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vrm.2.21 A sage called Kandu, who knew righteousness, who performed religious vows and who was a learned man, killed even a cow, acting as per his fathers words Previously, the sons of Sagara belonging to our race, were got bitterly digging up the earth, as commanded by their father.
vrm.4.48 A highly fortunate, veracious, ascetically wealthy sage known as Kandu is there in that province, and that great sage is a highly short tempered, and an impossible one to subjugate by virtue of his own self discipline.
vrm.6.18 How much more a man like me has to do? Hear the verses inculcating virtue so long ago, by Kandu, the son of a sage called Kanva, a great sage and a speaker of truth.
vrm.6.18 I will follow the excellent words of Kandu.

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