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vrm.1.1 "On Rama s going to Chitrakuta thus, King Dasharatha is aggrieved by the grief for son and went to heavens grieving for son.
vrm.1.3 Of Rama, Lakshmana and Seetha, also of King Dasharatha and his wives, and what bechanced on Rama when he was in kingdom Ayodhya Valmiki veritably discerned all that.
vrm.1.3 Disruption in royal unction of Raghava his exile to forests King Dasharatha s grief and bewailing, and thus his departing to other worlds.
vrm.1.5 With that kind of thousands of archers, and with speediest chariot warriors she that Ayodhya is filled with, and King Dasharatha made his abode in such a city.
vrm.1.6 a While residing in which city King Dasharatha ruled the world that city is further fortified up to two more Yojana s outside city, true to its name a Yodhya, an un assailable one.
vrm.1.7 Eight ministers are there for that valiant and glorious King Dasharatha, who are clean at heart and are involved in the works of the king and kingdom at all time.
vrm.1.7 Two venerable saints of eminence are religious ministers for they are authorities in Vedic rituals, namely Vashishta and Vamadeva, who are the acquiescent with religious matters, and apart from these two some more religious ministers are also there to King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.7 Well dressed and well decorated and they the ministers of King Dasharatha, observe decency in the interest of the king and also of the kingdom, with diligence and with a truthful eye.
vrm.1.7 In the company of those ministers, who are conducive to the strategies, interested in the king and subjects as well, skilful and efficient ones, he that King Dasharatha obtained brilliance, like the rising Sun along with resplendent sunrays.
vrm.1.8 To him, to such an effectual and virtuously great souled King Dasharatha, a dynasty enriching son is not begotten though his heart is burning to beget children.
vrm.1.8 Then on adoring them virtuous King Dasharatha spoke this impressible sentence that included justification and meaning.
vrm.1.8 All of them becoming happy have also said to King Dasharatha, let the paraphernalia be provided, and your ritual Horse be released.
vrm.1.8 Then King Dasharatha is gladdened on hearing the sayings of those Brahmans.
vrm.1.9 Sumantra, the charioteer and one of the misters of King Dasharatha, having heard all about the king s desire to perform a Vedic ritual, said this in confidence to king, "oh, king, I will tell an early legend, an early legendary narration that I listened.
vrm.1.9 "Oh! King, having brought Sage Rishyasringa and honouring him well with good care, procedurally give him your daughter Shanta in marriage to that Vedic Brahman and the son of Sage Vibhandaka.
vrm.1.9 Sage" Rishyasringa, son in law of Romapada, King of Anga ad as well as to you, if invited to our kingdom he will bless you to beget sons, oh! King.
vrm.1.9 Thus the charioteer and the Minister Sumantra completed his narration in confidence to King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.9 Then King Dasharatha is delighted and in turn spoke to Sumantra "By what idea Rishyasringa is brought to Anga kingdom, that shall be said.
vrm.1.10 Sumantra thus motivated by King Dasharatha, said these words to king "Oh! King, how and with which idea Sage Rishyasringa is brought by the ministers of Romapada, all that will be spoken.
vrm.1.10 "The ministers along with clergyman have spoken this way to King Romapada, this is a non harmful pan well thought over by us.
vrm.1.10 "Hearing that the King replied the priest, "Let it be so.
vrm.1.10 "On entering the palace princess Shanta is given to Rishyasringa in customary marriage, and then that King Romapada obtained rejoice with a peaceful mind.
vrm.1.10 Thus that great fulgent Rishyasringa lived in Anga kingdom along with his wife Shanta, and with all his desires fulfilled and also well worshipped" Thus Sumantra said the legend of Rishyasringa to King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.11 King Dasharatha will befriend the king of Anga and the king of Anga
vrm.1.12 Then bowing his head before that Brahmana sage Rishyasringa whose is glow is like that of a deity, King Dasharatha verily beseeched that sage to conduct Vedic ritual on his behalf as he wished to beget progeny to maintaining his family line.
vrm.1.12 Then King Dasharatha said to his best minister Sumantra, "Let the Vedic scholars and ritual conductors like Sages Suyajna, Vamadeva, Jabali, and Kaashyapa, along with the family priest Vashishta, as well as other Vedic Brahmans that are there, they all be invited swiftly.
vrm.1.12 On the departure of the prominent Brahmans, King Dasharatha sent off those ministers who are still available there for further orders from the king, and then he the great resplendent king has entered his own palace.
vrm.1.13 b, a "You personally invite Janaka the king of Mithila, a valiant one and an advocate of truth, honouring his well and duly bearing in mind that he is a long time associate of our King Dasharatha, hence I am telling you in the first instance.
vrm.1.13 "Thus that King of Kasi who is always a friendly, affectionate and a cordial one, indeed he shall be invited by you personally.
vrm.1.13 "Likewise, King of Kekaya, an elderly, very virtuous, and also the father in law of our Lion King Dasharatha, you personally invite him along with his sons.
vrm.1.13 "Like that King of Kosala namely Bhanumanta, and the King of Magadha, a brave one and a profound one in all scriptural knowledge, let them be honoured well and be invited.
vrm.1.13 Further, taking the orders of King Dasharatha and motivated by those orders, the kings of Sindhu, Sauviira and Sauraastra kingdoms may also be invited.
vrm.1.13 Then the well pleased Sage Vashishta said this to King Dasharatha "the kings from distant kingdoms have arrived at your behest, oh, tigerly man, and thse best kings are well honoured by me also as per their status.
vrm.1.13 Said Sage Vashishta to King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.13 Thus, on a good day while the ruling star of the day is favourable, King Dasharatha came forth towards the ritual hall according to the advice of both the sages Vashishta and Rishyasringa.
vrm.1.14 That Altar of Fire of that King, the Lion, is layered by expert Brahmans in the shape of an eagle with golden wings, with its size being three folds bigger than the altars of other rituals, thus it has eighteen separators, and fire is laid on it.
vrm.1.14 Three hundred animals are tied to the ritual posts, along with the gemlike best ritual Horse of that King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.14 a, a Then to the other Brahmans who arrived there to see the ritual, King Dasharatha sincerly donated ten million gold coins.
vrm.1.14 b, a Then that benevolent and valiant King Dasharatha prostrated on ground venerating the Brahmans, and the Brahmans too chanted various blessing hymns on that prostrating king.
vrm.1.18 Well adored by king Dasharatha sage Rishyasringa also travelled along with his wife Shanta, followed by his father in law King Romapada, and along with other co travellers, namely the entourage of Romapada.
vrm.1.18 b, a King Dasharatha is highly gladdened with four of his highly fortunate sons like the Forefather Brahma with Devas in heaven.
vrm.1.19 On listening the grand and detailed sentences of that King the lion Dasharatha, the great resplendent Sage Vishvamitra is thrilled with happiness and spoke this way.
vrm.1.29 b, a "In the meantime, when Vishnu was in his asceticism in this hermitage, the son of King Virochana, namely Bali, has completely conquered all the assemblages of Devas together with Indra and his coterie called Maruts, and ruling that kingdom where that hermitage is there, he has become renowned in all the three worlds for his magnanimity.
vrm.1.30 "My purpose in conducting the ritual is fully realised, oh, dextrous Rama, and you too, as a highly illustrious prince, have actualised the word of honour of your mentor, where one mentor is your father King Dasharatha and other is myself, and likewise oh, valiant Rama the glory of this Accomplished hermitage is also actualised.
vrm.1.31 "Oh, best one among men, a highly righteous Vedic ritual belonging to King Janaka of Mithila is going to take place, and we the sages are going over there.
vrm.1.31 Hence it is kept in the palace of King of Mithila, and oh, Raghava it is worshipped with a variety of sandalwood pastes, scents of aloe substance, and with incenses.
vrm.1.33 King" Brahmadatta endued with superb grandeur ruled from a city called Kaampilya as with Indra ruling the heaven.
vrm.1.37 The elder daughter King of Mountains, namely Ganga, will graciously welcome the offspring from Agni, and that act of Ganga in welcoming the offspring through Agni will also be pleasurable in many ways to the younger daughter of King of Mountains, namely Uma, no doubt about it.
vrm.1.37 Oh, Agni, you please coordinate the mission of Gods, oh, great resplendent god of Fire, you may release the potence of Shiva, which you have contained so far, in the daughter of King of Mountains, namely River Ganga.
vrm.1.38 "The daughter of King of Vidarbha, renowned by name Kesini, is the eldest wife of Sagara, and she was virtue minded, and an advocate of truth.
vrm.1.38 "Reaching the Himalayan Mountains along with his two wives that great King Sagara practised asceticism on a mountain called Brugu prsravana for progeny.
vrm.1.38 "On listening the words of the sage, oh, Rama, oh, delighter of Raghu s dynasty, the first queen Kesini has chosen one son who enriches the dynasty in the presence of King Sagara.
vrm.1.41 Thus King Sagara started speaking to his grandson Amshuman.
vrm.1.41 "Motivated by the King Sagara, oh, Rama, the best one among men, Amshuman progressed on the walkway that was hollowed out by his great souled paternal uncles inside the earth.
vrm.1.41 "Then on reaching the King Sagara, who is under the vow of the ritual, oh, Rama, Amshuman described what all has happened and even the words of Garuda.
vrm.1.41 "On completing the Vedic ritual King Sagara arrived at his capital, but that king could not arrive at a decision about the arrival of Ganga to the earth.
vrm.1.42 When King Sagara passed away owing to the irrefutable virtue of Time, the ministers and subjects of that kingdom are predisposed towards the highly honourable Amshuman to become their king and they enthroned him accordingly.
vrm.1.44 King" Bhagiratha followed by Ganga has gone to the ocean like ditch which is dredged up by the sons of Sagara, and entered the subterranean of earth where the sons of Sagara are rendered to ashes.
vrm.1.47 Today" we may gladly go to sleep here for a night, and oh, best one among men, and it will be apt of you to see Janaka, the King of Mithila tomorrow morning.
vrm.1.47 King Sumati arrived along with his mentors and family members, offered an excellent veneration to Vishvamitra, and then spoke to the sage with adjoined palms enquiring about his well being.
vrm.1.48 On hearing those words of King Sumati, Vishvamitra informed him about the visit of Rama and Lakshmana to the Hermitage of Accomplishment, also about the elimination of Rakshasas, as it has happened.
vrm.1.48 a, b King Sumati is highly astonished to hear the words of Vishvamitra about the visit of Rama and Lakshmana, and treating them to have come as the most prominent and honour worthy guests that king started to honour those two great mighty sons of Dasharatha customarily.
vrm.1.48 c, On getting high honours from King Sumati, Raghava s stayed there along with Vishvamitra and with the community of sages for one night, and then they all have moved on to Mithila.
vrm.1.48 "Oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, though knowing him as the Thousand eyed Indra in the guise of her husband Gautama, she is inclined to have intercourse ill advisedly, only to satisfy the impassion of the King of Gods.
vrm.1.54 a King" Vishvamitra was utterly infuriated and with wide eyed anger he started to destroy those Pahlava s with many a kind of his weaponry.
vrm.1.67 ministers of the king have reported to their godlike King Janaka.
vrm.1.68 King Dasharatha is highly gladdened on hearing that message from the delegates, and said this way to Vashishta, Vamadeva, and to his other ministers, as well.
vrm.1.69 On seeing his two sons, the super medallists in Raghu s dynasty, King Dasharatha is highly rejoiced and he resided in Mithila with a high contentment, for the reverence of Janaka is that high.
vrm.1.72 King Dasharatha on going to his visitatorial palace has
vrm.1.73 On handing over his daughter Seetha who is duly sanctified with sanctified waters, King Janaka is completely overwhelmed with exhilaration for the successful performance of his bit as a father and he said this.
vrm.1.74 King Janaka gave beau idal bridal riches in gold, silver, pearls and corals even, for he is very highly gladdened as Seetha s marriage came true.
vrm.1.77 Then the King Dasharatha ordered that legion to move ahead, and then they all went towards delightful city Ayodhya, whose royal highways are wetted with water, sprinkled with bunches of flowers, decorated with banners and bannerettes up above them, and reverberating with high sounding bugle horns.
vrm.1.77 b, a Yudhajit on clinching not only Bharata, but Shatrughna also, that valiant one is highly gladdened and entered his own city, indeed to the high rejoice of his father, King of Kekaya.
vrm.2.1 The hurried Dasaratha did not call for the king Kekaya, the maternal uncle of Bharata or the King Janaka as he thought they both could hear the good news even afterwards.
vrm.2.2 In a loud voice resembling that of a kettle drum, resounding the air like a thundering cloud and in a sweet splendid and incomparable voice endowed with the characteristics of a king s voice, King Dasaratha the lord of men spoke to the kings as follows:
vrm.2.2 After understanding the opinion of King Dasaratha, who knew the holy and worldly matters, the Brahmans, important people, urban and rural citizens came to a consensus after discussing together and told the aged king as follows.
vrm.2.2 King Dasaratha, after hearing their words, spoke as follows as though he did not know their mind earlier and sought to know their true intention.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha, accepted their salutations with folded hands resembling lotus buds and spoke good and agreeable words to them as follows: "Oh! I am very much pleased and incomparable is my fortune in that you desire my beloved elder son to be anointed as prince.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha, thus duly returning the honor done by them, spoke while they were listening, to Vasishta, Vamadeva and other Brahmans as follows:
vrm.2.3 When their applause gradually subsided, King Dasaratha spoke the following words to the best of sages, Vasishta.
vrm.2.3 Afterwards the kings belonging to east, west, north, south as well as those belonging to Mleccha kingdom, Aryaa Vartha kingdom and those ruling in hill and forest areas sat there and attended on King Dasaratha as Devas attended on Devendra.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha was thus not satiated enough in seeing Rama, coming like a cloud that gladdens people by relieving them from the scorching summer heat.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha took into his embrace that beloved son who was standing humbly beside him with folded hands.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha gave Rama a great throne, which was high, excellent and beautiful, decorated with gold and diamonds.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha was as delighted in seeing his beloved son, as one delights in seeing oneself adorned, in a mirror.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha, the best among those who have sons, smilingly conversed with his son, and addressed Rama as follows, as Kasyapa does to his eldest son Devendra the ruler of Devas.
vrm.2.3 Having heard those words of the king, seeing their dearest wish gratified, the citizens took leave of the King Dasaratha and returned to their homes full of joy, in order to give thanks and render homage to the Gods.
vrm.2.4 Hearing those words, Sumantra said: King" Dasaratha wants to see you.
vrm.2.5 "Your father King Dasaratha is anointing you affectionately for the princely kingdom tomorrow at dawn even as king Nahusha has done to Yayati".
vrm.2.5 Seeing Vasistha had returned, King Dasaratha alighted from his throne and asked him with regard to his mission.
vrm.2.5 King Dasaratha, after obtaining permission from Vasishta, left that assembly of men and entered his palace as a lion enters a mountain cave.
vrm.2.5 By the entering of King Dasaratha, the palace became more radiant, just as the moon radiates a beautiful sky with its stars.
vrm.2.7 King Dasaratha is going to anoint Rama for the princely kingdom".
vrm.2.7 King" Dasaratha has acted towards you and your son today in the same way as an enemy or a serpent would behave if ignored.
vrm.2.9 King Dasaratha will even jump into a fire for your sake.
vrm.2.9 King Dasaratha may offer you diamonds, pearls, gold and various other precious stones.
vrm.2.10 King Dasaratha ordered for various arrangements to be made for Rama s coronation, took permission to leave from the elders who were present there and entered his palace.
vrm.2.10 King Dasaratha entered his magnificent palace but could not find his beloved kaikeyi on her best couch there.
vrm.2.10 King Dasaratha, after seeing Kaikeyi lying down on floor in the chamber of wrath, became tormented with grief.
vrm.2.11 "Oh, King! no body has insulted me, nor despised me.
vrm.2.11 King" Dasaratha, who has true promise, who has great valour, who knows righteousness and who has good equanimity of mind, is giving boon to me.
vrm.2.11 "Oh, King! Remember what happened in the battle between Devas and Asuras in the olden times.
vrm.2.11 "Oh, King! There, I saved you.
vrm.2.11 "Oh, King! The protection of the Earth, the one who has true promise! I am hunting for those boons, which were given by you and kept with you for safe custody.
vrm.2.11 There afterwards, Kaikeyi spoke these words to Dasaratha who was ready to give boons and who was infatuated by lust: "Oh, King! the lord of Earth, now only I am asking for those boons which were given by you then.
vrm.2.11 "Oh King of the Kings, Dasaratha Be true to your promise and protect your caste, character and birth.
vrm.2.12 After hearing the cruel words of Kaikeyi King Dasaratha got disturbed and suffered great agony for a while.
vrm.2.12 Regaining consciousness after a long time and feeling much distressed and angry the King spoke thus to Kaikeyi, as though consuming her with fire in his eyes
vrm.2.14 King Dasaratha, with bedimmed eyes, was unable, as it were, to see.
vrm.2.14 King Dasaratha hearing his words which were soothing and meaningful, was surrounded with grief once more.
vrm.2.15 King Dasaratha ordered that charioteer there again thus I am not sleeping.
vrm.2.16 King" Dasaratha will give you kingdom, being served by brahmanas, which will invest you with eligibility to perform the great sacrifice at the coronation ceremony like Brahma to Devendra.
vrm.2.20 Protect the righteousness engrained in your race Oh,Rama King Dasaratha ,your father is a man of true promise.
vrm.2.23 "Oh, King! Those who are secritlyadvocating you to live in a forest for fourteen years, will have to reside in forest for fourteen years in that manner.
vrm.2.24 King Dasaratha, supreme commander has authority over you and me also now.
vrm.2.34 King Dasaratha surrounded by women, seeing from a distance his son coming with folded hands, distressed as he was, rose swiftly from his seat.
vrm.2.34 Seeing Rama, King Dasaratha ran speedily towards him.
vrm.2.35 King" Dasaratha is unconquerable as great Indra, unshakable as mountain and imperturbable as a great ocean.
vrm.2.35 There is none other than Rama living in your excellent city who is competent to rule this Ayodhya" "In the event of Rama being installe din the office of the prince Regent, King Dasaratha wielder of the great bow will surely have recourse to the forest, cherishly recollecting the conduct of his forebears"
vrm.2.36 Bharata" will not accept the kingdom, which will become uninhabited, hollow and which will be absolutely unenjoyable like wine, quaffed of its spiriteous part, Oh noble soul!" While Kaikeyi who has cast off her shame was thus uttering th emost cruel words, King Dasaratha spoke these words to that lady with large eyes: Having charged me with a burden, Oh hostile woman, why do you prick me while I am carrying it? Why did you not check beforewhile asking the boons by putting a condition that Rama should not be allowed to take anything with him the deedof sending troups etc with Rama in the begining itself, Oh the vulgar woman!"
vrm.2.36 "The highly righteous King Sagara abandoned Asamanja for perpetration sinful deeds as above.
vrm.2.36 You enjoy the kingdom for a long time, happily together with Bharata the King.
vrm.2.37 Hearing the words of the chief minister, Rama who was well versed in courtesy, spoke then to Dasaratha as follows: "Of what use for me, who have forsaken enjoyments, cast away attachment for everything and am going to live in the forest on nomadic food, Oh king, with an army accompanying me?" "Who, after giving away a first class Elephant, will work out his mind on a rope with which it is tied? What use is there for him through attachment to the rope after abandaning the excellent Elephant?" "Oh, the best among good men! So also, what use is there for me by the army Oh, King, when I am giving away absolutely all.
vrm.2.38 On seeing Seetha wearing bark of trees like a helpless woman, eventhough protected by her husband all the people there loudly cried out: Fie" upon you, Dasaratha!" Pained by that loud cry there, King Dasaratha lost interest in his life, religious merit and esteem.
vrm.2.52 Hearing that command, the chief minister of King Guha brought a charming boat to the bank and reported the matter to Guha.
vrm.2.55 Then Seetha the daughter of King Janaka was please to see the River Yamuna with wonderful sands and waters re echoing to the cry of swans and cranes.
vrm.2.57 Sumantra entered the eighth inner apartment and saw in that white house, King Dasaratha the miserable the sick and the exhausted man on account of the exhausted man on account of the grief for his son.
vrm.2.58 Leaving Rama the beloved of all people and who is interested in the welfare of all human beings, how would all these people would be interested in you by this act of yours? By banishing Rama who is delightful to entire people and who is a virtuous man and by opposing all this entire world, how will you stay as a king? Oh, King! The wise Seetha for her part with her mind like one possessed and forgetting her own existence, stood sighing and static.
vrm.2.59 King Dasaratha, his mind very much despaired with grief and plunged in an ocean of sorrow, very difficult to be crossed, spoke as follows
vrm.2.63 After Rama was sent into exile to the forest, King Dasaratha, on the sixth night at mid night, was recalling his sin done long ago.
vrm.2.63 King Dasaratha, afflicted by grief for his son, recalling his sin, spoke the following words to Kausalya who was suffering from sorrow for her son.
vrm.2.64 Touch me well Thus speaking, King Dasaratha, terribly weeping said to his wife as follows: O, queen! The wrong that was done by me in respect of Rama was not befitting of me.
vrm.2.64 In this manner, King Dasaratha weeping as aforesaid, reached the end of his life in the presence of Kausalya and Sumitra.
vrm.2.64 King Dasaratha of noble appearance, thus speaking, who was already miserable and distressed for sending his son to exile, felt afflicted with extreme grief by the time the mid night passed and forthwith abandoned his life.
vrm.2.67 Markandeya, Moudgalya, Vamadeva, Kasyapa,Katyayana, Goutama and the greatly famous Jabali all these Brahmans together with the ministers turned towards the excellent royal priest Vasishta and one by one spoke as follows: King Dasaratha having obtained death due to grief born of separation from his sons Rama and Lakshmana, the night which burdened like a hundred years, has passed over with great difficulty.
vrm.2.67 King Dasaratha, like a flag, was an identity for us and he has left the world for a heavenly abode.
vrm.2.71 Driving through grove quickly in the night, Bharata at the dawn saw the city of Ayodhya, which was earlier built by King Manu.
vrm.2.72 King Dasaratha mostly used to here in your house.
vrm.2.72 King Dasaratha, your father who was having a noble nature, who was respect and performing frequent sacrifices as well as a refuge to good men followed that path which all beings follow.
vrm.2.72 O, son! Immediately on hearing decidedly about the coronation ceremony of Rama by me then, I asked your father to bestow kingdom to you and for banishment of Rama to the forest Submitting to his own decree, King Dasaratha, your father has done all that was requested by me.
vrm.2.92 "She, through whose fault, those two Tigers among men have to obtain a miserable existence and King Dasaratha deprived of his son, has gone to heaven this woman, who is irate, imprudent, arrogant, who esteems herself to be good looking, who is covetous of power, unworthy though noble to all appearance, know her to be Kaikeyi, my mother of wicked and sinful resolve, in whom I see the root cause of my great misfortune.
vrm.2.95 Then, turning away from the mountain, Rama The prospective ruler of Kosala showed Seetha the daughter of the King of Mithila the beautiful river of Mandakini carrying splendid waters.
vrm.2.98 "That enchanting mountain of Chitrakuta resembles the King of Mountains on which Rama is residing, as Kubera is living in the garden of Nandana.
vrm.2.100 "I hope that the King Dasaratha is well, he who is true to his promise, he who performs Rajasuya and Ashvamedha Sacrifices and he who has a righteous resolve.
vrm.2.103 Hearing that the King and his father had ascended to heaven, the virtuous.
vrm.2.103 Rama placed the pulp of the Ingudi tree mixed with the pulp of plums on a mat of Kusa grass and overcome with sadness, weeping, spoke the following words: "O, Great King! Be pleased to partake of this, which we eat for, that which man eats, is also consumed by his Gods.
vrm.2.104 Kausalya embraced the miserable Seetha as a mother her daughter, she who was emaciated because of her stay in the forest and afflicted with grief, and spoke the following words: "How has the daughter of King Janaka, the daughter in law of King Dasaratha and Rama s wife, fallen into such a wretched plight that she is living in a desolate forest?"
vrm.2.105 "O, dear brother! King Dasaratha, our father who was treated with respect by all virtuous men and who secured excellent life span and enjoyments, is not to be pitied.
vrm.2.105 King" Dasaratha, our father, having abandoned his worn out human body, indeed has attained the celstial state, by which he can stroll in the realm of Brahma the highest heaven.
vrm.2.105 "O, excellent among men! perceiving the virutous conduct of our father, the King Dasaratha, act in conformity to your own nature.
vrm.2.106 "O, King! He who knows the totality of time as you do, ought not to feel despondent even on meeting with adversity.
vrm.2.106 "The King Dasaratha was my preceptor, had several sacrificial performances to his credit was aged, was my father, equal to a deity and is now dead.
vrm.2.107 "O, My brother! Long ago, when our father married your mother, he promised your maternal grandfather that he would confer his kingdom as an exceptional marriage dowry" "Thereafter, in a conflict between Devas and Asuras, your mother received the promise of two boons from the efficient lord of the earth, King Dasaratha, as a token of his joy and gratitude.
vrm.2.107 "O, King! I too, without delay, will proceed to Dandaka forest along with Seetha and Lakshmana.
vrm.2.110 "While this King Anaranya, the most excellent among beings was reigning, there was neither dearth of rain nor a drought.
vrm.2.110 Aja and Suvrata were the two sons of Nabhaga and it was Aja who begot the virtuous King Dasaratha.
vrm.2.110 O, King! Hence, take over your kingdom and look after your people there.
vrm.2.118 "It is said that voice resembling that of a human being in the air above me rang out, saying": "O, King! Let it be so.
vrm.3.1 b,c We gave up punishments, either physically or by the power of curses, conquered are our anger and senses, and our ascesis is the only wealth of ours, thus oh! King, we are to be protected by you, like the foetus inside a womb.
vrm.3.4 a King Kubera thus cursed angrily me for not presenting myself in his service when I was interested in an Apsara Rambha, and indeed he alone said this curse clearance to me.
vrm.3.12 a Sons" of King Dasharatha, Rama and also thus Lakshmana have entered the threshold of hermitage along with the wife of Rama, namely Seetha.
vrm.3.34 "She has a complexion mathing the shade of refined gold, her nails are rosy and jutting, and she with her curvaceous hips and slim waist is the daughter of King of Videha, and known as Seetha.
vrm.3.49 Ravana who is infatuated with lust picked her up, which lady is disinclined for any kind of sensuality and who is verily writhing like the wife of King Cobra, and then he surged skyward and flew off with her in his air chariot.
vrm.3.66 Oh, Rama, as Gods have reaped Ambrosia after a prolonged churning of Milky Ocean, you are a reap of King Dasharatha s superlative ascesis and even by his superior acts.
vrm.4.1 "What sort of well being can I say to that virtuous and truth speaking King Janaka, if he enquires about Seetha s well being among hosts of people? "She who accompanied me, an unfortunate one whom his father sent to forests, taking up a virtuous course.
vrm.4.4 And he, King Dasharatha who performed rituals agniSToma and the like Vedic rituals wherein he donated liberally, and this one is his eldest son, and he is renowned among people by the name of Rama.
vrm.4.4 He is the protector of all beings and the follower of father s directives, he is the eldest one among the sons of King Dasharatha.
vrm.4.28 "On carrying out all the domestic affairs and completely garnering the goods in aashaaDha month only, Bharata, the King of Kosala, might have engaged in the four month vow.
vrm.4.31 Angada succumbing to high despair caused by the scare neared Lakshmana who is aglow like the Fire of Perdition and like a King of Nagas, who is perforce infuriated.
vrm.4.43 That knowledgeable and the powerful one among all Vanaras, King Sugreeva, spoke words to Shatabala that are advantageous to himself, and beneficial to Rama as well.
vrm.4.49 King" Sugreeva is irascible and he is a ruthful persecutor too, oh, vanara s, we shall always be frightened of him, and of self reliant Rama as well.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma, the destructor of enemies, moved around in all directions searching for Seetha the wide eyed daughter of King of Videha Thereafter, Hanuma the glorious one neared and observed the best residence of Rakshasas and the house of Ravana, containing Elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks, those with two tusks and still not crowded.
vrm.5.9 Whatever was the fortune of Kubera the King of Yakshas, of Yama and of Varuna, the same fortune or even greater treasure was at this house of Ravana.
vrm.5.12 That daughter of King Janaka died of fear seeing the wives of Ravana with crooked appearances horrible ones without radiance with great faces with long and crooked eyes.
vrm.5.13 The simian Hanuma went far from the house of Ravana and not seeing Seetha, the daughter of King Janaka, said these words: The city of Lanka has been mostly explored by me attempting for the pleasure of Rama.
vrm.5.13 It has been said by the eagle King Sampati that Seetha is here in the house of Ravana.
vrm.5.13 How can the daughter of King Janaka, Ramas wife Seetha with a beautiful waist, with eyes like black lotus petals obtain Ravanas capture.
vrm.5.18 King of great fame, Ravana, together with those women with good appearance entered that garden resounded by animals and Birds.
vrm.5.21 "Killed by time even if you go to the mountain of Kubera or to his house or if you go to the assembly of King Varuna, without doubt you will not be relased from Rama like a great tree from thunderbolt.
vrm.5.22 King of rakshasas Ravana listening to Seetha s words turned around his cruel eyes and saw Seetha.
vrm.5.32 May it be well with Rama together with Lakshmana and with my father, King Janaka.
vrm.5.33 "Thereafter, in the thirteenth year, King Dasaratha along with his preceptors started to perform anointment of the kingdom to Rama, a celebrity of Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.5.33 "Hearing the cruel and the disagreeable words of Kaikeyi and recollecting the boon given to the queen, King Dasaratha who was true to his word, fell unconscious.
vrm.5.35 We were determined to forsake our lives because of despair in our non fulfillment of work, in our overstepping of time limit given by Sugreeva and in fear of the King Sugreeva.
vrm.5.35 Hearing about the killing of his brother, the vulture king Sampati the brother of slain Jatayu the King of Vultures spoke the following words in anger: O the best of Vanaras! Tell me who, where and how my younger brother Jatayu was killed and made to fall.
vrm.5.38 "After offering salutations to Rama and King Dasaratha and being discharged by that valiant Rama, the crow returned to its own abode.
vrm.5.42 Hanuma also then cried aloud with a clamorous voice as follows: "Long live the mighty Rama and the powerful Lakshmana! Long live the King Sugreeva, protected by Rama!"
vrm.5.43 "Long live Rama, skilled in archery and the powerful Lakshmana! Long lie the King Sugreeva, protected by Rama! I am Hanuma, the destroyer of the army of adversaries and the son of Vayu.
vrm.5.50 "The sight of Ravana the King of Rakshasas is difficult to be obtained.
vrm.5.51 O King! How do you protect your life from him?" "The fruit of righteousness does not exist together with the result of unrighteousness eventhough he practices virtue.
vrm.5.59 In all its royal high ways, the name of Rama and others was proclaimed by me as follows: Victorious is Rama, the exceedingly strong and the mighty Lakshmana too! Victorious is King Sugreeva, protected by Rama.
vrm.6.5 How Seetha the daughter of King Janaka, my darling and Dasarathas daughter in law is sleeping among Rakshasis?
vrm.6.6 Having seen the fearful and the terrible act in Lanka done by Hanuma, like Devendra the powerful King of Devas, Ravana with his face descended a little with shame, spoke to the Rakshasas as follows: By him, who was only a Vanara, the irresistible City of Lanka was entered into and was over powered.
vrm.6.7 Oh, King! Rama was not equal to them in combat, by their valour excellence and energy.
vrm.6.13 Appreciating the words spoken thus by Mahaparshva, King Ravana spoke the following words:
vrm.6.19 King Ravana along with those Rakshasas made war against the guardians of the earth.
vrm.6.24 That army of valiant Vanaras along with the King Sugreeva looked charming like a full moon night in atumn presided over by the moon and illuminated by bright stars.
vrm.6.24 Have you not fallen as a victim to their various fickled minds? Asked as aforesaid by the King Ravana, Shuka agitated as he was with fear, gave him the following excellent reply: On the northern shore of the ocean, i conveyed your message in a smooth tone, conciliatingly and without any ambignity exactly as per your instructions.
vrm.6.50 Then, Sugreeva the magnanimous King of Vanaras embraced that Vibhishana thus lamenting and spoke the following words: "O, knower of what is right! You shall certainly reign over Lanka.
vrm.6.50 O, King! Let Hanuman the son of Vayu go there.
vrm.6.50 The highly majestic and the mighty Garuda the eagle, the King of Birds, with his eys widened in gladness and with a pleased heart, spoke to Rama as follows: "O, Rama! I am your dearest friend Garuda dear as your own breath moving outside I came here for the purpose of helping you, both.
vrm.6.53 Hearing the death of Dhumraksha, Ravana the King of Rakshasas was possessed of anger and began to hiss like a serpent.
vrm.6.59 The other resembling a thunder bolt, of large and well developed chest, who has an attentive mind, has the King of Snakes as his standard, who is moving and twanging his bow, he is Kumbha.
vrm.6.59 Thus speaking, Ravana the long armed King of Rakshasas, having placed Agni Missile with his arrow, struck Nila the Army General.
vrm.6.59 Coming to the centre of the battle field, the powerful Ravana the King of Rakshasas prevented Lakshmana to go forward, halted, standing there in his glory and lifted up his bow.
vrm.6.59 Lakshmana of indomitable courage spoke to that Ravana who was lifting up his unfathomable bow as follows: O, King of Rakshasas! Now enter into combat with me cease from fighting with the Vanaras!
vrm.6.59 Then, Lakshmana, unmoved spoke to that Ravana who was roaring with his sharp and protruding teeth as follows: Greatly dignified ones eschew bragging! O, the foremost of evil doers! You are sounding your own praises! O, King of Rakshasas! I know your valour, strength, energy and
vrm.6.59 Thus accosted, the King of Rakshasas, infuriated, loosened seven marvellously plumed arrows which Lakshmana shattered with his beautiful golden shafted arrows of sharp ends and edges.
vrm.6.59 Seeing his successive arrows proving in vain, Ravana the King of
vrm.6.59 Whereupon, Ravana the King of Rakshasas shattered those pointed
vrm.6.59 O, Ravana the King of Rakshasas! The one who was struck by the spear, fell swooping this day only to recover consciousness immediately, will now, assuming the form of death, claim you, your sons and grandsons in battle.
vrm.6.59 That valiant King of Rakshasas, whom neither thunder nor lightning could cause disturbance or trembling stumbled letting fall his bow at the valiant impact of Rama s missile which created a deep injury.
vrm.6.59 O, King of the Ranger of night! I know you have been tormented in the battle.
vrm.6.59 At these words, that King Ravana, his joy boasting subdued, his bow shattered, his Horses and chariot slain pierced with arrows, his great diadem broken, he soon returned to Lanka.
vrm.6.60 Returning to the City of Lanka, Ravana the King of Rakshasas was afflicted with the fear of Rama s arrows, his pride was humbled and his senses troubled.
vrm.6.60 "Now, I shall drive away the misfortune from Ravana the King of Rakshasas, even if I have to cut Mahendra himself to pieces or to freeze the Fire.
vrm.6.60 Yupaksha, a minister of the King, with his hands joined salutation, spoke as follows to Kumbhakarna, the annihilator of his enemies, thus talking excitedly.
vrm.6.60 The Rakshasas, having awaken that sleeping Kumbhakarna of dreadful eyes, form and valour, went to the King s palace in haste.
vrm.6.97 Seeing that highly terrible mace, falling on him in that great battle, the mighty Sugreeva, the King of Vanaras, was enraged with red eyes and struck that mace, by lifting up the iron rod.
vrm.6.111 According to ordinance laid down by eminent sages and according to the rules viewed in Vedas, having sacrificed a Goat fit for sacrifice at that spot, the Rakshasas dampened with ghee on Ravana the King of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.115 The heart of King Rama, as he saw Seetha, the beloved of his heart near him, was torn for fear of public scandal.
vrm.6.117 Thereupon, Vaisravana, the King of Yakshas, Yama together with the Pitris, Indra the lord of Devas, Varuna the lord of waters, the illustrious Shiva having three eyes, Brahma the creator of all the worlds and the best among the knowers of sacred knowledge all these together reaching the City of Lanka in aerial cars, shining like the sun approached Rama.
vrm.6.119 Having instructed thus to his sons and Seetha, the King Dasaratha who was born in Raghu dynasty went to the abode of Indra, by an aerial car.
vrm.6.123 "O the mighty Sugreeva, the King of Vanaras! You too hasten to depart, taking the wives of all the Vanaras "we shall proceed.
vrm.7.16 And as in consequeucc of thy arms having been hurt by the mountain, thou hast uttered a terriffic yell, which struck horror unto the three worlds and put them shaking, therefore, O King, thy name shall be Ravana.
vrm.7.17 And then, O King, the mighty armed Ravana ranging the earth, came to Himavan and began to go round it.
vrm.7.17 Save and except thee alone, who, that is intellegent, crieth down Narayana, O King of Rakshasas.
vrm.7.34 Having said this and left aside Ravana, Sakra went to another side, O King, and fought terrifying the Rakshasas in the conflict.
vrm.7.37 At no distance from where on the banks of tbe river Narmada, that dreadful lord of Rakshasas collected the flowers, Arjuna, the King of Mahishmati, and the foremost of the victorous, was sporting with his wives in the water And being encircled by them the king Arjuna appearo like a leading elephant surrounded by a thousands of she elephants.
vrm.7.37 In order to measure the strength of his thousand arms the King of Haihayas obstructed the course Narmada.
vrm.7.37 The King of men and the King of Rakshasas battled and wounded one another with their clubs like unto the bulls stiking one another with their horns and like two elephants with their tusks.
vrm.7.40 Hearing the words of Rahu, the King of the Devas, wearing a golden garland, having his understanding bewildered, proceeded, on the back of his elephant chief Airavat, huge like the summit of the Kailasa hill, with temporal juice always trickling, having four tusks, roaring, and adorned with golden bells, towards Hanuman and the sun with Rahu before him.
vrm.7.53 From now we shall also brooks the bad conduct of our wives for the subjects always tread the footsteps of their King.
vrm.7.53 O King, the subjects thus talk of many things in cities and provinces.
vrm.7.54 And having saluted him, with folded palms he said to the high souled Lakshmana "The King wishes to behold thee do thou soon go there.
vrm.7.54 Having beheld Lakshmana s departure the warder humbly went to Bharata and having blessed him with folded hands said: "The King wishes to see thee.
vrm.7.54 Seeing Bharata s departure the warder speedily went to Satrughna and with folded hands said: Do thou come, O foremost Raghus, the King wisheth to behold thee.
vrm.7.56 At the command of the King, I shall take Sita to the hermitage of the ascetics ever engaged in pious actions.
vrm.7.58 By renouncing this wretched wight do thou satisfy the King s orders.
vrm.7.58 Thereupon saluting the pious King do thou address him, in my name, saying: Thou knowest O Raghava that Sita is pure, ever devoted unto thee and engaged in thy well being.
vrm.7.61 He being silent the great King Dasaratha, having bowed unto the two high souled ascetics, again returned to his city Ayodhya.
vrm.7.64 May I ask thee, O foremost of men, what did that King say unto the Brahmans when he was thus imprecated?" Whereto Rama replied saying: "O gentle one, hear, what the king Nriga said when imprecated.
vrm.7.65 Thereupon having finished the sacrifice of Indra there came to the King, the blameless and the illustrious Rishi Vasishta.
vrm.7.65 Thereupon he waited there for some time to see the King.
vrm.7.65 And not beholding the King the high souled Vasishta was greatly angry and said; Since thou hast, O King, engaged another neglecting me, thy body shall remain senseless.
vrm.7.78 King Saudasa saw those two Rakshasas and found the forest divested of all creatures.
vrm.7.120 Heaing Rama s words Bharata was also stupified and speaking ill of the kingdom, said "O King, I swear by truth, that far from kingdom I do not wish to live in heaven even without thee: O King, of these two princes, Kusi and Lava, do thou place Kusi in Kosala and Lava in North Kosala: And let quick moving emissaries go to Satrughna and communicate unto him the intelligence of our going there.
vrm.7.120 Raising up the subjects according to the words of Vasishta Rama said "What good can I do for you!" Heaing Rama s words they said: O King, we shall follow thee wherever thou shalt go.
vrm.7.121 I have now resolved upon following thee, O King.
vrm.7.121 I have determined upon following thee, O King.

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