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vrm.1.34 "She journeyed to heaven with her body while she followed her departed husband and being a very generous lady she coursed as a great river renowned as River Kaushiki.
vrm.1.34 "Thereby, oh, Rama, I am delightfully and abidingly residing on the mountainsides of Himalayas, in adjacency of my sister Kaushiki in all my affection for her.
vrm.1.34 "She that Satyavathi for her part is a pious one, steadfast in truthfulness and righteousness, a husband devout, and such a highly fortunate one has emerged as a best river among rivers, namely River Kaushiki.
vrm.1.34 "You alone are exemplarily selfsame to Brahma, oh, Vishvamitra of great renown, and among rivers that prominent River Kaushiki is your sister, thus she is glorifying your ancestry.
vrm.1.63 b, a "He that highly celebrated sage who made a resolve to attain a sang froid temperament and to vanquish lust, performed an unsurpassable ascesis on reaching the riverbank of River Kaushiki.
vrm.4.40 b, a "Search shall be conducted at the riversides of heartening rivers like River Bhagirathi, another name for River Ganga, and River Sarayu, like that at River Kaushiki, and at the pleasing surrounds of River Yamuna, and on Mountain Kalinda, as well at River Sarasvati, River Sindhu and at the river whose waters are lustrous like gems, namely River Shona, and further at River Mahi and River Kaalamahi which rivers are brightened by mountains and forests surrounding them.
vrm.5.38 "O valiant man! You are required to rescue me, detained as I am by Ravana the criminal and subjected to humiliation, as you earlier protected Kaushiki from Patala.

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