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vrm.2.11 "Oh King of the Kings, Dasaratha Be true to your promise and protect your caste, character and birth.
vrm.2.26 Kings being pleased by good character and served by exerting one s self become happy.
vrm.2.26 They get angry if it is to the contrary Kings abandon even their own sons, if they are antagonistic and accept even other people if they are fitting
vrm.2.58 Kings are indeed sovereign in substance.
vrm.3.43 Kings" pursuing games of hunting in great forests, oh, Lakshmana, will be felling deer either for the sake of flesh, or just for the purpose of sporting archery.
vrm.4.18 Kings" are the bounteous benefactors of the unobtainable righteousness and propitious lifestyles, oh, best vanara, no doubt about it.
vrm.7.42 I have duty described to thee at length all events and bare recounted the stories relating to the bith of the Kings of Vanaras and Rakshasas.

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