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vrm.4.13 Those lakes are reverberant with Karandava s, Saarasa s, Swans, Vanjula s and other waterfowls, also like that with Chakravaka s and other Birds.
vrm.4.30 "With their blaring trumpeting lordly Elephants with slit temples are alarming Karandava and Cakravaka Birds abiding in lakes that are embellished with blooming lotuses, and those Elephants are drinking water after swishing and swashing the tranquillity of those lakes.
vrm.6.4 There were delightful wells with stairs and ponds in that mountain, sought after by Chakravaka Birds, frequented by Karandava Birds, crowded with water Fowls and Cranes, visited by Boars and Deer, haunted on all sides by Bears, Hyenas, Lions and many dreadful Tigers.

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