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vrm.1.13 "Likewise, King of Kekaya, an elderly, very virtuous, and also the father in law of our Lion King Dasharatha, you personally invite him along with his sons.
vrm.1.73 Yudhajit, the son of Kekaya king and the brother of Kaikeyi, thus the direct maternal uncle of Bharata, having seen and asked after the wellbeing of Dasharatha said this to him.
vrm.1.73 The ruler and king of Kekaya, viz.
vrm.1.73 Oh, Raghu s legatee, oh, best king, my father and the king of Kekaya is interested to see my sister Kaikeyi s son, Bharata, and for that reason I am sent to Ayodhya.
vrm.1.77 b, a "This is your maternal uncle and the son of king of Kekaya, and this valiant Yudhajit came here to take you to Kekaya province, and he is staying behind because of your marriage.
vrm.1.77 On hearing the opinion of Dasharatha, Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi, then readied himself to travel along with Shatrughna to Kekaya province.
vrm.1.77 b, a Yudhajit on clinching not only Bharata, but Shatrughna also, that valiant one is highly gladdened and entered his own city, indeed to the high rejoice of his father, King of Kekaya.
vrm.2.1 The hurried Dasaratha did not call for the king Kekaya, the maternal uncle of Bharata or the King Janaka as he thought they both could hear the good news even afterwards.
vrm.2.67 Both Bharata and Satrughna, the annihilator of enemies, are encamped in the beautiful house of their maternal uncle in the city of Rajagriha in the kingdom of Kekaya.
vrm.2.70 While Bharata was narrating his dream, the messengers whose Horses were tired, entered the beautiful city called Rajagriha, which has too big a palace gate and met the king Kekaya and the prince Yudhajit, who received them hospitably.
vrm.2.70 They saluted the feet of the king Kekaya and spoke the following words to Bharata:
vrm.2.70 O, Bharata the wide eyed man! Take these very valuable clothes and jewels and give them to your maternal uncle O, prince! In these jewels and clothes, a worth of hundred crores is to be given to the king Kekaya and likewise a worth of ten crores in full to your maternal uncle.
vrm.2.70 Hearing the words of Bharata, the king Kekaya, his maternal uncle smelled as a token of affection the head of Bharata and spoke the following auspicious words: Go, my dear child! I am permitting you.
vrm.2.70 The king Kekaya, treating him hospitably gave that Bharata the best of Elephants, Woolen clothes of varied colors, antelope skins and riches gold and silver vessels etc.
vrm.2.70 The king Kekaya generously gave as gifts to Bharata, two thousands coins of gold and sixteen hundred Horses.
vrm.2.70 The wealth of gifts bestowed by the king Kekaya did not rejoice Bharata, Kaikeyis son, who was then in a hurry to go.
vrm.2.102 "While I was there in Kekaya kingdom and you had proceeded tot he forest, the king Dasaratha, the revered one who was given to the performance of sacrifices and was honoured by the virtuous, has gone to heaven.
vrm.6.126 "O Lord, the long armed! How your mother was conferred with two boons by your father, how Rama was sent to exile, how Dasaratha the king died, with a shocking sorrow for his son s exile, how you were brought quickly from Rajagriha the seat of government of Kekaya kings by the envoys, how sovereignty was not coveted by you when you returned to Ayodhya, how on your going to mount Chitrakuta, your, elder brother the tormentator of enemies was invited by you who followed righteousness to take back the kingdom, how Rama who stood by his father s words, renounced the kingdom and stood by his father s words, renounced the kingdom and how your returned to Ayodhya, taking with you the wooden sandals all this is known accurately to you.
vrm.7.48 Thereupon, Rama, at first saluted and went round him and then Yudhajit, the son of Kekaya, went away to his kingdom in the company of Lakshmana like unto Indra leaving for home in the company of Vishnu on the destruction of the Asura Vritra.
vrm.7.113 Once upon a time Yudhajit, the king of Kekaya, sent into the high souled Rama, Gargya son of his own preceptor Angiras a Brahmin saint of unmitigated prowess; and with him he sent, as tokens of affections, gifts of Ten Thousand horses, numberless Blankets, various jewels, diverse clothes and well washed coverlets.
vrm.7.113 The army, consisting of delighted and healthy subjects spending half a month in the way, arrived at the Kekaya kingdom in good health.

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