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vrm.1.1 "Then Sugreeva s heart is gladdened by that act of Rama and also at the prospect of his own success, and then that great Vanara confiding in Rama advanced to the cave like Kishkindha along with Rama.
vrm.1.1 "Then that best Vanara Sugreeva whose body hue is golden war whooped at the entrance of cave like Kishkindha, by which loud shouting there emerged Vali, the king of Vanaras, out of that cave like Kishkindha.
vrm.4.9 He that Mayavi arrived at the doors of Kishkindha in a night when the people are sleeping, and blared very much inviting Vali for a fight.
vrm.4.9 I have surmised and concluded in mind by the indications that my brother is finished, and covered the cavity s opening with a mountain similar boulder, and performed water oblations to my deceased brother with saddening pain, and then returned to Kishkindha.
vrm.4.10 "Saddened I was after staying at the entrance of the cave for one year, oh, king, and on seeing the blood that started to flow from out the cave in the entrance my heart is engulfed in sadness and my senses perturbed very much, and then covering that cave s entrance with a hilltop, and departing from that country, I re entered Kishkindha.
vrm.4.11 "Oh, war expert Dundubhi, Indra s son is there, a brave and glorious one by name Vali, and he is now presiding over the matchlessly pompous city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.11 "Then on hearing Himavan s words he that Dundubhi is convulsed in anger and proceeded to Vali s city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.11 "That great mighty Rakshasa Dundubhi wearing the look of a Buffalo with sharp horns was awe inspiring, and like the arrival of a massive dark cloud in rainy season full with water on the edge of firmament, he arrived at the gateway of Kishkindha and bellowed clamorously like a war drum as though to quake the earth.
vrm.4.11 "Let Kishkindha city be seen clearly by you as last sight, and keep someone equalling you as in charge of city, and also rejoice with the females till sunrise as there is no tomorrow to you.
vrm.4.11 "Then those Vanaras on hearing the clear wording of the sage started out from that forest, and on their coming to Kishkindha, Vali saw them and spoke this way to them.
vrm.4.12 ""Let us quickly go from here to Kishkindha, oh, Sugreeva, you move in advance, and on going there you invite that Vali, one redolent of your brotherhood.
vrm.4.12 They all on quickly going to Kishkindha, the city of Vali, hedged themselves in the thickets of forest trees and waited.
vrm.4.12 and saying so he returned to Kishkindha from there in view of fear from curse of Sage Matanga.
vrm.4.12 "You should have truly made it known at that time only, oh, Raghava, that you will not kill Vali, then I would not have come here, to Kishkindha.
vrm.4.12 He that Sugreeva whose physique became effulgent by that creeper garland is again emboldened by Rama s words, and he again advanced to Kishkindha with Rama, and reached it again.
vrm.4.13 That righteous Rama readying his great bow decorated with gold, and on taking blazing sun similar arrows that are victory oriented in wars, proceeded from Rishyamuka along with Sugreeva to the city ruled by the valour of Vali, namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.13 That righteous Rama along with brother Lakshmana, Sugreeva and other Vanaras having worshipped those sages proceeded to Kishkindha well pleased at heart.
vrm.4.13 Having gone a long way from that hermitage of Seven Persons they have seen that unassailable and Vali ruled city namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.14 They all on quickly going to Kishkindha, the city of Vali, hedged themselves in the thickets of forest trees and waited.
vrm.4.14 She whose arch way is decorated in gold, who is spread out with snares of Vanaras, and who is impregnated with flags and machinery, we arrived at such city of Vali, Kishkindha.
vrm.4.19 On hearing the very gruesome killing of her husband that is unpleasant, she is highly anguished and rushed out of Kishkindha along with Angada.
vrm.4.19 On seeing Rama with bow those very mighty vanara s that form the escort of Angada are scared to death, and they very quickly fled from there towards Kishkindha.
vrm.4.19 "Let the city of Kishkindha be safeguarded and let Angada be anointed, and when Vali s son Angada is enthroned all the fly jumpers will stand by him.
vrm.4.19 "There are foresters in Kishkindha, some with wives and some without, some hankering after wives, some whom we have victimised, and from them we have very great danger.
vrm.4.20 "It is evident that you, who conduct yourself righteously, must have built a Kishkindha like delightful city in the pathway to heaven by your leaving lovely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.20 "By which reason you have snatched away Sugreeva s wife, oh, chief of fliers, and even expelled him from Kishkindha, that is the reason why you got this result.
vrm.4.22 "When the lord of Vanaras departed to heaven Kishkindha is indeed rendered derelict, dreary are the gardens, deserted are the mountains and forests as well, and when the tiger among fly jumpers is dead all the vanara s are rendered up into a lacklustre life.
vrm.4.25 "Bolster up that miserable Angada who is heartbroken, you too should not become frivolous in thinking as this city Kishkindha is now dependant on you.
vrm.4.25 Tara s mood became hectic and he fleetly entered Kishkindha with his mood firmed up to get the litter of the dead.
vrm.4.25 Tara and others are all your ministers, oh, king, and even the people dwelling in Kishkindha city have gathered around you and sinking down, why do not you mind them? b, "Bid adieu to these ministers as usual, oh, enemy subjugator, then we all can sportfully wander in the woods in voluptuousness.
vrm.4.26 "And if you empower, this Sugreeva will enter the propitious city Kishkindha along with a group good hearted friends, and he will get anointed procedurally with various essences and herbal extracts as its king, and thus he can revamp all the administration.
vrm.4.26 b, "He would like to honour you in a remarkable way with garlands and precious gems, hence it will be apt of you to enter this delightful mountain cave, namely Kishkindha, and you may kindly consolidate the congenial affinity between the governor and the governed for the very high exhilaration of Vanara s.
vrm.4.26 b, a "As and when the best one among Vanara s valorous Sugreeva enters the highly flourishing and statuesquely Kishkindha, he shall be enthroned in the kingdom, immediately and procedurally.
vrm.4.26 "This is not a time for any striving, hence you enter the propitious city Kishkindha, oh, gentle Sugreeva, and I for my part will stay on this mountain along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.26 a Thus when Rama countenanced that best vanara Sugreeva entered the charming city Kishkindha which is so far ruled by Vali.
vrm.4.26 All the inmates and ministers in Kishkindha then revered the lord of Vanara throngs Sugreeva with their head bent, and they have also prostrated before him with an assiduously polite attitude.
vrm.4.26 That magnificent city Kishkindha situated in the cave of mountain which is already splendorous with flags of triumph and banners is further splendorous with blithe and burly Vanaras overspreading it.
vrm.4.27 Rama along with his brother Lakshmana reached Mountain Prasavana while the enthroned Sugreeva entered the cave city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.27 "Further, oh, prince, hedged in charming groves that exquisite Kishkindha, the city of Sugreeva, will not be very far off from here.
vrm.4.27 "The melodies of singing and the tunes of musical instruments played and sung in Kishkindha are heard from here, oh, the best triumphant Lakshmana, and even the blares of vanara s together with their snobbish drumming is heard, hence it is not far away.
vrm.4.30 On Sugreeva s entering the cave like Kishkindha, Rama who spent rainy nights on that mountain with much distress owing to the misery of yearning for Seetha, has seen the immaculate sphere of moon on silvern sky freed by ceasing rains, and even autumnal nights that are enamelled with moonshine, and thus he observed that Seetha is lost hopelessly, engrossed in lust Sugreeva is lost to world intractably, and furthermore time too is being lost irretrievably, and thus he became highly impatient and even swooned.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, enemy blazer Lakshmana, such as you are, you enter Kishkindha and upon my word speak to that arch vanara Sugreeva, which stupid is tangled up in uncouth pleasures.
vrm.4.30 "Oh, great mighty Lakshmana, you may proceed to Kishkindha and let Sugreeva know through you as to how my fury takes shape, and oh, brave one, he may be told this word also.
vrm.4.31 Rama, the slayer of braving enemies, spoke this well thought sentence that includes persuasiveness to Lakshmana who is with an irrepressible wartime anger, who has apprised his intention to slay Sugreeva, and who on taking his bow is now leaping at Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 That brave one and the slayer of braving enemies Lakshmana thus schooled expediently by his elder brother about the means of gainfulness, that best one among men proceeded to enter the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 Entrenched among mountains, impregnated with vanara army is the magnificent citadel of the king of Vanaras, and the tigerly Ikshvaku, Lakshmana, has seen such an impassable city, namely Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 While his lips are quivering owing to rancour towards Sugreeva, Lakshmana saw formidable Vanara s at the outposts of Kishkindha.
vrm.4.31 Then, as directed by ministers of Kishkindha in order to figure out the mood of Lakshmana, some of the elephentine Vanaras who are frightening just by their appearance, who in sheen are similar to mountains and dark clouds have gone out of the city.
vrm.4.31 Infuriated Lakshmana has then seen Kishkindha, an unassailable city, as those great mighty Vanaras flaunting trees are spreading throughout it.
vrm.4.33 Then on invitation to inside, Lakshmana, the slayer of braving enemies, entered that delightful cavelike Kishkindha at Rama s orders.
vrm.4.33 Glorious Lakshmana has seen the splendid Kishkindha which is a colossal cave crafted with jewels, replete with flowered orchards and richly rife with gemlike objects d art.
vrm.4.33 Kishkindha is compacted with mansions and multi storied buildings that are embellished with various precious stones, and it is enlivened with blossomed trees that bear fruit of every relish and of every season, and Lakshmana has seen such a Kishkindha.
vrm.4.33 She is perfumed with the fragrances that are pleasing the sense of smell like sandal scent, true aloe scent, and the scents of lotuses, and her wide avenues are highly exhilarated with the bouquet of flower liquors and grape wines, and Lakshmana has seen such a sweet scanted city Kishkindha.
vrm.4.37 The Vanara s who went from Kishkindha to hasten up all the other Vanaras of all quarters, those champions have reached Himalayan Mountains and saw exceptional trees on them.
vrm.4.37 On motivating all of the Vanaras on earth, all those best Vanaras who proceeded to forgather other Vanaras, quickly returned to Kishkindha ahead of the forgathered troops of Vanaras.
vrm.4.37 Those quick paced Vanaras quickly reached Kishkindha just at that moment when Lakshmana is still with Sugreeva, and those Vanaras arrived at that place where Sugreeva is available along with Lakshmana.
vrm.4.38 Gladdening Sugreeva who is indomitably mighty and the indomitable one among all vanara s, Lakshmana spoke these courteous words to him, "oh, gentle one, if it please you, make an exit from Kishkindha.
vrm.4.39 Angada, the crown prince of Kishkindha, who matches his father Vali in valour has then turned up with a thousand Padma legions and a hundred Shanku legions of vanara s.
vrm.4.46 "Unhopeful of Vali s aliveness then I arrived in Kishkindha, and on getting the very magnificent kingdom of Kishkindha, and also Ruma along with Tara, I was peaceably staying there with friends.
vrm.4.46 Vali" then came back to Kishkindha on killing that great Rakshasa, and then I was spellbound in fear of Vali s killing me, and I gave back the kingdom to Vali owing to my deference to him.
vrm.4.53 If we go back to Kishkindha now, on seeing us returning without completing our assignment, and with a thinking to satisfy Rama Sugreeva wishes to liquidate us without any doubt.
vrm.4.54 "But, if you return to Kishkindha along with us, and if you obediently become Sugreeva s flanker, he establishes you only in kingdom as before.
vrm.4.54 Oh, Angada, therefore go back to Kishkindha, rather than deflecting, deviating and deserting your own kingdom.
vrm.4.57 "When Rama along with Lakshmana, and even Sugreeva will be infuriated by our infringement of time, and even on our going to Kishkindha, as infringers there will be no survival for all of us.
vrm.4.58 For sure, you will return to Kishkindha on your finding Vaidehi, and on your becoming productive of you objective.
vrm.4.65 If I am not proceeding to Lanka, nor any other Vanara is proceeding, then we have to undertake self immolation once again, isn t it! I do not perceive any secure protection for our lives on our going to Kishkindha without fulfilling the bidding of that resolute king of Vanaras Sugreeva.
vrm.4.65 and our going to Kishkindha trespassing his bidding is as good as our entering into our own doom.
vrm.4.65 It will happen in that way only as our going back to Kishkindha results in no other way, thereby it will be apt of you to think deeply, as you can envision the implications.
vrm.5.13 To me reaching Kishkindha what would Sugreeva say or Vanaras there or those sons of Dasharatha what would they say? Going there by me for Rama, Seetha has not been seen thus if I say a very unpleasant word thereafter Rama will give up life.
vrm.5.13 I will not go from here to the Kishkindha city.
vrm.5.30 "Not finding a rescue when I return to Kishkindha, the illustrious princess Seetha may give up her life.
vrm.5.35 Thereafter, Rama and Lakshmana the two valiant princes reached Kishkindha.
vrm.5.62 Thus speaking to the garden guards, the mighty Dadhimukha quickly springing up all at once, went to Kishkindha together with the garden guards.
vrm.5.64 "O Rama, of unlimited prowess! Do not encounter troubled thoughts now!" Meanwhile, when the Vanaras, who are proud of Hanuma s performance and who are making noise as though they are proclaiming about the accomplishment of their act are approaching Kishkindha Sugreeva heard certain sounds expressing joy, in the vicinity of the sky.
vrm.6.4 Let whatever little of feeble forces stay back in Kishkindha, as our operation will indeed be dreadful.
vrm.6.20 What does it matter to you, if I have embezzled the wife of a wise prince? Therefore return to Kishkindha This Lanka cannot be reached by Vanaras in any way.
vrm.6.28 These Vanaras, the attendants of Sugreeva born of Devas and Gandharvas, are able to change their form at will and always stay in Kishkindha.
vrm.6.28 The other whom you see as an unshakable mountain and standing in the centre of Vanaras as a Lord of all chiefs of Vanaras, with a boundless energy and who, like a Himalayan hill, very much radiating the other Vanaras by his splendour, glory, wisdom, strength and his noble descent, who occupies along with the chiefs of Army Generals, a secret place called Kishkindha, with its forests and trees and the place inaccessible because of its impassable mountains, in which is established a good fortune of Devas and human beings, whose charming and golden coloured garland with hundred lotuses is beautifying, that person is Sugreeva.
vrm.6.50 Consoling and convincing Vibhishana thus, Sugreeva spoke to Sushena, his father in law, who was on his side as follows: "Taking these two brothers, Rama and Lakshmana with the troops of Vanaras who are strong, you go to Kishkindha, till these two scourgers of their foes have recovered their consciousness.
vrm.6.122 Accompanied by your army, proceed to Kishkindha at once.
vrm.6.123 "O Seetha! Here is seen the beautiful City of Sugreeva, Kishkindha, which is full of colourful groves, where Vali was killed by me.
vrm.6.123 Seeing the City of Kishkindha, which was earlier ruled by Vali, Seetha, who was feeling timid through love, then spoke the following courteous words to Rama.
vrm.6.123 Reaching Kishkindha, causing the aerial car to halt, and looking at Sugreeva, Rama spoke to him the following words:
vrm.6.126 "Having been granted boons, Rama for his part flew to Kishkindha in an aerial car called Pushpaka, along with the Vanaras who gathered there.
vrm.6.128 Thereafter, all those excellent great souled Vanaras, offering their salutation to Rama and getting permission from him, returned to Kishkindha.
vrm.6.128 Having seen Rama s coronation ceremony, Sugreeva the chief of Vanaras, after getting honoured by Rama, entered the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.39 After some time he arrived at the city of Kishkindha reared by Vali and invited him, wearing golden garland, to fight.
vrm.7.39 And having recited his prayers there also, Vali, the son of Indra, and the king of Vanaras, carrying Ravana, returned to the city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.39 Having gone through his Sandhya rites at the four oceans and carrying Ravana, that Vanara chief was greatly exhausted and therefore descended into the gardens of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.39 Thereupon holding each other by the arms they entered the city of Kishkindha like unto two lions, entering delightedly a cave.
vrm.7.42 Then he ordered the celestial messenger saying "At my behest, O emissary, do thou proceed to the highly picturesque city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.42 At my command Viswakarma has constructed the celestial and picturesque city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.42 Brahma, having said this, the celestial emissary, with Riksharaja before him, proceeded to the highly picturesque city of Kishkindha.
vrm.7.50 Thereupon the highly effulgent Rama, the descendant of Raghu said to Sugriva :"O gentle one, proceeding to the city of Kishkindha, hard to be got at by the Devas and Asuras, do thou reign there undisturbed with thy councillors.

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