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vrm.1.37 "He who is a devotee of Kartikeya, oh, Rama of Kakutstha, he thrives with longevity, also with sons, grandsons on this humanly earth in his mortal life, and on its conclusion he becomes one with Skanda on journeying to Skanda s abode.
vrm.4.8 "These are my arrows winged from pinion of the hern, oh, highly fortunate Sugreeva, these that are decorated in gold sparkle sharply like the Thunderbolts of Indra, and they are begotten from the reed forest of Kartikeya, ends tied with Eagles feathers for fins, smooth are their nodes, sharp are their tips that pierce sharply, and these will be like enraged snakes.
vrm.7.26 As Kartikeya, the son of fire, sundered the mount Krauncha with his shafts so Mandhata, enraged, pierced Prahasta with five Tomaras gifted with great velocity.
vrm.7.40 Being distressed with hunger on account of the absence of the mother, Hanuman, just born, cried like Kartikeya, the commandcr in chief of the Devas, in the forest of Saras.
vrm.7.100 In this way being engaged in hunting the king Ila arrived where Kartikeya was born.

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