordinary man as also arrogant.
vrm.6.64 "O Kumbhakarna! It is not that the king does not know about the prudent and the imprudent conducts.
vrm.6.64 "Having lost his advantage, who would feel inclined to reduce to submission, an enemy, who is rich in advantage and determined to lay down his life, as an ordinary person?" "O Kumbhakarna, the foremost among the Rakshasas! How do you wish to combat with Rama, with whom none in the human beings is equal and who is equal of Indra and the sun?" Having thus spoken to the enraged Kumbhakarna, Mahodara on his part spoke as follows, in the midst of Rakshasas, to Ravana, who made the people cry.
vrm.6.64 "Announce by a beat of drum in the city streets that myself, Dvijihva, Samhraadi, Kumbhakarna and Vitardana these five Rakshasas are setting out for the battle to kill Rama.
vrm.6.65 Hearing the words of Mahodara, Kumbhakarna rebuked him and then spoke to his brother, Ravana, the chief of Rakshasas as follows: "By annihilation of that evil minded Rama, I will wipe off your terrifc fear today.
vrm.6.65 Hearing the words of the intellectual Kumbhakarna, Ravana the king of Rakshasas, bursting into laughter, replied as follows: "O dear brother, well versed in the art of war fare! This Mahodara is frightened of Rama.
vrm.6.65 "O Kumbhakarna! None is equal to you in friendship and strength, in my eyes.
vrm.6.65 Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, having a great energy, thus speaking to the mighty Kumbhakarna, thought himself as though he was born again.
vrm.6.65 The king, knowing the strength and prowess of Kumbhakarna, was delighted and became as bright as the moon.
vrm.6.65 Kumbhakarna, the annihilator of enemies, speedily took up a sharp spike fully made of iron, adorned with pure gold and splendidly shining.
vrm.6.65 Taking hold of that large spike tinted with the blood of enemies, shining like Indra s thunderbolt and equally heavy, capable of tormenting Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Yakshas and Nagas, wreathed in garlands of crimson flowers with excessive splendour and emitting flames by itself naturally, Kumbhakarna of great brilliance spoke to Ravana the following words: "Let this large army stay back here.
vrm.6.65 Hearing the words of Kumbhakarna, Ravana said, "Go along with army, with their spikes and hammers in hand.
vrm.6.65 Rising up swiftly from his throne, Ravana endowed with a great energy, then placed around the neck of Kumbhakarna, a necklace studded with a course of jewels.
vrm.6.65 Ravana placed on the person of Kumbhakarna, armlets, rings, excellent jewellery and a handsome chain.
vrm.6.65 Kumbhakarna with large ears, adorned with golden armlets and bracelets worn on his upper arms along with ornament for his breast, shone like fire, well fed with oblations.
vrm.6.65 Secured with a golden armour, carrying a great load, impenetrable by weapons and as if blazing with its own splendour with flashing like lightning, Kumbhakarna shone as a king of Mountains, enveloped by clouds at sunset.
vrm.6.65 Embracing his brother and even circumambulating him, the mighty Kumbhakarna sallied forth, after offering salutation to him by bowing down to him respectfully.
vrm.6.65 Ravana sent off the mighty Kumbhakarna, having a colossal body, who was then sallying forth, with a great sound of drums and musical instruments and with laudable benedictions.
vrm.6.65 Those Rakshasas followed that terrific and mighty Kumbhakarna, mounting on serpents, Camels, Donkeys, Lions, Elephants, wild beasts and Birds.
vrm.6.65 That Kumbhakarna, the enemy of Devas and Danavas, wielding a sharp spike in his hand, while sallying forth, over whose head a Parasol was held and drink and intoxicated by the smell of blood.
vrm.6.65 Then, that Kumbhakarna, of a great splendour and a great strength, assuming another body of a formidable and terrific form, with a breadth of a hundred bows and six hundred bows in height, with his eyes resembling the wheels of a cart, looking like a huge mountain and terrible to look at, sallied forth.
vrm.6.65 Kumbhakarna with his colossal body and a huge mouth, looking like a scorched hill, approaching the Rakshasas and laughing loudly, spoke as follows: "Charged with anger, I shall burn up those troops of the foremost of Vanaras, in lots today, as a flash of fire would burn up the moths.
vrm.6.65 While Kumbhakarna was speaking in that way, the Rakshasas made a very terrific noise, as though they were agitating the ocean.
vrm.6.65 As that intelligent Kumbhakarna was sallying forth quickly for the battle, omens of terrific patterns appeared on all sides.
vrm.6.65 A vulture descended on the spike of Kumbhakarna, as he was sallying forth along the road.
vrm.6.65 Disregarding those great portents indicated, causing the hair to stand erect, Kumbhakarna on his part marched on, driven by the power of fate.
vrm.6.65 Kumbhakarna, looking like a mountain, traversing the rampart with his feet alone, saw a wonderful army of Vanaras, looking similar to a thick coverage of clouds.
vrm.6.65 Seeing that Kumbhakarna, the excellent among Rakshasas, looking equal to a mountain, the Vanaras then ran away to all directions, as clouds are driven away by the wind.
vrm.6.65 Looking towards that highly fierce army of Vanaras, running away to different quarters, as a net work of broken clouds, that Kumbhakarna with the hue of a black cloud, highly rejoiced, repeatedly emitted a roar like thunder.
vrm.6.65 Wielding a large iron rod for the destroyable of the enemies, that gigantic Kumbhakarna looked like Yama the lord of death armed with a rod of punishment, waiting upon him as his attendant at the time of dissolution of the world and caused a great terrific fear to the troops of Vanaras.
vrm.6.66 That mighty Kumbhakarna, with his colossal body resembling the peak of a mountain, having crossed the rampart, sallied forth from the city.
vrm.6.66 Kumbhakarna emitted a roar, making the sea to reverberate, causing the mountains to quake and drowning the thunder claps, as it were.
vrm.6.66 Like Elephants in rut, those Vanaras, having came back, hurriedly hit Kumbhakarna, very much enraged as they were.
vrm.6.66 The mighty Kumbhakarna, though assaulted with lofty mountain tops, rocks and trees with blossoms at their ends, stood unshaken.
vrm.6.66 Kumbhakarna too, very much enraged, crushed the ranks of Vanaras though they were greatly energetic, with his extreme exertion even as a rising fire would consume the woods.
vrm.6.66 "Coming face to face with Rama, Kumbhakarna will not go back alive, any more than a moth meeting a blazing fire.
vrm.6.66 "For us, it is enough of this terrific battle with Kumbhakarna, the Rakshasa.
vrm.6.66 Seeing that terrific Kumbhakarna coming with his dreadful eyes, all those commanders of Vanara troops, speaking words only thus far, scattered in all directions.
vrm.6.67 Lifting up trees and very large mountain rocks, the large bodied Vanaras thereupon briskly ran towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 The mighty and valiant Kumbhakarna, who got very much enraged, lifting a mace and frightening his enemies, diffused them on all sides.
vrm.6.67 Seven hundred, eight hundred and thousands of Vanaras struck by Kumbhakarna, lay scattered on the ground.
vrm.6.67 That highly enraged Kumbhakarna, putting in his mount, as many as sixteen or eight or ten or even twenty or thirty Vanaras by his hands and devouring them like.
vrm.6.67 Pulling out a mountain and looking like a hanging cloud, Dvivida the foremost among the Vanaras, ran towards Kumbhakarna, who resembled a mountain peak.
vrm.6.67 Dvivida, springing up, hurled that mountain towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Even without reaching the colossal bodied Kumbhakarna, it however fell on his army.
vrm.6.67 Staying in the sky, Hanuma showered mountain tops, rocks and various types of trees on Kumbhakarna s head.
vrm.6.67 The mighty Kumbhakarna broken those mountain tops and shattered the torrent of trees with his spike.
vrm.6.67 Then, taking the dreadful spike in his hand, Kumbhakarna ran towards that terrific army of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Taking a mountain peak in his hands, Hanuma stood in front of the approaching Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 The enraged Hanuma struck with violence Kumbhakarna, who was endowed with a magnificent body and looking like the most elevated mountain.
vrm.6.67 Thus attacked by Hanuma, Kumbhakarna was stumbled with a sprinkling of blood and with his limbs succulent with flesh.
vrm.6.67 Holding firmly the spike, which was bright as lightning and looking like a blazing mountain peak, Kumbhakarna struck Hanuma on his chest, as Guha skanda, the son of shiva struck Krauncha mountain with his powerful javelin.
vrm.6.67 Thereupon, cheering up the army and stopping them, the mighty Neela then hurled a mountain top on the intellectual Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Seeing that mountain top befalling on him, Kumbhakarna then struck it with his fist.
vrm.6.67 Rishabha, Sharabha, Neela, Gavaksha and Gandhamadana marched ahead quickly towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Those five mighty Vanaras struck the large bodied Kumbhakarna from all sides, with crags, trees, palms of their hands, feet and fists in battle.
vrm.6.67 Perceiving those blows merely as the senses of touch, Kumbhakarna was not at all perturbed.
vrm.6.67 Squeezed by Kumbhakarna s arms, the awful Rishabha, the foremost among the Vanaras, fell down with blood coming out of his mouth.
vrm.6.67 Then, in battle, the enraged Kumbhakarna, the enemy of Indra, beating Sharabha with his fist and Neela with his knee, struck Gavaksha with a palm of his hand and struck Gandhamadana violently with his feet.
vrm.6.67 Perturbed by the blows given by Kumbhakarna, those Vanaras being moistened with blood, were bewildered and fell down on the ground, like chopped off Kimsuka trees.
vrm.6.67 Seeing those mighty chief commanders of Vanaras falling down on the ground, thousands of Vanaras ran towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 All those champions of Vanaras, looking like mountains, jumping up on Kumbhakarna who was looking like a mountain, ascended him and bit him with their teeth.
vrm.6.67 Those mighty armed excellent Vanaras encountered that Kumbhakarna with their nails, teeth, fists and arms.
vrm.6.67 Seizing all the Vanaras with his arms, that mighty Kumbhakarna devoured them like an enraged Garuda devouring the serpents.
vrm.6.67 Hurled by Kumbhakarna in his mouth which was looking like a hole in the earth, the Vanaras again came out from his nostrils and ears.
vrm.6.67 Kumbhakarna, the best among the Rakshasas, looking like a mountain, was very much enraged and mutilated the Vanaras angrily, before devouring them.
vrm.6.67 Wielding a spike in his hand in the battle front, the mighty Kumbhakarna shone like Indra wielding a thunderbolt in his hand and like Yama wielding a noose in his hand.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna scorched away that army of Vanaras in the same way as the fire scorches away the dried up forests in summer.
vrm.6.67 Those Vanaras, without a commander, having their troops killed and terrified with fear they were being destroyed by Kumbhakarna, roared with rebellious voices.
vrm.6.67 While Kumbhakarna was destroying them in many ways, the agitated Vanaras sought refuge in Rama, with their distressed minds.
vrm.6.67 Seeing the Vanaras defeated in that great battle, Angada the son of Indra, ran rapidly towards Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Taking a large mountain top, Angada, roaring repeatedly and frightening all the Rakshasas following Kumbhakarna s heels, hurled the mountain top on Kumbhakarna s head.
vrm.6.67 Struck on the head with that mountain, that Kumbhakarna, Indra s adversary, with a great rage, was excited and then ran rapidly towards the wrathful Angada.
vrm.6.67 Frightening all the Vanaras with his great roar, the mighty Kumbhakarna hurled his spike at Angada with anger.
vrm.6.67 Jumping up Angada struck on Kumbhakarna s chest, with the palm of his hand.
vrm.6.67 Thus beaten with anger by him, Kumbhakarna resembling a mountain, became giddy.
vrm.6.67 When that Angada the foremost among the Vanaras fell down unconscious on the ground, Kumbhakarna ran towards Sugreeva, taking that spike in his hand.
vrm.6.67 Then, seeing the mighty Kumbhakarna coming suddenly towards him, the valiant Sugreeva, the king of the Vanaras, sprang up all at once.
vrm.6.67 Uplifting and tightly holding a mountain top, the mighty Sugreeva ran towards the sturdy Kumbhakarna with speed.
vrm.6.67 Seeing that Sugreeva coming rapidly towards him, Kumbhakarna, with all his limbs braced, stood facing the king of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Seeing Kumbhakarna who stood devouring the Vanaras and with his body smeared with the blood of the Vanaras, Sugreeva spoke as follows:
vrm.6.67 Hearing those words, endowed with strength and courage, spoken by Sugreeva, Kumbhakarna, the foremost of Rakshasas, spoke the following words:
vrm.6.67 Why do you roar?" Hearing the words of Kumbhakarna, Sugreeva, firmly holding the mountain, hurled it quickly on him.
vrm.6.67 He struck Kumbhakarna s chest by that mountain, which was as strong enough as Indra s thunderbolt.
vrm.6.67 Struck by the mountain top, that Kumbhakarna was enraged and roared with his mouth wide open with anger.
vrm.6.67 Hanuma, jumping up and holding with his arms that sharp spike, furnished with golden wreaths, and propelled by Kumbhakarna s arms, wreaths, and smashed it rapidly.
vrm.6.67 Then, the frightened Kumbhakarna became down cast.
vrm.6.67 Seeing that spike broken in that way, that mighty Kumbhakarna was enraged.
vrm.6.67 Seizing hold of that Sugreeva having wonderful and terrific prowess in battle, that Kumbhakarna took him away, as an impetuous wind takes away a cloud.
vrm.6.67 Lifting up Sugreeva appearing like a huge cloud in the battle field and marching forward, Kumbhakarna shone like Mount Meru, distinguished by its very high and formidable peak.
vrm.6.67 Then, being praised in the battle field by the Rakshasas for having seized hold of Sugreeva and hearing the sounds of the Devas who were wondering at the seizure of Sugreeva, Kumbhakarna the valiant chief of Rakshasas, sallied forth.
vrm.6.67 While taking away that Sugreeva looking like Indra, Kumbhakarna the adversary of Indra and having the prowess of Indra, thought, "If he is killed, all this army including Rama gets destroyed.
vrm.6.67 Seeing the army of Vanaras running away hither and thither and Sugreeva the Vanara even being taken away by Kumbhakarna, the intellectual Hanuma, the son of Vayu thought as follows: "While Sugreeva is being taken away in this way, what is to be done by me? I shall certainly do that which is justifiable to be done by me.
vrm.6.67 Growing to the size of a mountain, I shall destroy this Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 "Let all the Vanaras be delighted while Sugreeva the king of Vanaras is liberated and the mighty Kumbhakarna, with his body crumbled by the blows of my fists, killed by me in battle.
vrm.6.67 "I think Sugreeva is not yet conscious of his self, as Kumbhakarna struck him with the blow of a mountain in the battle.
vrm.6.67 The great souled Sugreeva, who was interposed between Kumbhakarna s shoulders, regaining his consciousness with great difficulty and observing the royal highway of the city, repeatedly thought as follows: "Having been captivated in this way, what should I do now? I have to do a proper act now which is desirable and beneficial to the Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Thus thinking, Sugreeva tore asunder Kumbhakarna s ears by his nails as also nose by his teeth and ribs by his feet.
vrm.6.67 Torn asunder with teeth and nails by Sugreeva, that Kumbhakarna with his ears and nose deprived and his limbs moistened with blood, was subdued with rage, threw Sugreeva down on the floor and crushed him.
vrm.6.67 Crushed down on the floor by that terrific Kumbhakarna and struck by the Rakshasas, Sugreeva moved with speed like a ball towards the sky and got united with Rama.
vrm.6.67 Bereft of his ears and nose, the mighty Kumbhakarna, pouring out blood, shone like a mountain with its streaming cascades.
vrm.6.67 Kumbhakarna the Rakshasa and the brother of Ravana, having his large body bathed in blood, frightful in appearance, vomiting blood with rage, and looking like a mound of black antimony shone akin to a cloud with an evening twilight.
vrm.6.67 With his face directed towards the battle front, Kumbhakarna the terrific Rakshasa made up his mind to continue his combat.
vrm.6.67 After the departure of Sugreeva, Kumbhakarna the adversary of Indra, with a rage, marched ahead quickly for the battle.
vrm.6.67 Finding out that he is then without any weapon, the dreadful Kumbhakarna got possession of a hammer like weapon.
vrm.6.67 Starting from the city quickly, that mighty Kumbhakarna then devoured that huge army of Vanaras in battle, like the devour of people by the augmented fire at the time of dissolution of the world.
vrm.6.67 Penetrating that huge army of Vanaras, Kumbhakarna who was greedily desirous of flesh and blood in hunger, due to his deep bewilderment in battle, ate away even the Rakshasas, Vanaras, Pisachas and Rikshas.
vrm.6.67 The enraged Kumbhakarna, quickly taking with his single hand, the Vanaras and Rakshasas, in one s two s, three s or in many and hurled them into his mouth Struck with mountain peaks, by the Vanaras, the mighty Kumbhakarna, then, gushing forth his flesh and blood, devoured the Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 The very much enraged Kumbhakarna, while eating away the Vanaras, marched forward.
vrm.6.67 Grasping a hundred, a seven, an eight, a twenty and a thirty with his arms, Kumbhakarna was devouring the Vanaras and running about in the battle field.
vrm.6.67 The valiant Lakshmana pierced seven arrows into the body of Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Then, Lakshmana covered the shining and charming golden armour of Kumbhakarna with his arrows, even as the wind would make an evening twilight cloud completely disappear.
vrm.6.67 Kumbhakarna, looking like a mound of collyrium, tormented by the arrows, decked with gold, shone like the radiant sun with its rays screened by clouds.
vrm.6.67 Hearing in this manner, that mighty Kumbhakarna the Rakshasa, brushing aside Lakshmana and crossing him, ran, as though he is causing an earth quake, towards Rama.
vrm.6.67 Thereupon, Rama, the son of Dasaratha, employing a spell used to charm arrows called Raudra, discharged sharp arrows into Kumbhakarna s chest.
vrm.6.67 Flames of fire mixed with particles of charcoal came forth from the face of Kumbhakarna, who was thus struck and who was running quickly towards Rama.
vrm.6.67 Considering himself as weaponless, that mighty Kumbhakarna then fought fiercely with his fists and arms.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna, with his body struck fiercely by arrows and bathed in blood, poured forth blood, even as a mountain would pour forth a cascade.
vrm.6.67 Then, that Kumbhakarna, comparable to Yama of terrific prowess and strength, firmly holding a fearful mountain peak, hurled it towards Rama.
vrm.6.67 Then, Rama, the virtuous man and the elder brother of Bharata, split the large mountain peak which was hurled by Kumbhakarna at that time, with his variegated arrows made of gold.
vrm.6.67 At that time, considering various strategies appropriate for killing Kumbhakarna, the righteous Lakshmana spoke to Rama as follows:
vrm.6.67 Hearing those words of that intelligent Lakshmana, those Vanaras were rejoiced and mounted on the body of Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Kumbhakarna, when climbed upon by the Vanaras, was enraged and shook them off with violence, as a vicious Elephant would shake off its mahout.
vrm.6.67 The heroic Rama, enraged with red hot eyes, as though he was scorching the enemy with his looks, walked with speed, causing delight to all the leaders of the Vanara troops, who were tormented with the fear of Kumbhakarna and quickly marched towards the Rakshasa.
vrm.6.67 The mighty Rama saw the powerful Kumbhakarna, the annihilator of enemies, wearing a crown and his eyes blood red with anger.
vrm.6.67 Rama saw the angry Kumbhakarna, chasing all, like the mythical Elephant guarding one of the quarters, searching for the Vanaras, enraged as he was and surrounded by the Rakshasas.
vrm.6.67 Rama saw that Kumbhakarna, looking like Vindhya and Mandara mountains, adorned with armlets of gold, emitting blood from his mouth and appearing as a rising rainy cloud.
vrm.6.67 Rama saw that Kumbhakarna, who was licking the corners of his mouth which were bathed in blood, all they way trampling the Vanaras and resembling Yama in the form of all destroying time.
vrm.6.67 Seeing that Kumbhakarna, the foremost of Rakshasas, having a splendour of blazing fire, Rama, the excellent of men, then stretched his bow.
vrm.6.67 Enraged by the twang of Rama s bow, Kumbhakarna, the foremost of Rakshasas, not tolerating that sound, ran towards Rama.
vrm.6.67 Thereupon, Rama spoke to the dashing Kumbhakarna looking like a cloud driven by the wind, whose arms were like the coils of Vasuki the king of nagas and appearing like a mountain in the battle field as follows: "O leader of the Rakshasas! Come on.
vrm.6.67 Coming to know that he was Rama, Kumbhakarna laughed in a rebellious tone and ran up enraged towards the Vanaras, driving them away in the battle field.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna of great splendour, as though bursting the hearts of all the Vanaras, laughed unnaturally as also awfully and spoke the following words to Rama: I am neither to be considered as Viradha nor Kabandha nor Khara nor Vali nor Maricha.
vrm.6.67 It is Kumbhakarna who arrived here.
vrm.6.67 Hearing the words of Kumbhakarna, that Rama released plumed arrows.
vrm.6.67 Those arrows, which chopped off the Sala trees and killed Vali the foremost of Vanaras, could not torment Kumbhakarna s body which was like a thunderbolt.
vrm.6.67 Sucking those arrows with his body, as mountains suck up torments of water, that Kumbhakarna, flourishing his hammer with terrible speed, hindered the tremendous speed of Rama s arrows.
vrm.6.67 By that weapon, he chopped off Kumbhakarna s arm along with the hammer.
vrm.6.67 With his arm chopped off, Kumbhakarna roared tumultuously.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna s arm, identical to a mountain peak, which was chopped off by Rama s arrow, fell along with the hammer on that army of Sugreeva and killed that regiment of Vanaras.
vrm.6.67 Those Vanaras who had escaped being broken and slain by that arm, though dejected with their tormented limbs and taking recourse to the sides, witnessed a highly terrific encounter between Rama and Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.67 Having an arm chopped off by the arrow like a mountain peak chopped off by a gigantic sword, that Kumbhakarna with his another arm, pulled up a tree by its roots and then ran towards Rama the lord of men in that battle front.
vrm.6.67 By his arrow, which was made variegated by gold and furnished with a mystic spell of Indra used for charming it, Rama chopped off Kumbhakarna s remaining arm, appearing like the coil of a serpent along with his uprooted palm tree.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna s arm, which appeared like a hill, was chopped off and fell down on the ground.
vrm.6.67 Seeing Kumbhakarna with his arms chopped off, abruptly with a roar, coming upon him and taking two sharp arrows with a shape of a half moon each, Rama chopped off the feet of the Rakshasa in that battle.
vrm.6.67 Creating a resound everywhere in all directions, even in hill caves, in the great ocean, in Lanka as also in the armies of Vanaras and Rakshasas, Kumbhakarna s feet fell down.
vrm.6.67 Widely opening his mouth like the mouth of a submarine fire and roaring, Kumbhakarna whose arms and feet were cut off, ran with thighs quickly towards Rama, like Rahu the seizer Asura going to seize the moon in the sky.
vrm.6.67 Rama filled up Kumbhakarna s mouth with sharply pointed arrows, having shafts covered with gold.
vrm.6.67 With his mouth full of arrows, Kumbhakarna was unable to speak.
vrm.6.67 That Rama slashed Kumbhakarna s head, which was looking like a huge mountain peak, having well rounded tusks and with charming and quivering ear rings, as like Indra the destroyer of strong holds, in the past, chopped off the head of Vritra, the Asura of darkness and drought.
vrm.6.67 The large Kumbhakarna s head, adorned with ear rings, shone like the moon being in the middle, when the constellation, Punarvasu presided over by aditi the mother of devas and consisting of twin stars has risen at the night.
vrm.6.67 While that mighty Kumbhakarna, the enemy of Brahmanas and Devas was killed in battle, the earth and mountains shook.
vrm.6.67 Having destroyed Kumbhakarna in battle, that Rama shone in the midst of the army of Vanaras, in the same way as the sun shines in the midst of the celestial world, having destroyed darkness, duly getting delivered from the mouth of Rahu.
vrm.6.67 By killing Kumbhakarna, who tormented the army of Devas and who was not defeated at any time in great battles, Rama was rejoiced in the same way as Indra was rejoiced in killing Vritra, the great Asura.
vrm.6.68 Seeing that the great souled Rama killed Kumbhakarna, the Rakshasas reported the matter to Ravana, the king of Rakshasas as follows: "O king! That Kumbhakarna, looking like Yama driving away the army of Vanaras and devouring some Vanaras, met with death, the time s act.
vrm.6.68 "Showing his prowess for a moment, Kumbhakarna your brother, was extinguished by the fiery energy of Rama.
vrm.6.68 Injured by Rama s arrows, Kumbhakarna who was looking like a mountain became an ugly mass, with his body discharging blood, as his nose and ears were cut off, resembling a tree scorched by a forest fire, with his trunk half submerged in a terribly looking sea and obstructing the main gate of Lanka.
vrm.6.68 Hearing that the mighty Kumbhakarna was killed in battle, Ravana was tormented with grief and fell down, fainted.
vrm.6.68 Hearing that Kumbhakarna, their brother was killed by Rama, who was unwary in his actions, Mahodara and Mahaparshva step brothers of Kumbhakarna were overcome with grief.
vrm.6.68 Then, recovering his consciousness with difficulty, distressed as he was for the killing of Kumbhakarna and perplexed in mind, Ravana the foremost of Rakshasas, lamented as follows: "Alas! O hero, destroying the pride of enemies! O mighty Kumbhakarna! Leaving me behind, you have gone by divine will to the abode of Yama the lord of death.
vrm.6.68 "O mighty Kumbhakarna! Where are you going alone, leaving me behind, after having tormented the army of enemies and without taking away the thorn of grief from relatives and me.
vrm.6.68 "I have nothing to do with a kingdom and what shall I do with Seetha? I have no intention to live, bereft of Kumbhakarna.
vrm.6.68 O Kumbhakarna! Now that you are dead, how can I conquer Indra?" "Those words of that great souled Vibhishana, which I did not accept due to ignorance, have come true.
vrm.6.68 "Ever since this cruel end of Kumbhakarna and Prahasta has happened, I am feeling shameful.
vrm.6.68 Having thus lamented very much piteously in various ways on coming to know that Kumbhakarna, his younger brother and the enemy of Indra having been killed, Ravana the ten headed Rakshasa, whose inner feelings were agitated, even sank down, extremely disturbed.
vrm.6.69 Hearing the words of the evil minded Ravana, who was thus lamenting, as he was overcome with grief, Trishira one of his sons spoke as follows: Truly in such a manner, the highly valiant Kumbhakarna, the middle of our father and uncles has been killed.
vrm.6.69 Those great souled and the foremost of Vanaras, who were earlier thrown down by Kumbhakarna, regained their self and approached Sugreeva.
vrm.6.71 Seeing the bulkiness of his body, all the Vanaras, thinking that Kumbhakarna woke up again, took refuge with each other, afflicted as they were, with fear.
vrm.6.72 Hearing Atikaya having been killed in the hands of the great souled Lakshmana, Ravana was worried and spoke as follows: Dhumraksha, who was greatly impatient Akampana who was excellent among all wielders of weapons, Prahasta and Kumbhakarna were killed by Rama, who was unwearied in battle.
vrm.6.75 Since Kumbhakarna and his four sons were killed, Ravana cannot give any defense now.
vrm.6.75 The enraged Ravana sent both Kumbha and Nimkumbha, the sons of Kumbhakarna, along with a multitude of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.75 By the orders of Ravana, Yupaksha, Shonitaksha, Prajangha and Kampana along with the aforesaid sons of Kumbhakarna set out for the battle.
vrm.6.76 That army of Rakshasas, which was perturbed with their great warriors killed, then moved with its face turned towards the place where Kumbha the son of Kumbhakarna was carrying on battle.
vrm.6.76 The glorious Kumbha the son of Kumbhakarna chopped off all those trees hurled by Angada and burst off the rocks further.
vrm.6.76 The enraged Jambavan, Sushena and Vegadarshi, the Vanara ran up towards Kumbha the son of Kumbhakarna to attack him.
vrm.6.76 The illustrious Kumbha, the son of Kumbhakarna, with his sharp arrows, chopped off that down pour of trees, which was obscuring the sky and which was difficult to be assailed.
vrm.6.76 O Kumbha, the compeer of Prahlada, Bali, Indra the destroyer of Vritra, Kubera and Varuna! You alone are born with a likeness of your father Kumbhakarna who was exceedingly strong.
vrm.6.76 But Kumbhakarna your father on his part is tolerating the Suras and Asuras.
vrm.6.81 Then, recalling the killing of those energetic Rakshasas like Kumbhakarna and others, that valiant Indrajit sallied forth for the fight with red hot eyes in anger.
vrm.6.89 The valiant Nikumbha, the mighty Kumbhakarna, Kumbha, the Rakshasa called Dhumraksha, Jambumali, Mahamali, the highly swift Ashaniprabha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, a Rakshasa named Vajradamshtra, Samhadri, Vikata the destroyer of enemies, Tapana, Manda, Praghaasa, Praghasa, Prajangha, Jangha, Agniketu who was difficult to be conquered, Agniketu, the valiant Rashmiketu, vidyujjihva, Dvijihva, Suryashatru, Akampana, Suparshva, Chakramali, Kampana and the mighty Devantaka were also killed.
vrm.6.94 Ravana" is not able to learn a lesson, even after hearing that the mighty Kumbhakarna was killed by Rama and that unconquerable colossal bodied Indrajit, his beloved son was killed by Lakshmana.
vrm.6.94 Ravana" is not able to learn a lesson, even after hearing that the mighty Kumbhakarna was killed by Rama and that the unconquerable colossal bodied Indrajit, his beloved son was killed by Lakshmana.
vrm.6.95 "By killing the enemies now, I will take vengeance for Khara, Kumbhakarna, Prahasta and Indrajit.
vrm.6.109 "For that which, because of arrogance, neither Prahasta nor Indrajit and others, nor Kumbhakarna nor Atiratha nor Narantaka nor you yourself has agreed to my counsel, the consequence of it has come now.
vrm.6.111 "The advices offered by Maricha, Kumbhakarna, myself and my father have not been heeded by you, who were arrogant of your prowess.
vrm.6.123 Here, Kumbhakarna and Prahasta the Rakshasa were killed.
vrm.6.123 "Both Yuddhonmatta and Matta, the foremost of Rakshasas, as also Nikumbha and Kumbha the sons of Kumbhakarna, as also the strong Vajradamshtra, Damshtra and many Rakshasas were killed.
vrm.6.126 Rama, the scion of Raghu dynasty, personally killed Kumbhakarna and Ravana.
vrm.7.1 By good fortune it is, O Rama, that he than whose proportions there are no other s greater on earth, even Kumbhakarna, was brought down by thee.
vrm.7.1 Hearing the speech of the ascetics of sacred souls, Rama, coming under the influence of a mighty wonder, said with joined hands, "Ye worshipful ones wherefore, passing by those exceedingly powerful ones Kumbhakarna and the night ranger, Ravana do ye praise Ravana s son ?Wherefore, passing by Mahodara, and Prahasta, and the Rakshasa Virupaksha and Matta, and Unmatta, and the irrepressible Devantaka and Narantaka redoubtable heroes all do ye extoll Ravana s son ?And wherefore, passing by Atikaya and Trisiras and Dhumraksha, that night ranger all endowed with exceeding prowess, do ye extoll Ravana s son ?What was his prowess ?And what his strength ?And what his might ?And by virtue of what cause did he surpass Ravana ?If I can well hear the same, do ye tell it me.
vrm.7.4 But were they more powerful than Ravana and Kumbhakarna and Prahasta and Vikala and the sons of Ravana ?Who was their progenitor ?And what was.
vrm.7.9 And then there arose the sounds of Excellent Excellent And in that extensive forest those exceedingly energetic ones, Kumbhakarna and the Ten necked one grew up, and became the sources of anxiety to people.
vrm.7.9 And Kumbhakarna, maddened to the height, devouring mighty saints devoted to religion, constantly ranged the triune world in a dissatisfied spirit.
vrm.7.10 And Kumbhakarna, putting forth his best energies, constantly abode in the path of righteousness.
vrm.7.10 Having said this, he intended to grant boons unto Kumbhakarna.
vrm.7.10 Thereat the Devas in a body represented to the lord of creatures with joined hands, On Kumbhakarna thou shouldst, confer no boons, since thou knowest in what manner doth this wicked minded one frighten people.
vrm.7.10 Addressing the goddess the lotus born god said; "Do thou speedily repair to where Kumbhakarna is doing his penaces.
vrm.7.10 Hearing this she immediatly repaied to the spot where Kumbhakarna was doing his penaces.
vrm.7.10 Knowing the mind of the God Brahma, she entered Kumbhakarna.
vrm.7.10 Thereat Brahma addressed Kumbhakarna, saying: O Child, gratified have I been by thee, what boon shall I bestow upon thee.
vrm.7.10 Thereupon Kumbhakarna, coming under the influence of goddess Sarasvati, sitting upon his tounge, uttured thus: O grandfather, do thou grant me long lasting sleep Nidra.
vrm.7.10 Kumbhakarna realised his folly for asking for sleep Nidra instead of unfeeling ness Nirdaya as he wanted, for the destruction of the Devas.
vrm.7.12 And Ravana married the grand daughter of Virochana on the maternal side named Vajrajwala, to Kumbhakarna.
vrm.7.13 And once on a time it came to pass that, despatched by the lord of creatures, Sleep in her native form powerfully overpowered Kumbhakarna.
vrm.7.13 And then Kumbhakarna spoke unto his brother, who was seated, O king, Sleep obstructs me.
vrm.7.13 And there, overcome with slumber, the wondrous strong Kumbhakarna, lying down for many thousand years, did not wake up.
vrm.7.13 And while Kumbhakarna was overpowered by sleep, Dasanana without let began to destroy Devarshis, Yakshas and Gandharvas, and going to graceful gardens, Nandana, etc, he devastated them ruthlessly.
vrm.7.30 Kumbhakarna, O great king, was then asleep.
vrm.7.30 Let my brother Kumbhakarna and other leading night rangers, armed with various weapons, ascend their conveyances.
vrm.7.30 Commanding them Indrajit preceded the army, Ravana went in the middle and Kumbhakarna was in the rear; the virtuous souled Vibhishana remained in Lanka, being engaged in piotis observances.
vrm.7.33 And the vicious souled Kumbhakarna armed with various weapons came there but he did not know, O king, with whom the conflict was going on.

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