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vrm.2.52 After ascending the boat, Rama too of mighty splendor then recited a sacred text daiviim naavam etc fit for brahmanas and Kshatriyas alike and conducive to his own good.
vrm.2.81 He ordered the messengers as follows: Quickly bring Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, ministers and troop commanders coolly.
vrm.6.2 Unadventurous Kshatriyas never win honor but all fear the wrathful.
vrm.6.125 Brahmans Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras from all peril and attended by the upright ministers, priests and by clever troop commanders, all clad in saffron robes.
vrm.6.127 as also all panegyrists, all those proficient in the use of musical instruments, courtesans all collected together, the queen mothers, ministers, army men and their wives, brahmanas accompanied by Kshatriyas, leaders of guilds of traders and artisans, as also their members, come out to see the moon like countenance of Rama.
vrm.6.128 Brahmins Kshatriyas Vaishyas Shudras were performing their own duties, satisfied with their own work and bereft of any greed.
vrm.7.8 And with his eyes reddened, that night ranger waxing wroth, shaking his head, addressed that prime of male persons Padmanabha, saying, O Narayana, thou at ignorant of the time honored morality of Kshatriyas ;and therefore like a base wight thou slayest us, desisting from fight and exercised with fear.
vrm.7.16 And opposed at places, by the heroic Kshatriyas endowed with energy and irrepressible in fight, who refused submission, he exterminated them along with their retainers; while other men of wisdom, knowing the Raksha to be invincible, said unto the Rakshasa elated with strength, We have been conquered?"
vrm.7.46 And having their eyes expanded with delight the Vanaras, with Sugriva, the Rakshasas with Vibhishana, the kings with their councillors, and all other assembled pious Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras, delightedly espied Rama.
vrm.7.64 Having made those arrangements and placed Vasu on the throne the king Nriga said "Do not swerve from the path of morality, O my son, and do thou duly govern the subjects according to the custom of the Kshatriyas.
vrm.7.69 In this wise, according to the custom of the Kshatriyas the king Yayati took upon himself the imprecation of the preceptor Sukra, but he did not forgive him.
vrm.7.76 And the Kshatriyas and the Brahmanas.
vrm.7.85 This is not a becoming action for Kshatriyas.
vrm.7.85 According to the morality of the Kshatriyas, their greatest duty consists in governing the subjects.
vrm.7.87 At this age Kshatriyas, gifted with he power acquired by pristine asceticism, were born.
vrm.7.87 In the golden age the Brahmanas were nore powerful than the Kshatriyas.
vrm.7.87 But in the Treta age the Brahmanas and the Kshatriyas were equally powerful.
vrm.7.87 Thus in the Treta age, not beholding prominence of the Brahmanas greater than that of the Kshatriyas, Manu and other religious leaders of the time composed the Sastra describing and letting in the four divisions of castes.
vrm.7.87 Duing the Treta age the Brahmanas and Kshatriyas engaged in austere penances and the Vaisyas and Sudras engaged in serving them.
vrm.7.87 And the greatest piety of the Vaisyas and Sudras at that time consisted of serving the Brahmanas and Kshatriyas and specially for the Sudras the highest religion was to serve people of all,Varnas.
vrm.7.87 O foremost of kings, at the end of the Treta age, Vaisyas and Sudras being fully overpowered by the sin of untruth, the Brahmanas and the Kshatriyas also grew feeble.
vrm.7.89 Thereupon meditating upon the duties of the Kshatriyas, the heroic Rama, the foremost of the intelligent, said "O illustrious Sir, the Brahmanas only can accept presents how can the Kshatriyas do ?To take gifts is the function of the Brahmanas for Kshatriyas it is a source of censure.
vrm.7.109 Besides thousands and thousands of Kshatriyas Vaisyas, Sudras and Brahmans of firm penances, also hailed there from various parts to witness Sita s trial.

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