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vrm.1.5 A great kingdom named Kosala, a joyous and a vast one well flourishing with monies and cereals, is snugly situated on the riverbanks of Sarayu.
vrm.1.13 "Like that King of Kosala namely Bhanumanta, and the King of Magadha, a brave one and a profound one in all scriptural knowledge, let them be honoured well and be invited.
vrm.2.49 Hearing these words of people residing in villages and hamlets, Rama the heroic prince of Kosala crossed the boundaries of Kosala state.
vrm.2.49 Then Rama showed to Sita the land of Kosala, the southern boundary of which was defined by Syandika river given long ago by the king Manu to Ikshvaku and which was bounded by many territories.
vrm.2.50 Having traveled the extensive and beautiful Kosala territory and standing with his face turned towards Ayodhya, the wise Rama with joined palms spoke the following words: I bid farewell to you, Oh best of the cities, carefully protected by Dasaratha born in Kakutstha dynasty, as well as of the deities who protect you and dwell in you.
vrm.2.50 Then Rama, a tiger among men, in his chariot, crossed Kosala territory, which was rich in grain and treasure, inhabited by men given to charity, benevolent and free from every danger, pleasing, full of temples and sacrificial stakes, adorned with gardens and mango orchards, intersected by ponds full of water, populated by contented and well nourished people, abounded in herds of Cows which deserved to be seen by all kings and which re echoed to the chanting of religious texts.
vrm.2.53 Like an overlord, he is going to enjoy the prosperous kingdom of Kosala.
vrm.2.63 After Rama along with his wife departed to the forest, Dasaratha the king of Kosala recalling his earlier sin, wanted to tell Kausalya, whose eye corners were dark in colour all about it.
vrm.2.65 Rolling on the floor and covered by dust, Kausalya the daughter of Kosala king was not shining as before and resembled a star falling down from the sky.
vrm.2.95 Then, turning away from the mountain, Rama The prospective ruler of Kosala showed Seetha the daughter of the King of Mithila the beautiful river of Mandakini carrying splendid waters.
vrm.3.37 "Oh, king of nightwalkers Ravana, I for myself deem that your confrontation with Rama, the prince of Kosala, in a war is improper, and a better, befitting, and a reasonable one is this advise of mine, to which you may listen further.
vrm.3.65 Oh, Lord of Kosala kingdom, if the heavenly lords are not going bestow your wife propitiously, rather after our humanly effort, then you may do whatever you want, seasonably.
vrm.3.66 This Mother Earth who is the mother of worlds and venerated by all animate and inanimate, oh, king of Kosala kingdom, even she undergoes tremors and earthquakes.
vrm.4.15 "Be graceful and it behove you to listen to my small but expedient talk, and following up rancour alone is unbecoming of you, thereby your confrontation with the Prince of Kosala will be unpardonable for his dynamism equals that of Indra.
vrm.4.28 "On carrying out all the domestic affairs and completely garnering the goods in aashaaDha month only, Bharata, the King of Kosala, might have engaged in the four month vow.
vrm.4.40 And the kingdoms like Brahmamaala, Videha, Maalva, Kasi, and Kosala, and in Magadha, which kingdom has grand villages, and in that way, also in the kingdoms of Pundra and Anga, and in the countries of the kings called Koshakaara, and in the provinces of silver mines search is to be conducted.
vrm.5.42 I am the servant of Rama, the king of Kosala Kingdom, who is unwearied in action.
vrm.5.43 I am the servent of Rama, the king of Kosala kingdom, who is unwearied in action.
vrm.6.41 I have come as a messenger for the king of Kosala, Rama of imperishable exploits.
vrm.6.102 The Planet Mars stood assailing in the sky, the constellation Vishakha, presided over by Indra and Agni, which is adorned by the kings of Kosala.
vrm.7.120 Heaing Rama s words Bharata was also stupified and speaking ill of the kingdom, said "O King, I swear by truth, that far from kingdom I do not wish to live in heaven even without thee: O King, of these two princes, Kusi and Lava, do thou place Kusi in Kosala and Lava in North Kosala: And let quick moving emissaries go to Satrughna and communicate unto him the intelligence of our going there.
vrm.7.120 Thereupon having gone through his duties he installed Kusi in the kingdom of Kosala and Lava in the nothern country.

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