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vrm.1.51 "Moving sequentially about the provinces, cities, rivers likewise mountains, king Vishvamitra arrived at the threshold of a hermitage which is with numerous flowered trees and climbers, overspread with very many herds of animals, adored by the Siddhas and Caaranas, frequented and embellished with Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, and Kinnaras, spread out with equable deer, adored by flights of Birds, compacted with the assemblages of Brahmarshis, and also with the assemblages of Devarshis who are fully accomplished in their ascesis, where the personal resplendence of each of the great souled sage is similar to each of the Ritual fire available in each of the Ritual Fire Altar before which he is sitting, and which hermitage is bustling with the activity of great souled sages who are comparable to Brahma, among whom some subsist on water alone, and some on air alone, likewise some more on dry leaves, while some on fruits, tubers, and with such of those sages and also with particular sages like Vaalakhilya s, also with others like Vaikhanasa s, who are all self controlled, who have overcame their peccabilites, who have overpowered their senses that hermitage is occupied, and while everyone of the inmates is engaged in meditations and oblations into Ritual fire, and with such sages and their activity whole of the perimeter of that hermitage is brightened and rendered splendent, and king Vishvamitra arrived at such a magnificent hermitage of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.2.50 The blessed river was graced by Devas and Danavas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras and was constantly visited by consorts of Nagas and Gandharvas.
vrm.2.54 I consider the abode of Chitrakuta as the right place for you to stay, Oh Rama, possessed of great strength! You set off for that well known, sacred and lovely mountain, Chitrakuta which is adoned with clusters of trees of every description, frequented by Kinnaras and Nagas, is rendered charming by the cried of peacocks and infested with lordly Elephants and bountiful with tubers and fruits.
vrm.2.93 "Behold, O Shatrughna, this mountain, hitherto frequented by Kinnaras, now teaming with Horses on every side, as a sea is infested by allegators.
vrm.2.94 "O, my good lady! See these Kinnaras, thrilling to be looked at, in their high spirits, wandering in couples in these lovely mountain plains.
vrm.3.75 And that is adored by the beings like Kinnaras, Uragas,
vrm.5.1 That great Vanara Hanuma shone like a Naga in a lake, standing on the foot of that great mountain, where many Nagas resided, which was beautifully decorated with many naturally formed mineral rocks of varied hue like black, white, red, blue, yellow and green and which was surrounded by Pannagas and Yakshas, Kinnaras, Gandharvas who were capable of assuming desired form, together with their families.
vrm.5.1 That great Mainaka who was covered by water in all directions, who had peaks with Kinnaras and Uragas, which were equal to a sun rise, which were touching the sky, and which had a golden hue, being ordered by the ocean, showed his peaks in an instant.
vrm.5.33 Why?" "O auspicious lady! In whom are you born whether in Suras or in Asuras or in Nagas, Gandharvas or Rakshasas or in Yakshas or in Kinnaras?"
vrm.5.51 "The renowned Rama, who is equal in prowess to Vishnu is the foremost among Devas or Asuras or men, or among hordes of Yakshas or among all Vidyadharas, or among Gandharvas or among Uragas or among Siddhas or among excellent Kinnaras or among Patatris Suparnas or among all living beings at all places and at all times.
vrm.5.56 The mountain was endowed with many cascades, crowded together with heaps of rocks and frequented by great sages, Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras and Uragas.
vrm.5.56 Then, leaving that tormented mountain of excellence Kinnaras, Nagas, Gandharvas, Yakshas and Vidyadharas ascended to the sky.
vrm.6.27 O king of Rakshasas! This commander named Krathana, the son of Visravasa, the illustrious one, sits beneath the Jambu tree, on that mountain, the king of peaks, which is frequented by Kinnaras, and which mountain affords delight constantly to your brother.
vrm.6.35 Cats" mate with Tigers, Pigs with Dogs, Kinnaras with Rakshasas and men.
vrm.6.69 All were such as had never been heard of having been conquered by Devas or Gandharvas or Kinnaras or great Uragas while encountering a battle.
vrm.6.74 From that mountain, Hanuma then ascended Mount Malaya, appearing as Mounts Meru and Mandara, filled with several kinds of cascades, full of many trees and creepers, having Kamala and Utpala lotuses blooming, visited by Devas and Gandharvas, having a height of Sixty Yojanas four hundred eighty miles, frequented by Vidyadharas, a number of sages and Apsaras, filled with various kinds of animal troupes and illuminated by many caves, Hanuma grew his body, appearing like a cloud, bewildering Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras.
vrm.6.79 With an intent to see that wonderful battle, all the Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, Kinnaras and great Uragas reached the sky.
vrm.6.102 The Devas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras thought that the battle was not equal between Rama standing on the ground and Ravana fighting from a chariot.
vrm.6.107 Then, the Devas along with Gandharvas, Siddhas, great Sages and all including Kinnaras and Uragas became disquieted.
vrm.7.11 And coming there frequently, Devas with Gandharvas and Apsaras and Nagas and Kinnaras, ever spot there.
vrm.7.26 And Ravana said O great Rishi, who is that person, gifted with great effulgence, who goeth surrounded by charming songsters, dancing girls and Kinnaras?" Hearing his words Parvata, the foremost of saints, again said "He is heroic and a great warrior he never returneth unsucessful from a battle field.
vrm.7.31 And there sang the Kinnaras.
vrm.7.36 The mountain had a thousand summits and the Lions were residing in the caves and hundreds of fountain were falling from it; the mountain was as if laughing aloud and the Devas, Gandharvas, Apsaras and Kinnaras were sporting there with their females; and it appeared in consequence thereof like the region of Devas; and rivers, with waters transparent like crystal, were lowing.
vrm.7.47 And those songsters, well trained and having a musical voice like the Kinnaras, began to eulogize the heroic king, to the increase of his joy.

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