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vrm.1.23 "When Kamadeva was with his body wise men used to call him Kama, the passion.
vrm.1.24 All those sages of Kama s hermitage that are the great souls and scrupulous ones in their vows, have positioned an auspicious ferryboat within the reach in the river, and then they said to sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.63 "On seeing her the sage having gone under the sway o Kama said this to her, oh, Apsara, you are welcome, I invite you to bide in my hermitage.
vrm.4.18 "You alone are the knower of recourses and their real nature, namely probity, prosperity, pleasure seeking, and emancipation dharma, artha, Kama, moksha and you take delight in the welfare of subjects, and your faultless intellect is clear in accomplishing ends by judging the causes and effects.
vrm.4.38 b, a "And the king who is bound up in eliminating unfriendly ones and bound up with forgathering friends, he will be enjoined with righteousness, and he even becomes the real enjoyer of the fruit of threefold virtues, namely dharma, artha, Kama probity, prosperity and pleasures.
vrm.4.43 "The treeless Mountain Kama and the abode of Birds Mountain Maanasa are also to be searched, and there is no inlet for any being, let alone Gods or Rakshasas.
vrm.7.6 And coming to that enemy of Kama and foe of Tripura the three eyed Deity, the gods, with their voices faltering through fear, represented with joined hands, O reverend one, the creatures of the lord of creatures are being sorely troubled by the sons of Sukesa, given to harassing their foes, swolen with insolence on account of the boon conferred on them by the great father, Our asylums, constituting our refuges, have been divested of their power of granting shelter; and driving of the deities from the etherial regions, they are sporting there like the immortals.
vrm.7.6 Having received this counsel of Hara, they, rendering reverence unto that enemy of Kama, came to the abode of Narayana and communicated everything unto him.

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