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vrm.1.40 Hence, that reverential Vishnu donning the semblance of Sage Kapila will burn down the sons of emperor Sagara to ashes in a fire of fury.
vrm.1.40 "But all those great souled and great mighty ones with terrible dash have seen the Infinite Vasudeva in the form of sage Kapila there in the northeast, and oh, descendant of Raghu, they have also seen the ritual Horse moving nearby that sage Kapila, thus all of the sons of Sagara obtained a matchless delight.
vrm.1.40 "The eyes of the princes are agitated in fury in construing the sage Kapila as the stealer of ritual Horse, and they furiously dashed towards him wielding crowbars, ploughs, and various trees and boulders, and shouting at him, stay, stay.
vrm.1.40 Thus Sagara s sons shouted at sage Kapila.
vrm.1.40 b, a "On hearing their words, oh, Rama, the descendant of Raghu, then sage Kapila is beset with high wrath, and he boomed a hum sound at them.
vrm.1.40 "Oh, Rama of Kakutstha, then that great souled sage Kapila, rather Vishnu with unimaginable power, has rendered all of those sons of Sagara as heaps of ashes by virtue of his hum sound.
vrm.1.41 In fact, Kapila, the Imponderable Sage, has burnt down those great mighty paternal uncles of yours, oh, observant Amshuman, as such it will not be apt of you to offer the mundane obsequial water oblations to them, indeed.
vrm.1.42 "The great resplendent Dilipa on hearing the elimination of his grandfathers, the sixty thousand sons of Sagara at the hand of sage Kapila, and with a mind that is marred by the plight of his father Amshuman in absolving the souls of Sagara s sons, he that Dilipa could not arrive at any decision concerning the descent of Ganga.
vrm.5.24 "Like the highly fortunate Sachi who waits upon Indra, like Arundhati on Vasishta, like Rohini on the Moon God, like Lopamudra on Agastya, like Sukanya on Chyavana, like Savitri on Satyavanta, like Srimati on Kapila, like Madayanti on Saudasa, like Kesini on Sagara, like Damayanti the daughter of Bhima, devoted to husband Nala, in the same way I am devoted to my husband Rama, the best in Ikshvaku dynasty.
vrm.7.24 He is Ananta, Kapila, Jishnu and the highly effulgent Narasimha.
vrm.7.28 The person stationed in the island is the illustrious Kapila.
vrm.7.28 All those dancing persons are the Devas equalling that intelligent Kapila in energy and power.

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