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vrm.3.14 "Once upon a time there were lords of people, oh dextrous Raghava, and you may listen all about them from the beginning, while I narrate "Of them Kardama was there at first, and afterwards Sesha, and later Samshraya was there with many children and a vigorous one he was.
vrm.7.100 O gentle one, I have heard, that formerly in the province of Valheeka, the graceful king Ila, the son of the patriarch Kardama, was highly pious.
vrm.7.100 A hunting, the king Ila, the son of Kardama.
vrm.7.100 Thereupon the great god, the conferror of boons, with the goddess, smiling said "Rise up, O son of Kardama, O thou of great strength, O gentle one, do thou beg of me any other boon than that of obtaining thy manhood.
vrm.7.102 Be not aggieved, O highly powerful son of Kardama.
vrm.7.103 Hearing their sweet words Rama again began with the story of Kardama s son and said "In turn, the heroic Ila, having regained his manhood, the highly illustrious and intelligent Budha, well informed of birth and well skilled in the art of speech, sent for the highly liberal Samvarta, Bhrigu s son Chyavana, Aristanemi, the foremost of Munis, Durvasa, capable of affording delight, and other friends gifted with patience and said "Ye all know well, how this mighty armed Ila, Kardama s son, attained to this peculiar condition.
vrm.7.103 Thereupon while those high souled ones were conversing upon this subject, the highly effulgent Kardama arrived at the hermitage.
vrm.7.103 For the welfare of his son, the patriarch Kardama said "Hear, O twice born ones, how the well being of the king Ila may be secured.

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