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vrm.2.56 Oh, Seetha! Behold Kimshuka trees with their diadem of flower blossoming all over, as if they are blazing up, in this winter.
vrm.3.15 With Chuuta Sweet Mango Ashoka, Tialaka, even with Ketaka, Champaka trees, And even with Syandana, Sandalwood, Neepa, Paarnasa, Lakuch, Dhava, Ashwakarna, Khadira, Shamii, Kimshuka, Patala trees, and entwined are those and those trees with flowered shrubs, and along with climbers, and thus they brighten the mountains.
vrm.4.1 "On the mountainsides, Soumitri, all over fully flowered are the exquisite Kimshuka trees, while their leaves are hidden under those reddish flowers, and with them that mountain is as though aglow.
vrm.5.54 Flames of fire glittered like Kimshuka flowers at some places, blossoms of Shalmali tree at some places and like saffron flowers at some other places.
vrm.6.40 Ravana and Sugreeva of great strength carried on a duel which was unbearable, with perspiration broke out on their limbs, with their bodies red with blood, each clung to other other paralyzing his opponent s movements resembling silk cotton and Kimshuka trees, followed by blows of fists, slaps of hands blows of elbows and blows of fingers on each other.
vrm.6.45 Blood flowed from the wound marks of both Rama and Lakshmana and both of them shone like Kimshuka trees in flowring.
vrm.6.73 Struck by the Indrajits arrows, shining brightly as fire, the Vanara commanders then looked like Kimshuka trees bearing crimson flowers.
vrm.6.75 That City of Lanka at night with its house tops being burnt ablaze with flames, looked like Kimshuka trees in full bloom.
vrm.6.88 The wounded bodies of those two mighty warriors shone like Kimshuka and Shalmali silk cotton trees in full blossom, deprived of leaves.
vrm.6.90 Those two warriors, Lakshmana and Indrajit, with both their bodies stained in blood, shone in the battle field at that time, like Kimshuka trees in blossom.
vrm.6.103 Rama, bathed in blood in the battle field, appeared like a very big Kimshuka tree with bloom in a forest.

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