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vrm.1.31 Thus saying farewell to woodland deities that descendent of Kaushika, namely Vishvamitra, the saint whose wealth is his ascesis started to journey on aiming to reach the northern side of River Ganga.
vrm.1.34 "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha dynasty, that eminently righteous Gaadhi is my father, and since I am born in Kusha dynasty, oh, Raghu s legatee, I got the name Kaushika.
vrm.1.50 b, a "Oh, Brahma sage, the scholarly Ritvik s conducting my Vedic ritual are saying that only twelve more days are remaining to complete the observation of ritual pledge, and then oh, Kaushika, it will be apt of you to see the Gods who arrive at the conclusion of this Vedic ritual expecting their due in the ritual.
vrm.1.51 "Oh, great resplendent Vishvamitra, you have narrated to Rama about the maltreatment of my mother by the Providence as has happened anciently, isn t it! "Oh, the best sage Kaushika, you be safe, my mother is reunited with my father on beholding and giving hospitality to Rama Really! "Oh, Kaushika, my father came to my mother s place from Himalayas! Has the great resplendent father of mine worshipped Rama because the redemption of my mother is per the kindness of Rama! Has this great souled Rama reverenced that great resplendent father of mine by according a redemption,
vrm.1.51 "Oh, Kaushika, on his arrival at my mother s place whether this reverential Rama reverenced my father with a pacified heart without becoming contumelious!" Thus sage Shataananda exclaimed at the marvel occurred through Rama.
vrm.1.60 "On hearing that sentence of those Gods, the eminent saint Kaushika spoke this highly laudable sentence to all of the Gods.
vrm.1.63 b, a Oh, exalted sage, I welcome you my dear, as I am gladdened by your stern ascesis, oh, Kaushika, I bestow upon you the sublimity and supremacy among sages.
vrm.1.64 b, Indeed on your assuming a highly sparkling semblance, and multi multiplexing your savoir faire, with bon viveurs and bon vivants, you disengage that ascetical sage Kaushika from his ascesis.
vrm.1.65 Oh, Kaushika, you have achieved Brahmanhood by your rigorous ascesis.
vrm.1.65 "Oh, eminent sage Vishvamitra, you happened to be here at this Vedic ritual which is conducted by me, oh, Kaushika, that too, along with Rama and Lakshmana, the legatees of Kakutstha, thereby I am fortunate, I am much obliged.
vrm.1.67 Oh, Kaushika, my commitment that she is the bounty of bravery has also come true.
vrm.1.67 Should you give consent, oh, Brahman, my ministers will be hastened to speedily go to Ayodhya in chariots, oh, Kaushika, let safeness betide you, and one and all by this matrimony.
vrm.1.68 His highness Janaka of Videha, and the sovereign of Mithila, having asked after your highness wellbeing is sensibly saying this word to your highness, with the indorse of Kaushika.
vrm.2.32 "Oh, Lakshmana! Call those two excellent brahmanas Agastya and Kaushika and worship them with valuable gifts as water is poured to a crop of corn.
vrm.4.41 "Like that Vanga, Kalinga territories shall be searched along with Kaushika territories available on their fringes, then cast about the Dandaka forest all over its mountains, rivers, and its caves, then River Godavari that courses through Dandaka forest, and then the provinces of Andhra, Pundra, Chola, Paandya, Kerala are to be searched thoroughly.
vrm.7.1 Kaushika, and Yavakrita, and Gargya, and Galava, and Kanva, son unto Madhalithi, who dwelt in the east, came thither; and tlte reverend Swastyastreya, and Namuchi,and Pramuchi, and Agastya, and the worshipful Atri, aud Sumukha, and Vimukha, who dwelt in the south, came in company with Agastya.

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