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vrm.2.74 Once upon a time, Kamadhenu the mythical cow of Vasistha, who knew righteousness and was worshipped by Devas, is said to have seen her sons, drawing a heavy burden on earth and became unconscious.
vrm.2.74 Seeing her sons a pair of bullocks fatigued, after toiling for half a part of their day on earth, Kamadhenu the mythical cow cried with her eyes full of tears in grief for the fate of her sons.
vrm.2.74 Seeing those sweet scented tears falling on his limbs, Indra identified the tears to be those of the great Kamadhenu the mythical cow.
vrm.2.74 Looking into the sky, Indra saw that Kamadhenu standing there with anguish and pitiably weeping with great grief.
vrm.2.74 Indra with a thunder bolt in his hand, seeing that beautiful Kamadhenu the mythical cow, tormented with grief, spoke eagerly with joined palms to her, as follows: O, cow the well wisher of all! I hope there is no great panic from any quarter to us.
vrm.2.74 For what occasion is your sorrow? Hearing the words of the intelligent Indra the prudent Kamadhenu who was skilled in expressing words, replied as follows: Heaven forefend that evil! O, Indra There is no danger whatsoever to you from any quarter.
vrm.2.74 Such a Kamadhenu the sacred cow, which is desirous of maintaining the world always having unequalled behavior, the venerable one, by its very nature functioning forever with good qualities and to whom there are thousands of sons, is lamenting, how much more indeed Kausalya will drag her existence, without Rama?

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