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vrm.1.1 "A man reading this Ramayana happens to be a Brahman, one from teaching class, he obtains excellency in his speech, and should he be Kshatriya person from ruling class, he obtains land lordship, and should he be Vyshya person from trading class, he accrues monetary gains, and should he be a Shudra person from working class, he acquires his personal excellence.
vrm.1.6 The warrior class Kshatriya s is turned towards the Brahmans, the scholarly class, for intellectual and religious support.
vrm.1.6 The trading class, Vyasya s, is the follower of the Kshatriya s, the ruling class, for the state s economy is dependent on the rulership.
vrm.1.7 They do not persecute Brahman s and Kshatriya s to fill up the treasury, and high degree punishments will be given on assessing that person s, or the offender s strength and weakness.
vrm.1.13 "Then on calling for Sumantra, Sage Vashishta said these words to him, "Let all those kings of the earth that are righteous be invited, and let all the people from all the kingdoms, say Brahmans, Kshatriya s, Vyasya s, Shudra s be invited in scores duly honouring them.
vrm.1.32 "With an aspiration that his sons shall uphold the principles of Kshatriya s, Kusha spoke to them who are brilliant, highly enthusiastic, virtue abiding, and the advocators of truth saying, establish your rulership, sons, and achieve righteousness abundantly.
vrm.1.44 Oh, impeccable Bhagiratha, even by the kingly sage Dilipa whose resplendence is kindred to great sages, who is equal to me in his ascesis, who is abided by the observances of ruling Kshatriya class, even by such a highly fortunate and highly resplendent father of yours it was impossible to bring Ganga in his turn, even though he had been supplicating for the descent of Ganga throughout his lifetime.
vrm.1.44 "This legend is conducive to achieve prosperity, fame, longevity, progeny and even heaven, and he who narrates this legend to others, whether he is from Brahmans or from Kshatriya s, or for that matter of fact from any other class, his Pitris will be satisfied, and Gods too will be gladdened.
vrm.1.54 Above all, on his part he is a king now, and a king will be mighty, he is the lord of the land and a Kshatriya, and thus we have to be subservient to a Kshatriya, isn t it.
vrm.1.55 Vishvamitra" who is already a mightier Kshatriya, now on acquiring missiles from the God of Gods, Shiva, will he not come forth paired up with mightiest conceit, and then will not his conceitedness be plethoric like a plethoric ocean? "By vitality Vishvamitra is like an ocean with rough riptide on a Full Moon day, and oh, Rama, he deemed that sagaciously mighty sage Vashishta is now dead.
vrm.1.56 I am staying here only, you meritless Kshatriya, you may clearly display whatever prowess you have, oh, Gaadhi s son Vishvamitra, I will now ruin whatever vanity you or your missiles have.
vrm.1.56 Where stands the force of belligerence when compared to the supreme force of sagacity, you abased Kshatriya, watch out for my strength of seraphic sagacity.
vrm.1.56 Fie upon the might of Kshatriya, mightier is the might of Brahman s resplendence, only with one baton of Brahma all of my missiles are defused.
vrm.1.58 Oh, gentle sage, this I pledge you upon my virtue of Kshatriya hood.
vrm.1.59 b, a A Kshatriya is the officiator, and a profaner is the performer.
vrm.1.66 These two are the sons of Dasharatha, well renowned Kshatriya s in world, and they are desirous to see that marvellous bow which has a place with you.
vrm.1.74 a Will he eradicate the race of Kshatriya s even now as he was once envenomed by the murder of his father, or what.
vrm.1.74 abated is his anger and alleviated is his frenzy previously when he eliminated Kshatriya s.
vrm.1.74 but is he really intending to eliminate Kshatriya s once again, or what? Thus,
vrm.1.75 "Aren t you a Brahman with inviolable ascesis, and whose rancour on Kshatriya s has calmed down long back.
vrm.1.75 b, a "Oh, Rama, on hearing the unregenerate and highly perfidious murdering of my father, I rancorously extirpated Kshatriya s as and when they are born, that too not for one time, but I did so for thirty seven times going around the earth.
vrm.1.75 Keep your fealty to Kshatriya hood in view, and wield this as you have wielded Shiva s longbow.
vrm.1.76 "Oh, Bhargava Rama, demeaning me as though I am timorous, hence incapable to handle the bow, and hence I am an ignoble one for Kshatriya hood, is meaningless.
vrm.2.35 "Oh, Kaikeyi! Dasaratha the faultless man, the majesty, the lotus eyed man and the king cannot indeed belie the promise given to youHence, you alone has to change your opinion" "Let Rama the eldestof the sons who is generous strong skilled, capable of protecting his own duty as Kshatriya but also of protecting the world of living beings, be installed on the throne of Ayodhya"
vrm.3.3 "Know us as Kshatriya s with ennobled bearing, and we are trekking the forest.
vrm.3.9 "For the valiant Kshatriya s who are inclined in forests heartily, the purpose of the bow is this much safeguarding the sufferers.
vrm.3.9 "Where that weapon? Where this forest? Where the principles of Kshatriya? And where is sageness? All this is inconsistent.
vrm.3.9 Weapon" admiring mind becomes maligned with avariciousness, you may therefore follow the tenet of Kshatriya s on going to Ayodhya again.
vrm.3.14 "Oh, the best among men Rama, the wife of great soul Kashyapa, lady Manu procreated humans, Brahman s, Kshatriya s, Vyasya s, and Shudra s.
vrm.3.14 "The Brahman s emerged from face, the Kshatriya s from chest, the Vyasya s from two thighs, and the Shudra s from two feet, thus we hear from the scriptures viz.
vrm.3.29 "Oh, Rama, as to how undignified Kshatriya s that are frivolous and irresolute in self confidence will boast in the world, likewise you too are boasting in a meaningless manner.
vrm.3.36 b, a "He who is put to flight by his infuriated father, and who came to Dandaka forest along with his wife, that ignoble Kshatriya is the slaughterer of that Rakshasa army of mine, as his lifespan is diminished.
vrm.3.37 Rama" the enhancer of his mother Kausalya s happiness is completely forsaken by his father no, he is not there is unseemliness in him no, not in the least he is out of character no he is selfish no he is an ignoble Kshatriya no, not at all and he is neither a debased one insofar as the merits of righteousness are concerned, nor he is atrocious towards living beings, for he takes delight in the welfare of all beings.
vrm.3.70 Oh, excellent Kshatriya s, on seeing me who am miserably famished, really what for you stay cool? You are the Godsend gobs of mine, and hence now you are almost dead.
vrm.4.17 "Will anybody born in Kshatriya s family, a learned one in Veda s, thereby who is rid of ambiguities with respect to right and wrong, and who is cloaked in an air of probity, execute such a ruthless deed like this? "Though born in Raghava s dynasty and renowned as a moralist you are actually amoral, and for what purpose you run around with this moral aspect?
vrm.4.17 a kind of wild rodent, a kind of wild boar, a kind of lizard, a hare and fifthly the turtle are edible for Brahmans and Kshatriya s.
vrm.4.18 "As a Kshatriya emerged from a best dynasty I do not tolerate your wrongdoing, and the punishment to the one who lustfully indulges with his daughter, or with his sister, or with the wife of his younger brother is his elimination, as recalled from scriptures.
vrm.6.57 The goad fell several times then from the hand of the charioteer, himself a Suta the son of a Kshatriya by a Brahmana woman eventhough skilled in controlling the Horses, as he entered the battle field.
vrm.6.88 The exceedingly evil minded Rama now itself can see you, a mere Kshatriya ever ignoble and his devoted brother, killed by me.
vrm.6.109 "There is no occasion to grieve for him having fallen into death in the battle field and by whom the development of his country was wished for, while remaining steadfast in the duty of Kshatriya the warrior.
vrm.7.31 In virtue he is like unto a Brahmin, in prowess he equals a Kshatriya, in anger he is very fire and in patience he is like the earth.
vrm.7.68 But as a Kshatriya king and a hero besides although revived he did not forgive the high souled Vasishta.
vrm.7.68 Thus accosted Rama, the Kshatriya chief, said to the great Lakshmana conversant with all Sastras "O hero, forgiveness is not to be seen in all men.
vrm.7.69 Having thus addressed his son Puru, the king Yayati angrily said to Yadu, the son of Devayani Thou, vicious Rakshasa, art born of me in the shape of a Kshatriya, or else why shouldst thou disobey my orders ?For this thou shalt never be a king.
vrm.7.88 At thou a Brahman, or an irrepresible Kshatriya or the third caste Vaisya or a Sudra? Do thou speak the truth and thou shalt be crowned with auspiciousness.

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