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vrm.2.2 He has all the virtues befitting of a son, like Kasyapa, the son of Marichi.
vrm.2.3 King Dasaratha, the best among those who have sons, smilingly conversed with his son, and addressed Rama as follows, as Kasyapa does to his eldest son Devendra the ruler of Devas.
vrm.2.21 Oh, son! Formerly Kasyapa was staying in his own house itself with self restraint, performed great austerity by serving his mother and went to heaven Just as the king, by respectable feeling to you is worthy of worship, so also being your mother, I am worthy of worship to you.
vrm.7.1 And Vasishta and Kasyapa and Atri and Viswamitra with Gautama and Jamadagni and Bharadwaja and also the seven sages, who for aye resided in the northern quarter, came there.
vrm.7.11 Devas are the progeny of Aditi by Kasyapa.
vrm.7.11 Daityas are the progeny of Aditi by the same Kasyapa and this earth originally belonged to Daityas.
vrm.7.53 Vijaya, Madhumatta, Kasyapa, Mangala, Kula, Surajni, Kalya, Vadra Dantavakta, Sumagadha alldelightedly began to introduce many amusings talks before the high souled Rama.

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