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vrm.1.21 "All the missiles known to Vishvamitra are the highly righteous children of Krishasva Prajapati, where Prajapati s were the earliest ruler of mankind, and god Shiva gave them to Vishvamitra when was ruling kingdom.
vrm.1.21 "Those missiles are the sons of Daksha Prajapati s daughters and her husband Krishasva Prajapati, and they are disparate in their form, intrepid, dazzling, and victory oriented missiles.
vrm.1.21 "On getting a boon Jaya named wife of Krishasva Prajapati is benefited with fifty best and formless sons with immeasurable fortitude for the destruction of ungodly beings.
vrm.1.21 Suprabha", another wife of Krishasva Prajapati, gave birth to another fifty unassailable, unconquerable and mighty sons named the Eliminators.
vrm.1.26 b, a "The sons of Prajapati Krishasva who are valiant by their virtue and who possess ascetic strength, oh, Brahman, they may be offered to Raghava.
vrm.1.28 "Oh, Raghava, take these radiant missile children of Krishasva from me, namely Satyavanta, Satyakeerti, Dhristha, Rabhasa, Pratihaaratara, Paraanmuka, Avaanmukha, Lakshya, Alakshya, Dhridhanaabha, Sunaabha, Dashaaksha, Shatavaktra, Dashasheersha, Shatodara, Padmanabha, Mahaanaabha, Dundunaabha, Svanaabha, Jyotisha, Shakuna, Nairaashya, Vimala, Yungandhara, Vinidra, Daitya, Pramadhana, Suchibaahu, Mahaabaahu, Nishkali, Virucha, Saarchirmaali, Dhritimaali, Vrittiman, Ruchira, Pitrya, Saumansa, and also thus Vidhoota, Makara, are two of them.

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