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vrm.1.10 "On hearing the heart pleasing words of all those courtesans, Rishyasringa made up his mind to go over there, and then those women took him away to their place in Anga Kingdom.
vrm.1.10 "While that great soul ad Brahman Rishyasringa while being brought into Anga Kingdom, then the Rain god quickly showered rain in Anga kingdom to the delight of the world.
vrm.1.10 "Towards that Brahman Rishyasring who is coming along with rains into his own kingdom Anga Kingdom, the king Romapada has gone towards that sage and bowed his head down, and paid respects touching the ground, and offered water customarily with dedication and the king besought beneficence of the best one, Rishyasringa to save from the fury of his father Sage Vibhandaka, even after knowing the king s pursuit in bringing Rishyasringa to this country.
vrm.4.41 b, a "From there, on going to the Paandya Kingdom you shall see a fully golden castle door bracing the compound wall of the fortress, which is decorated with pearls and jewels, and conduct your search even in that kingdom.
vrm.5.34 "O Seetha the daughter of the king of Videha Kingdom! I have come here as your messenger on Rama s directions.
vrm.5.42 I am the servant of Rama, the king of Kosala Kingdom, who is unwearied in action.

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