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vrm.1.1 "Then in a combat Rama eliminated all the fourteen Rakshasas who rebelliously came at him in the first round of combat incited by the provokes of Shuurpanakha, and then in second round Rama eliminated Rakshasa chiefs called Khara, Trishira, Duushana, who are none but the cousins of Shuurpanakha and Ravana, together with all of their hench Rakshasas.
vrm.1.3 The killing Rakshasas like Khara, Trishirasa and the upsurge of Ravana thereby, and also killing Rakshasa Maricha, and Ravana s abduction of Vaidehi, likewise.
vrm.2.116 "O, darling! Here, a Rakshasa called Khara, Ravana s younger brother who is a boaster, victorious in battle, cruel and eater of human flesh, haughty and sinful having uprooted all the ascetics who dwell in Janasthana, is unable to endure you also.
vrm.2.116 "O, darling! Khara, the Rakshasa will behave unjustly with you in the same way.
vrm.3.17 "And the mighty Kumbhakarna who will always be in profound sleep is my brother, and the virtue souled Vibhishana too is my brother, but he does not behave like a Rakshasa, and two more bothers of mine are Khara and Duushana who are renowned for their bravery in war.
vrm.3.18 Then she who is deformed neared her brother Khara who possess violent vigour, who is abiding in Janasthana and who is presently surrounded by his band of his hench Rakshasas, and before him she that Shuurpanakha fell onto ground like a thunderbolt from the sky.
vrm.3.18 Then that sister of Khara who is convulsed in the fluster of fear and her body wetted with blood reported to her brother Khara, all about Ramas arrival in forest with his wife and Lakshmana, and even about his misshaping her.
vrm.3.19 On seeing her who fell before him in a misshapen and blood soaked condition, Rakshasa Khara is all stewed up and asked her.
vrm.3.19 Thus Khara spoke to Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.19 Thus wailed Shuurpanakha before her brother Khara.
vrm.3.19 While she is saying like that Khara vengefully summoned fourteen great mighty Rakshasas that are similar to the Terminator.
vrm.3.19 Thus Khara is ordering the fourteen Rakshasas.
vrm.3.19 In this way when Khara ordered those fourteen Rakshasas, they have gone to Panchavati along with Shuurpanakha like black clouds glided by gales.
vrm.3.20 "Killed in conflict by us you alone will set your lives loose as an inciter of fury in our highly great souled lord Khara.
vrm.3.20 b, a On seeing the Rakshasas falling onto ground that Rakshasi Shuurpanakha is convulsed in rage, and she with a blanched aspect returned to the near of Khara in an agonising manner like a creeper exuding resin on incision, and fell before him as before.
vrm.3.20 b, Then she in the presence of her brother Khara discharged a great outcry, and with a bloodless face she spilled tears attuning the strains of a whiner.
vrm.3.20 Shuurpanakha having seen the fall of Rakshasas quickly fled from Panchavati of Rama to trikanTaka, the capital of Khara, and she being the sister of Khara she reported to Khara all about the destruction of those Rakshasas, in its entirety.
vrm.3.21 On seeing Shuurpanakha who came back only to wreck havoc on Rakshasa race and again fell before him as before, Khara spoke this sentence to her in clear terms in all his fury.
vrm.3.21 Thus Khara said to Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.21 She that Shuurpanakha who is otherwise an unassuageable one is wholly pacified when Khara spoke to her thus that way, and she on dabbing her tearful eyes then spoke to her brother Khara.
vrm.3.21 "Oh me! I am alarmed, fully frenzied, and even despaired, oh, nightwalker Khara, and beholding dread everywhere again I have come seeking your refuge.
vrm.3.21 in this way on saying Shuurpanakha bawled variously in the presence of her brother, Khara, and then anguished by her own affliction that Rakshasi with a cave like belly started hitting her paunch with both of her hands, and what is more, she swooned.
vrm.3.22 Thus when Shuurpanakha disparaged that valiant Khara amidst Rakshasas he is infuriated and spoke these highly hurtful words.
vrm.3.22 So Khara assured Shuurpanakha.
vrm.3.22 On hearing the words plunged from the mouth of Khara she is very much gladdened and in all her stupidity she further praised her brother highly saying, "you are the best among all the Rakshasas.
vrm.3.22 Though she denounced him earlier she alone praised him now for which Khara is overjoyed, and then he ordered his army commander, namely Duushana.
vrm.3.22 So said Khara to Duushana.
vrm.3.22 While Khara is saying thus Duushana heralded saying, "Here comes the great chariot with sun s dazzle, yoked with very good Horses of variegated colours.
vrm.3.22 That chariot which has a roomy cabin with its rooftop like that of the ridge of Mountain Meru, body embellished in gold, wheels golden, gem studded yoke to carriage shaft, all around encompassed with golden artefacts like fishes, flowers, trees, mountains, sun, moon, and auspicious Birds flocks and stars, and even decorated with jingle bells, endowed with flags, swords, and best Horses, and such as it is, Khara embarked on it with all his rancour.
vrm.3.22 On overseeing that great army with chariots, skins shields, weaponry and flags, and even at Duushana too, Khara charged all those Rakshasas saying "proceed.
vrm.3.22 Wielding maces, dart bolts, and spears, and also razor sharp axes, swords and discs, and dreadful power darts and power bolts that are flashing, iron maces, unusual bows, clubs, scimitars and pounding shafts, and even thunderbolt like weapons that are calamitous in look, that army which comprises fourteen thousand fiendish Rakshasas that are the followers of Khara s whim, has started from Janasthana.
vrm.3.22 On seeing the outrush of those Rakshasas of diabolic appearance, then Khara s chariot also proceeded a little later at their behind.
vrm.3.22 Then the charioteer set spurs on those colourful Horses that are adorned in polished gold according to the notions of Khara.
vrm.3.22 When the chariot of enemy destroyer Khara is driven that impetuously, it has started to swell earth s four cardinal quarters and inter quarters with turbulence.
vrm.3.22 He whose voice is thunderous and whose rancour escalated speedily, and who is hastening forward like the Terminator intending to destroy his enemy, that Khara repeatedly hurried the charioteer shouting at him loudly like a overwhelming cloud that is going to storm stones.
vrm.3.23 The highly speedy Horses paired to Khara s chariot have tottered in a trice, even though that place on the highway is with even surface and spread with flowers.
vrm.3.23 An untimely eventide glistened with a colour similar to the one drenched in blood, and then horrendous brutes and Birds have clamoured facing Khara directly, and the Vultures, Jackals and Eagles too have screamed portending danger.
vrm.3.23 a Jackals, that too female Jackals, are always the agents of inauspiciousness in wars with demonstrable calamities brought forth by their portending howling, and such Jackals have now howled in front of Khara s army with their snouts spewing blazes.
vrm.3.23 He who is raving while sitting in his chariot that clever Khara s left shoulder thrilled excessively, and his voice too quavered.
vrm.3.23 b, a On observing those worst auguries stemming up at that moment with hair raising nature, Khara laughed them off and said this to all of the Rakshasas.
vrm.3.23 Thus Khara addressed his troops.
vrm.3.23 b, a On hearing that thundering speech of Khara that sizeable army of Rakshasas which is tied down by the noose of death obtained an incomparable rejoice.
vrm.3.23 Then desiring to see the war of Khara with Rama, great souls like sages, Gods, Gandharva s along with Carana s and Siddha s have come together in firmament.
vrm.3.23 Khara speedily bolted in his chariot to the van of his legions, and on seeing that Rakshasa Khara going in front other important Rakshasas too rushed to fore.
vrm.3.23 These twelve highly valorous Rakshasas cruised in a semicircle around Khara.
vrm.3.24 While fiercely valorous Khara proceeded towards Rama s hermitage, Rama along with his brother Lakshmana has indeed seen the very same auguries which have earlier appeared to Khara.
vrm.3.24 b, a Casting his sight all over even that war expert Rama has seen that army of Khara lunging at a conflict.
vrm.3.25 Khara on arriving at the hermitage along with forerunning soldiers saw the enemy eliminator and wrathful Rama holding fast to his bow.
vrm.3.25 On seeing Rama that bawling Khara raised his string taut bow that makes an ass like braying twang, drove his charioteer crazy saying, "drive to the fore of that Rama.
vrm.3.25 On the orders of Khara the charioteer drove the Horses to there where the mighty armed Rama is standing single handedly while swaying his bow.
vrm.3.25 On seeing Khara descending on Rama then all those nightwalkers who are the deputies of Khara encircled Khara venting out loud battle cries.
vrm.3.25 Khara staying on his chariot in the thick of those Rakshasas appeared to be like coppery red planet Mars up shot in the thick of stars.
vrm.3.25 In his proneness to war then Khara assaulted that uniquely forceful Rama with a thousand arrows and blared a roaring battle cry.
vrm.3.25 Those nightwalkers that are battered by those arrows and remaining there, they desperately rushed towards Khara alone seeking shelter.
vrm.3.26 b, a On hearing about the killing of Duushana and also thus of the followers of Duushana, Khara irately ordered his army captains, under whose captaincy mighty forces are there.
vrm.3.26 Thus Khara ordered the remaining Rakshasas.
vrm.3.26 b, Saying so Khara himself rushed towards Rama in rage, and Shyenagaami, Prithugriiva, Yajnashatru, Vihamgama Durjaya, Karaveeraaksha, Parusha, Kaalakaarmuka, Hemamaali, Mahamali, Sarpaasya, and Rudhiraaksha are the twelve fiendishly atrocious troop leaders of Rakshasa forces, and they too rushed towards Rama launching their atrocious arrows.
vrm.3.26 Of his entire army great charioteer Khara and Trishira are the remaining nightwalkers, and Rama, the enemy destroyer, naturally on the other side.
vrm.3.26 Then on surveying that great Rakshasa force which is eliminated by Rama in that staggering war, Khara then marched on to reach Rama in a huge chariot, as with Indra who will march upraising his Thunderbolt.
vrm.3.27 But when Khara is about to lunge to the forefront of Rama, nearing him the commander of Rakshasa forces named Trishira spoke this to him.
vrm.3.27 Thus Trishira spoke to Khara.
vrm.3.27 By that death greedy Rakshasa Trishira, Khara is manoeuvred and Khara to him said begone.
vrm.3.27 b, a As with the fleeing of deer alarmed by a tiger, the Rakshasas remaining after liquidation, whom Khara has protected so far and whose confidence is now shattered, are running away, and they gave Khara the run around.
vrm.3.27 On seeing at those deserters Khara is piqued and quickly brought them back to his control, and then as with the scampering of eclipsing planet Rahu towards moon during lunar eclipse, he scurried towards Rama alone.
vrm.3.28 Khara is intimidated on seeing the elimination of Duushana along with Trishira inasmuch as the intrepidity of Rama is concerned.
vrm.3.28 On seeing the annihilation of the insufferable and mighty force of Rakshasas, even that of Duushana and Trishira by lone Rama, and thus to apprehend that the Rakshasa force is wholly destructed, that Rakshasa Khara became apprehensive, and then he lunged at Rama, as with Namuchi who once lunged at Indra.
vrm.3.28 Forcefully drawing the bowstring fitted with Iron arrows, which looked like furious serpents of venom ingesting only blood, Khara discharged them on Rama.
vrm.3.28 Fidgeting with bowstring in many a way, brandishing missiles with many a skill, Khara moved about the battleground in many a manner, seated on chariot and showing his expertise with arrows.
vrm.3.28 That great chariot fighter Khara then started to fill all the stretches and inter stretches with arrows, seeing that even Rama reciprocally started to take aim with his bow Rama, and then filled and made the sky less of leeway with verily unendurable arrows that are like tongues of fire emitting sparks, as with Rain god chocking the sky with torrents, less of latitude.
vrm.3.28 No empty space is left out in the space around since it has become riotous with the sharp arrows discharged by Rama and Khara from everywhere.
vrm.3.28 Then with acutely edged tubular, iron, and crescent edged arrows Khara swatted Rama in that combat, as a great Elephant will be swatted with a goad.
vrm.3.28 When charioted Khara came to the presence of Rama with bow in hand and ready for a close combat, that Rakshasa appeared to all beings as the Terminator handling his noose.
vrm.3.28 Khara presumed that greatly indefatigable Rama is wholly fatigued by now, though he has shown his mettle of boldness in eliminating all of the Rakshasa forces, all the while.
vrm.3.28 On seeing Khara who is prancing like a lion with a gait of a lion, Rama is unruffled like a lion that sees a least beast.
vrm.3.28 In a chariot that equals the sun in its radiance then Khara reached Rama as a moth reaches fire.
vrm.3.28 Showing sleight of hand Khara then broke the handgrip of the bow of that great souled Rama along with an arrow fitted on it.
vrm.3.28 Still infuriated Khara has drawn seven more arrows that equal the radiance of Indra s thunderbolts and hit Rama s armour in that war.
vrm.3.28 Then, on distressing Rama of unequalled vitality with a thousand arrows in that combat Khara blared a loud blare.
vrm.3.28 With the arrows released by Khara that have a great egress, then that armour of Rama that has a sun like resplendence is completely destroyed and fell on the field.
vrm.3.28 That which is a very admirable bow of Vishnu and that which is awarded by great sage Agastya, upraising that choicest bow Rama rushed towards Khara.
vrm.3.28 With arrows that have golden fins and curved barbs that highly infuriated Rama then fragmented Khara s flagstaff with flag in that war.
vrm.3.28 By that Khara is enraged, and as one who is aware of striking crucial parts/war tactics assaulted on the chest of Rama with four arrows, and even on other limbs, as one would prod an Elephant with lancets.
vrm.3.28 Impacted with various arrows unloosened from the bow of Khara, limbs of Rama are drenched in blood and he became highly indignant.
vrm.3.28 Rama indeed hit Khara s head with one arrow, with two his hands, and next with three crescent shaped arrows he hit his chest.
vrm.3.28 That mighty Raghava who equals Indra in combats, smiling at the warfare of Khara, smashed the yoke of the chariot with one arrow with four, four of the dappled Horses with the sixth, the head of the charioteer of Khara with three, the three pronged shaft from yoke to the base of chariot with two the axels, thus that chariot is fragmented.
vrm.3.28 Then, on wrecking Khara s bow on which an arrow is placed with the twelfth, that mighty one Rama impaled Khara with the thirteenth arrow that is similar to a thunderbolt.
vrm.3.28 With his bow utterly shattered, chariot fragmented, Horses killed, and charioteer felled, that Khara then hopped down to ground from the dilapidated chariot wielding a mace, and stood fast.
vrm.3.29 Rama, the great resplendent, spoke these words forbiddingly albeit softly to Khara who lost his chariot but staying his course wielding a mace.
vrm.3.29 Thus Rama addressed Khara.
vrm.3.29 But when Rama said thus, Khara is infuriated and convulsed in anger, and he replied Rama with bloodshot eyes, laughing boisterously.
vrm.3.29 "On killing average Rakshasas in war, oh, son of Dasharatha, how you praise yourself when you yourself are un praiseworthy?" Thus Khara started to speak to Rama.
vrm.3.29 Khara said so to Rama.
vrm.3.29 Saying thus that highly infuriated Khara hurled his mace towards Rama, around which there are superb golden cinctures, and which is extremely glaring like a thunderbolt.
vrm.3.29 Forcefully discharged from Khara s hands that highly fiery and stupendous mace rendering trees and shrubs down to ashes darted towards Rama.
vrm.3.30 On smashing the mace with arrows Raghava spoke this sentence to Khara smiling him out of temper, without assaulting weaponless and flustering Khara, because Rama is the patron of virtue following the protocol of righteous war.
vrm.3.30 Thus Rama spoke to Khara irefully.
vrm.3.30 While Raghava is speaking that way with such an impetuosity in that forest, Khara started to intimidate him rancorously in a voice stridulous than braying.
vrm.3.30 Thus, Khara started his tongue lashing.
vrm.3.30 Thus Khara intimidated Rama.
vrm.3.30 Saying so to Rama that nightwalker Khara then knitting his brows tightly saw everywhere for an assault weapon for use in that combat, and then he indeed found one not far away from him, namely a huge saala tree.
vrm.3.30 He curled his lips in frown and started to extricate that Saala tree, and that great mighty Khara on forcefully uprooting that tree with both of hands hurled it aiming at Rama, braying loudly and shouting at him you are dead.
vrm.3.30 b, But that adventurous Rama on shredding that tree which is swooping down with a torrent of arrows, and deciding to eliminate that Khara in that war evoked an unusual rancour, which rancour is equally an unusual facet of Rama.
vrm.3.30 Rama whose body is perspiring and whose eyes are acrimoniously bloodshot at ends, he utterly shredded Khara with a thousand arrows in that war.
vrm.3.30 Copious frothy blood gushed out from the gashes of arrows on the mountainous body of Khara, like the rapids on Mountain Prasavana, and it overflowed on earth too.
vrm.3.30 When Khara is tormented with the arrows of Rama in that conflict he is bedevilled and with his blood stinking body he quickly bolted towards that Rama alone.
vrm.3.30 When Khara is descending on boisterously with his body bathed in blood, that adept one in the Science of Archery, Dhanur Veda the scripture on archery, and that valorous Rama, in swiftness lurched a little.
vrm.3.30 Then, Rama snatched an arrow which is similar to the Ritual fire, and secondary only to the ultimate missile, namely the Brahma missile, for the elimination of Khara in war.
vrm.3.30 That particular arrow is made available to Rama through Sage Agastya by the king of Gods, namely Indra, because Indra is a sensible one about the future course of events, and he is also prosperous in securing impossible weaponry, and now Rama fitted such an arrow on his bow and released it towards Khara.
vrm.3.30 That formidable arrow is promptly released on Rama s stretching the bowstring up to his ear, bending bow almost to a circularity, and which arrow is thunderous while in egress like the thunder of a thunderbolt, and that has come and plunged inthe chest of Khara.
vrm.3.30 Khara fell down on to earth and on being burnt by the radiation of that arrow he is like Rakshasa Andhaka, who once was very completely burnt by Rudra in Shveta araNya, the White forest.
vrm.3.30 As with fall of Vritra or fall of Bali who are eliminated by Indra with his Thunderbolt, or as with the collapse of Namuchi who is eliminated by the same Indra just with forth or foam, Khara too is brought down.
vrm.3.30 They in their amazement said among themselves that in one and half hours, say seventy two minutes of this extreme crack down Rama with his sharp arrows has eradicated fourteen thousand guise changing Rakshasas, including their chieftains Khara and Duushana.
vrm.3.31 "Oh, king, many Rakshasas positioned in Janasthana are killed, Khara is also killed in war, and somehow I have come here.
vrm.3.31 "He is blue black in complexion, a highly renowned one with matchless might and valour, a magnificent one such as he is he slew Duushana along with Khara in Janasthana.
vrm.3.32 On seeing the fourteen thousands Rakshasas of heinous crimes, and even on seeing Trishira, Duushana, and even Khara, who are all exterminated by lone Rama, then Shuurpanakha emitted a thunderous blare like a thundercloud.
vrm.3.33 "Without keeping the kingdom under your personal control, you have shuffled the administration onto the ministers and army personnel like Khara, Duushana et al.
vrm.3.33 "A single soul called Rama has eliminated fourteen thousand Rakshasas of dreadful deeds in Janasthana, even Duushana is killed, even Khara is also killed.
vrm.3.34 "What is the weapon of that Rama by whom these many Rakshasas are killed in war, likewise Duushana and Trishira are killed, and even the unkillable Khara is killed? Oh, lady with fascinating limbs, who disfigured you? That you tell.
vrm.3.34 "On recognising that Rama with his straight shooting arrows destroyed the night walkers positioned at Janasthana, and further on distinguishing that Duushana, and even Khara, is dispatched, it is apt of you to awake to a workable action.
vrm.3.36 "You are aware as to how my brother Khara, and the mighty armed Duushana, also my sister Shuurpanakha, and even the highly fiery Rakshasa and devourer of raw flesh Trishira, and even numerous other night walking Rakshasas who are cocksure of hitting their targets have made Janasthana as their residency, and while residing there they put the sages of that great forest that tread a righteous path to torture, of course, all this as assigned by me.
vrm.3.36 "You are equally aware of the stationing fourteen thousand braving Rakshasas in Janasthana, who are the followers of the wish of Khara, who are with fiendish exploits, and who are the troublemakers to the sages of Dandaka forest or to the intruders therein, aren t you.
vrm.3.36 "But recently those great mighty Rakshasas that are the residents of Janasthana, namely Khara and others, preparing themselves inordinately and wielding diverse weapons and assaulters, for their part had an encounter with Rama in a combat.
vrm.3.36 b, a Khara" is hewed down, Duushana is mowed down, and even Trishira is hacked down, thereof that Dandaka forest is rendered free from the fear of Rakshasas.
vrm.3.39 "You may either wage a war with Rama if you wish to avenge the killings of Khara and others, or forgive and forget that Rama agreeing to my suggestions, but do not broach the topic of Rama with me if you wish to see me alive.
vrm.3.39 "If Khara positioned in Janasthana has firstly overstepped his bounds and attacked Rama, that too owing to Shuurpanakha, and if Rama of uncomplicated actions has eliminated Khara in self defence, what really is the transgression of Rama in that matter, you tell of that in the final analysis.
vrm.3.40 "But his wife Seetha who is dearer to him more than his lives is certainly seizable by me in association with you, as that Rama had purposelessly killed Khara in a war.
vrm.3.45 a "Oh, gracious lady, we have become the adversaries of these night walkers insofar as the elimination of Khara and others, and concerning the eradication of Janasthana.
vrm.3.50 "If Rama of indefatigable deeds firstly eliminated Khara who is stationed at Janasthana, and who transgressed for the sake of Shuurpanakha, tell me what in actuality is the highly overstepping behaviour of Rama in that matter, whereupon you are stealing off with the wife of such a lord of world? "Instantly deliver up Vaidehi.
vrm.3.50 "Stay for a moment, oh, Ravana, if you are valiant enough you can combat with Rama who will return right away, and at his hand you will be slain and sprawling on earth in the same way as Khara sprawled earlier.
vrm.3.51 "Stay for a moment, oh, Ravana, if you are valiant enough you can combat with Rama who will return right away, and at his hand you will be slain and sprawling on earth in the same way as Khara sprawled earlier.
vrm.3.54 "You immediately take up multiple assaultive weaponry and begone from here to Janasthana speedily, a place now deadpanned for Rakshasas, which earlier was the placement of Khara.
vrm.3.54 "Though highly forceful forces are deployed in Janasthana, Rama s arrows have utterly destroyed them, together with Khara and Duushana.
vrm.3.54 "I for myself will be comfortable only on eliminating him who has eliminated Khara and Duushana as with a pauper acquiring riches.
vrm.3.56 "Had I been forcibly humiliated by you in the presence of Rama, you too would have been killed by Rama in combat and by now you too would be sprawling on earth, as with Khara in Janasthana, but you foxed him.
vrm.3.58 "Raw flesh eating Rakshasas are distraught as I have liquidated Khara, as a result those ghastly ones would have liquidated Seetha by now.
vrm.5.16 By Rama with a famed mind, Khara has been killed, Trisira also has been fell down, Duushana with great glory also has been killed in war.
vrm.5.31 Thereafter, hearing about the killing of Rakshasas in Janasthana, a part of Dandaka forest, in addition to killing of Khara and Dushana the Rakshasas, the enraged Ravana took away, Seetha, by deceiving Rama in creating an illusive image of deer in the forest.
vrm.6.9 Khara, who has gone beyond limits, was of course killed by Rama in an encounter.
vrm.6.24 That Rama the killer of Viraadha, Kabandha and Khara came along with Sugreeva to the place of Seetha.
vrm.6.30 This young man is Rama, Dasarathas son, who is well built like a lion, by whom Dushana ws killed as also Khara and Trishana.
vrm.6.31 O, Beautiful one! He in whom you trusted and repelled me when I sought to console you that murderer of Khara, your husband Rama has been killed in battle.
vrm.6.46 The exceedingly strong brothers Rama and Lakshmana, the killers of Khara and Dushana have been killed by my arrows.
vrm.6.67 That Kumbhakarna of great splendour, as though bursting the hearts of all the Vanaras, laughed unnaturally as also awfully and spoke the following words to Rama: I am neither to be considered as Viradha nor Kabandha nor Khara nor Vali nor Maricha.
vrm.6.77 Then, while the roaring Nikumbha was killed in battle by Hanuma, there ensued an exceedingly terrific struggle between the enraged Rama and Makaraksha, son of Khara, a ruler of Rakshasas.
vrm.6.78 Engulfed with both anger and sorrow, Ravana ordered the wide eyed Makaraksha, the son of Khara as follows:
vrm.6.78 Hearing Ravanas words, Makaraksha, the son of Khara, thinking himself as a hero, was rejoiced and assured Ravana that he would do it certainly as commanded.
vrm.6.78 Makaraksha the son of Khara asked the commander of an army who was in the vicinity to bring a chariot and the army swiftly.
vrm.6.79 "I killed fourteen thousand Rakshasas along with Khara your father, Trishira and even Dushana in Dandaka forest.
vrm.6.79 That battle raged furiously, on their meeting each other there, between Makaraksha the son of Khara the Rakshasa and Rama the son of Dasaratha.
vrm.6.79 Thrilled with delight, the Devas watched that Rakshasa, the son of Khara, destroyed by the flights of Rama s arrows and resembling a mountain shattered, after struck by lightning.
vrm.6.94 "Because of the ill luck of these people, and to the destruction of Rakshasas and of Dushana and Khara, that grey haired and disgusting woman, who had developed wrinkles, tried to be arrogant with Rama, misdeed which was worth ridiculing and condemned by the whole world.
vrm.6.94 "In that battle, Khara, Dushana and Trishira were killed with arrows resembling the sun.
vrm.6.95 "By killing the enemies now, I will take vengeance for Khara, Kumbhakarna, Prahasta and Indrajit.
vrm.6.103 If Seetha were laid hands upon by you in my presence, you would have surely seen your brother Khara at that very moment when killed with my arrows.
vrm.6.107 Thought equipped with many arrows and well versed with all kinds of missiles, the valiant Rama, the augmentor of Kausalya s joy, then became thoughtful said to himself as follows: "What is the reason, these arrows by which Maricha, Khara, Dushana, Kabandha in Krauncha forest, and Viradha in Dandaka forest were killed, by which seven Sala trees and the mountains were burst, by which Vali was killed and the ocean shaken up all these arrows which provided immediate succour to me in battle, have proved of little efficacy in the case of Ravana.
vrm.6.111 "The moment your brother Khara was killed by Rama in Janasthana, though surrounded by a multitude of Rakshasas, it became evident that Rama was really no mortal.
vrm.6.111 "The moment your brother Khara was killed by Rama in Janasthana, though surrounded by a multitude of Rakshasas, it became evident that Rama was really no mortal.
vrm.6.123 "O lady of beautiful complexion! Here is the region, known as Panchavati, so called because it consists of five banyan trees where Khara the Rakshasa was killed by me with straight going arrows, as also his brothers, Dushana and the mighty Trishiras.
vrm.6.126 Khara their leader also was killed.
vrm.7.29 Do thou ever reside by the side of thy rich brother Khara and he shall be the lord of fourteen thousand Rakshasas.
vrm.7.29 And the heroic Khara shall always obey thy words and be the lord of Rakshasas assuming shapes at will.
vrm.7.29 Being encircled by those grim visaged Rakshasas, Khara, undaunted, speedily came to the Dandaka forest.
vrm.7.30 Having thus given the command of a huge and dreadful army to Khara and.
vrm.7.32 And encircled by Maricha, Prahasta, Mahaparshva, Mahodara, Akampana, Nikumbha, Suka, Sarana, Sanghrada, Dhumaketu, Mahadangstra, Gathodara, Jambumali, Mahahrada, Virupaksha, Suptaghna, Yajnakopa, Durmukha, Khara, Trisira, Karaveeraksha, Suryashatru Mahakaya, Atikaya, Devantaka, Narantaka, all those gifted with great prowess, there entered the battle field, the highly powerful Sumalin, Ravana s maternal grandfather.

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