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vrm.1.13 "Thus that King of Kasi who is always a friendly, affectionate and a cordial one, indeed he shall be invited by you personally.
vrm.2.10 Eastern countries, Sindhu, Sauviira and Saurastra countries, as well as countries in the south, Vanga, Anga, Magadha and Matsya countries, Kasi and Kausala countries are all full of riches.
vrm.4.40 And the kingdoms like Brahmamaala, Videha, Maalva, Kasi, and Kosala, and in Magadha, which kingdom has grand villages, and in that way, also in the kingdoms of Pundra and Anga, and in the countries of the kings called Koshakaara, and in the provinces of silver mines search is to be conducted.
vrm.7.48 Having bade adieu unto his maternal uncle Rama embraced his friend Pratardana, the undaunted king of Kasi and said "Thou hast displayed thy brotherly feelings and delight by making arrangements for my installation in the company of Bharata.
vrm.7.48 Having taken farewell from Rama enhancing Kausalya s delight, the king of Kasi, with his followers, fearlessly and speedily proceeded to his own city.
vrm.7.48 Having bade adieu to the king of Kasi, Rama, with a smiling countenance and sweet accents, said to the three hundred assembled kings: "Being well protected by your own prowess, you have all displayed your great love for me.
vrm.7.66 The royal saint Pururava, the king of Kasi, is the son of Budha.

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