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vrm.4.28 "Freed out from the wombs of clouds is this draught, and it is wafting the coolness of minty camphor or the coolness of red lotuses, thus it is possible to draught this breeze with palms bowl, which is perfumed with Ketaki plant s fragrance.
vrm.6.4 On the lovely mountain slopes, in blossom on all sides, Ketaki and Sindhuvara trees, the charming Vasanti, Madhavi creepers with flowers full of scent, clumps of jasmine, Chiribila, Madhuka, Vanjula and Vakula, Ranjanka and Tilaka, Nyavriksha all in flower, Mango, Patalike, Kovidara in flower, Muchulinda, Arjuna, Simsupa and Kutaja, Hintala, Timisa, Chirna and Nipa, blue Ashoka, Sarala, Ankola and Padmaka all these trees were crawled in excitement by the Vanaras who were delighted.

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