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vrm.2.84 Here is seen on that chariot, a towering banner bearing Kovidara tree and hence Bharata himself with an evil intent seems to have come.
vrm.2.96 "O, Rama! Will that flag with the insignia of a Kovidara tree come into our subjugation? Can we see Bharata, because of whom a great misfortune has occurred to you, to Seetha and to me?" "O, Rama the warrior! By the reason of whom you were deprived of an eternal kingdom, such Bharata as a foe who is coming here, deserves to be slain by me.
vrm.4.30 "On mountain terraces there appear flowered Asana trees, seven leaved banana plants, Kovidara, Bandhujiiva trees, and the Shyaama creepers.
vrm.6.4 On the lovely mountain slopes, in blossom on all sides, Ketaki and Sindhuvara trees, the charming Vasanti, Madhavi creepers with flowers full of scent, clumps of jasmine, Chiribila, Madhuka, Vanjula and Vakula, Ranjanka and Tilaka, Nyavriksha all in flower, Mango, Patalike, Kovidara in flower, Muchulinda, Arjuna, Simsupa and Kutaja, Hintala, Timisa, Chirna and Nipa, blue Ashoka, Sarala, Ankola and Padmaka all these trees were crawled in excitement by the Vanaras who were delighted.

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