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vrm.5.42 Ravana, with a great splendour, sent Rakshasas with a valiance equal to him, called Kinkaras, in order to catch hold of Hanuma.
vrm.5.42 He ordered for eighty thousand of those Kinkaras who were strong.
vrm.5.42 All those mighty Kinkaras with their large bellies, long tusks and terrible forms, longing to fight with iron mallets and clubs in hand, in eagerness to lay hold on Hanuma, started from that place.
vrm.5.42 Killing the valiant Rakshasas called Kinkaras, that heroic Hanuma wishing to fight again, arrived at the archy gate way.
vrm.5.42 Some Rakshasas, who somehow escaped from that terror, went to Ravana and informed him that all the Kinkaras have been killed.
vrm.5.43 After killing the Kinkaras, that Hanuma thought to himself as follows: "The grove was damaged by me.
vrm.5.43 Those Kinkaras with huge bodies surrounded Hanuma, duly discharging those weapons.
vrm.5.58 "Hearing those words, Ravana sent invincible Rakshasas called Kinkaras, who were adapted to the mind of Ravana.

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