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vrm.1.1 "Then on seeing the arrangements for the anointment of Rama as crown prince, Kaikeyi, the dear wife and a queen of Dasharatha, claimed boons that were once accorded to her by Dasharatha, which are the banishment of Rama and anointment of Bharata.
vrm.1.1 "Such a brave one as he is, that Rama repaired to forest for the reason of appeasing Kaikeyi, and as directed by the verbal directive of his father, and to follow his father s word of honour.
vrm.1.1 b, a "On the departure of Bharata, that effulgent one, for his self effulgence is not marred by the arrival of Bharata with an incitement that truth bound one, for his truthfulness is undeterred even by the supplications to return to capital by Bharata, Kausalya, and even Kaikeyi that self controlled one, for the lure of kingdom has not controlled his senses, such as he is, he that Rama foresaw the repeated arrival of citizens, other subjects, or even Bharata to that place.
vrm.1.3 Dispute of Rama and Parashurama the merits of Rama, the son of Dasharatha and the preparations for anointing of Rama as crown prince Queen Kaikeyi s vicious intentions.
vrm.1.16 And to Kaikeyi he gave half of the remaining half, i.
vrm.1.18 Queen Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata, one embodied with all merits, and whose truthfulness itself is his valour and who is fourth component of manifest Vishnu, namely Rama.
vrm.1.18 Elapsed are eleven days and the naming ceremony is performed, then Vashishta, the chief priest, named the high souled elder one as Rama, Kaikeyi s son as Bharata, and one son of Sumitra as Lakshmana and the other as Shatrughna The king feasted Brahmans, urbanites and villagers and he gifted many
vrm.1.73 Yudhajit, the son of Kekaya king and the brother of Kaikeyi, thus the direct maternal uncle of Bharata, having seen and asked after the wellbeing of Dasharatha said this to him.
vrm.1.73 Oh, Raghu s legatee, oh, best king, my father and the king of Kekaya is interested to see my sister Kaikeyi s son, Bharata, and for that reason I am sent to Ayodhya.
vrm.1.77 b, In palace king Dasharatha is overjoyed when he is surrounded with his own inmates of palace chambers, and when his long cherished ambitions have come true, while his queens, Kausalya, Sumitra, and slender waisted Kaikeyi and other wives are overjoyed in the functions of receiving the four brides.
vrm.1.77 b, a Then after sometime that king Dasharatha, the legatee of Raghu s, spoke to his and Kaikeyi s son, Bharata.
vrm.1.77 On hearing the opinion of Dasharatha, Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi, then readied himself to travel along with Shatrughna to Kekaya province.
vrm.1.77 b, a That valiant and best one among men Bharata on asking leave from his father, from Rama, an uncomplicatedly dextrous one in undertaking deeds, and even from his mothers, Kaikeyi, Sumitra, and Kausalya, travelled on along with Shatrughna.
vrm.2.7 Manthara, a housemaid who was residing with Kaikeyi since her birth, accidentally ascended the balcony of Kaikeyi s white palace, which resembled the full moon.
vrm.2.7 Manthara of sinful thought burning with anger, approached Kaikeyi who was lying on a bed and spoke these words:
vrm.2.7 Why are you not knowing this yourself?" "Oh, Kaikeyi You appear to be a beloved wife for your husband, but in reality he does not like you.
vrm.2.7 Kaikeyi was very much worried after hearing hard words spoken with anger by Manthara of sinful thoughts.
vrm.2.7 Kaikeyi asked the hunch backed Manthara as follows "O, Manthara! Are you not safe? You appear to be very sorrowful with your worried face".
vrm.2.7 After hearing Kaikeyi s sweet words, Manthara who was an expert in talking, spoke with anger.
vrm.2.7 That Manthara, who was full of cunning, feigning to be seeking Kaikeyi s welfare, appeared more worried, and making Kaikeyi sorrowful, spoke the following, to create hostility between Rama and Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.7 Kaikeyi"! If Rama becomes king, his son will become king after him.
vrm.2.7 "Oh, Kaikeyi! Having born in a royal family and being an emperor s wife, how is it that you are not knowing about the cruelty in kingly duties?"
vrm.2.7 "O, Kaikeyi, of amazing beauty! You have to take timely action immediately, so as to save yourself, your son and me too.
vrm.2.7 Hearing Manthara s words, that Kaikeyi of charming countenance who was lying in bed, rose from her coach full of delight like unto the crescent moon in autumn.
vrm.2.7 That Kaikeyi in the midst of her astonishment and joy gave a graceful jewel to the hunch backed Manthara.
vrm.2.7 Kaikeyi, the best among women, gave a jewel to Manthara and spoke to her as follows:
vrm.2.8 Manthara, becoming indignant with Kaikeyi, threw down the ornament given to her and with anger and distress spoke the following words: "O, foolish one! Not knowing that you are in the midst of an ocean of trouble, what is it that you are so delighted about, in a matter to be grieved?" "Oh, queen! Though stricken with grief, I mentally laugh at you in that you are rejoicing at the time when a great calamity is befalling you.
vrm.2.8 "Oh Kaikeyi! In line with even the proximity of birth the claim to the throne of Bharata alone can be pressed, that of Lakshmana and Satrughna who are younger is out of question.
vrm.2.8 Hearing Manthara speak thus in many distasteful words, Kaikeyi began to extol Rama s virtues, saying:
vrm.2.8 Manthara, after hearing Kaikeyi s words, felt very sad and after a long and hot sigh, spoke to her the following words: "On one side, you are getting immersed in an ocean of sorrow filled with misery and danger.
vrm.2.8 "O, Kaikeyi! All the sons of a king will not be crowned for a kingdom.
vrm.2.8 "Therefore, kings, O, Kaikeyi of faultless limbs, install their eldest son, eventhough others may be full of virtues, as their successor to the throne.
vrm.2.8 "Oh, Kaikeyi the affectionate one! Your son will be completely distant from comforts and even from the royal clan like an orphan.
vrm.2.8 Will not such Kausalya, your rival wife, revenge for that animosity?" "O, Kaikeyi! The day Rama becomes lord of this earth with its great oceans, mountains and towns that day you and your Bharata will get a bad and pitiable position of ignominy.
vrm.2.9 After hearing those words, Kaikeyi with her face burning with anger, had a long and hot sigh and spoke to Manthara as follows: "Now itself, I shall send Rama quickly to forest.
vrm.2.9 After hearing her words, the sinful thinking Manthara, spoke thus to Kaikeyi to destroy Rama s benefit of kingdom.
vrm.2.9 "O Kaikeyi! I am very glad.
vrm.2.9 Listen to it!" "Oh, Kaikeyi! You desire to hear from me the means for your benefit.
vrm.2.9 "O the lady of charms, Kaikeyi! If you desire to hear this from my mouth, I shall tell you.
vrm.2.9 After hearing Manthara s words, Kaikeyi slightly rose from the well laid bed and spoke the following "O Manthara! Tell me the trick by which Bharata will get the kingdom and Rama will not get it under any circumstances.
vrm.2.9 After hearing Kaikeyi s words, the sinful thinking, hunch backed Manthara, spoke thus, with an intention to destroy Rama s benefit of kingdom.
vrm.2.9 "O Kaikeyi with auspicious appearance! Getting delighted, he gave two boons to you.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Kaikeyi, the great fortunate! you remind Dasaratha of those boons given by him to you in that battle between Devas and Asuras.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Kaikeyi! Ask Dasaratha of sending Rama to forest also as a boon.
vrm.2.9 Kaikeyi, being brain washed an unworthy matter as the most worthy matter by Manthara, accepted her well and having delighted, spoke to her as follows: Though of right thinking in nature, Kaikeyi was very much surprised to hear Manthara s words and like a small girl, got into a wrong path.
vrm.2.9 Manthara in this way being praised spoke these words to Kaikeyi, who was lying in a clean couch like a flame of fire upon the sacrificial altar.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Kaikeyi the auspicious one! When water has already flown out, there is no use constructing a dam.
vrm.2.9 By surrendering to the words of Manthara and having been thus encouraged by her, Kaikeyi who was of wide eyes, who was proud of her intoxicating beauty, who was a gifted woman and a queen, removed pearl necklace worth in lacs and other great valuable auspicious ornaments from her body, entered the chamber of wrath along with Manthara, lied on the floor there like a golden wire and spoke to Manthara as follows: "After Rama s going to the forest, Bharata shall get the kingdom.
vrm.2.9 Afterwards, that Manthara again spoke to the seriously talking mother of Bharata that is Kaikeyi the following words which were beneficial to her and not beneficial in relation to Rama.
vrm.2.9 Oh, Kaikeyi of auspicious qualities! Hence you try for coronation of your son, Bharata
vrm.2.9 Having thus hit by arrows of words employed by Manthara again and again, Kaikeyi felt sad, was angry with the king, by keeping hands on her heart, was surprised with the cleverness of Manthara and praised her time and again.
vrm.2.9 Kaikeyi, thus uttering cruel words, having removed all ornaments, lied on the floor without a mattress like a fallen angel.
vrm.2.9 Kaikeyi, having removed all adornments, having her face covered by the darkness of extreme anger and with her depressed mind, looked like a starless sky in a gloomy night.
vrm.2.10 Kaikeyi lied down on the floor as a Kinnara woman beaten by a poisoned arrow.
vrm.2.10 The skilful Kaikeyi, after deciding in mind what ought to be done told it all slowly to Manthara.
vrm.2.10 Being stupefied by the words of Manthara, that Kaikeyi became dejected, made firm resolve, with deep and warm sigh, like a maiden serpent and thought for that moment about the ways which can lead to her happiness.
vrm.2.10 Manthara, who is Kaikeyi s companion and who is desirous of getting benefit, heard of Kaikeyi s firm resolve and became very much pleased as if she achieved success.
vrm.2.10 Kaikeyi, being angry and well determined, lied down on the floor with eye brows, knitted in her face.
vrm.2.10 Tying her single braid of hair tightly over her head and wearing soiled clothes, that Kaikeyi lying down in the chamber of wrath was looking like a Kinnara woman lying down dead.
vrm.2.10 king Dasaratha, who kept all activates under his control entered into the inner chambers to tell the good news of Rama s coronation to Kaikeyi who was a worthy woman to be told the good news first thinking that she has not yet heard the news.
vrm.2.10 That Dasaratha with vast glory entered Kaikeyi s chambers as moon enters the sky with white clouds.
vrm.2.10 In former times, Kaikeyi did not keep away herself at that kind of hour, nor the king enter her chambers at any time without her presence.
vrm.2.10 After entering the house, king Dasaratha enquired with the aid servants there as before, without knowing about foolish Kaikeyi who desired to get her selfish ends.
vrm.2.10 That Dasaratha having much disturbed mind already for the absence of Kaikeyi there, became more dejected after hearing the words of door keeper.
vrm.2.10 King Dasaratha, after seeing Kaikeyi lying down on floor in the chamber of wrath, became tormented with grief.
vrm.2.10 That Dasaratha touched Kaikeyi affectionately, as a great Elephant in a forest touches a female Elephant which is wounded by poisoned arrow.
vrm.2.10 "Oh, Kaikeyi! Do not weep and get your body dried up.
vrm.2.10 Oh, Kaikeyi! which of the goods do you want to acquire? "Oh, fearful one! why are you exerted like this? oh, beautiful lady? Get up get up! Oh, Kaikeyi Tell me the source of your fear.
vrm.2.10 Consoled by hearing the words of Dasaratha, Kaikeyi intending to tell unkindly words like Rama s exile was beginning to harass her husband further, by her words.
vrm.2.11 Kaikeyi spoke harsh words to that king, who was struck by cupid s arrows and yielded to hasty lust.
vrm.2.11 The most majestic and lustful Dasaratha smiled a little and caressingly kept his hand into her hair and spoke these words to Kaikeyi who was having white smile in her face.
vrm.2.11 "Oh, Kaikeyi I can t live even for a moment without seeing Rama.
vrm.2.11 Oh, Kaikeyi! you observe all this and tell me that which you think as good.
vrm.2.11 That Kaikeyi, who has utmost desire for coronation of Bharata and for sending Rama to exile, revealing that wish from her mind, uttered unspeakable wordswith bias and delight.
vrm.2.11 Kaikeyi, having been delighted with Dasaratha s words, conveyed him of the very horrible wish in her mind as conveying the news of a suddenly befallen death.
vrm.2.11 Kaikeyi made Dasaratha to hear these words, praised him too much and thereafter spoke these words to him who was ready to give boons as he was infatuated by lust.
vrm.2.11 There afterwards, Kaikeyi spoke these words to Dasaratha who was ready to give boons and who was infatuated by lust: "Oh, King! the lord of Earth, now only I am asking for those boons which were given by you then.
vrm.2.12 After hearing the cruel words of Kaikeyi King Dasaratha got disturbed and suffered great agony for a while.
vrm.2.12 Then, regaining consciousness, he felt tormented by Kaikeyi s words.
vrm.2.12 Regaining consciousness after a long time and feeling much distressed and angry the King spoke thus to Kaikeyi, as though consuming her with fire in his eyes
vrm.2.13 Kaikeyi who was a manifestation of worthlessness who accomplished her desire, who was fearlessly exhibiting her fearful form, asked for those boons again in a loud voice, to Dasaratha who was in such a bad mood situation.
vrm.2.13 Now, why are you objecting to my boon?" After thus spoken to by Kaikeyi, Dasaratha became angry, turned out delirious for a moment and again spoke as follows: "Oh, the vulgar one! You, my enemy! You want to be happy after your desire is fulfilled when Rama the best among men leaves for the forest and when I die thereafter.
vrm.2.13 "When Devas ask for me about Rama s well being after I reach heaven, how can I indeed convince them that he is well obscuringly the actual fact?" "If I tell without obscuring the fact that I sent Rama to exile desirous of showing kindness to Kaikeyi, nobody will believe me.
vrm.2.13 I do not went to see Kaikeyi, who is shameless, cruel and for whose reason this great calamity occurred" The king spoke like this and beseeched kaikeyi with folded hands.
vrm.2.13 He again spoke this word to Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.14 Thus compelled by Kaikeyi, who had no uneasiness in her mind, king Dasaratha could not untie the cord of plighted word that fettered him any more than Bali could unloose the noose placed round his body by Indra.
vrm.2.14 But with difficulty, he controlled himself by recourse to firmness and spoke to Kaikeyi as follows.
vrm.2.14 Kaikeyi of vicious conduct and of skilful talk, filled with anger again spoke these harsh words to the king.
vrm.2.14 Impelled again and again by Kaikeyi, like an excellent Horse being severely thrashed with a whip, that king spoke these words to Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.14 Then, Kaikeyi who is experienced in fore thoughts, spoke thus to Sumantra.
vrm.2.16 "Oh Rama, the good offspring of Kausalya! Your father and the Queen Kaikeyi want to see you.
vrm.2.16 "Then black eyed Kaikeyi who is dexterous and friendly disposed, has perceived the king s opinion and is inciting him for my sake" Kaikeyi", my mother is following the king s intentions with great pleasure, desirous of my benefit and prosperity"
vrm.2.18 Kaikeyi was at his side.
vrm.2.18 Rama being humble and well composed, first reverentially saluted his father s feet and then saluted Kaikeyi s feet.
vrm.2.18 The ingenious Rama, who is fond of his father s welfare, anxiously thought why indeed the king is not greeting me in return just today?" "At other times, the father, even though angry used to be gracious after seeing me why today such a father has become weary after seeing me?" Rama indeed distressed and afflicted with grief, with lustre faded from his face, offered his salutation to Kaikeyi and spoke these words.
vrm.2.18 Thus questioned by the great souled Rama, Kaikeyi fearlessly spoke these words for her own benefit, without any shame on her part.
vrm.2.18 After hearing the words of Kaikeyi, Rama felt painful and spoke thus to her in the presence of the king.
vrm.2.18 That vulgar Kaikeyi uttered very cruel words to that Rama, who was committed to sincerity and speaking of truth.
vrm.2.19 He spoke these words to Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.19 Hearing Rama s words, Kaikeyi felt glad that he would certainly go and urged him to make haste at once.
vrm.2.19 Rama lifted up the king and soon got hurried up to leave for the forest he was again instigated by Kaikeyi as a Horse was hit by a whip.
vrm.2.19 Rama after hearing that vulgar woman s words, which were harsh and having consequence, was unruffled and spoke these words to Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.19 That Rama, with great brilliance, came out, after duly offering obeisance to the feet of his father who was fainted and also to the feet of that vulgar Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.19 Rama made circumambulatory salutation to his father as well as Kaikeyi, left that palace and saw his friends.
vrm.2.20 My husband always held me down, without giving me any independence and treat me equal to or even lower than the servants of Kaikeyi Those who serve me now and those who follow me, will not speak to me, after seeing Bharata.
vrm.2.20 Oh, son! How can I, the miserable one, see the face of Kaikeyi who talks hurtingly because of her continuous anger.
vrm.2.21 The king with perverted mind, of old age, one who is outraged by sensual enjoyments and possessed of passion can talk any thing, prompted by Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.21 Soft person indeed gets disgraced! If our father with an evil mind behaves like our enemy with instigation by Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.21 Oh, Rama, the best of men! On what strength or season has he taken shelter to give away this kingdom belonging to you to Kaikeyi? Oh, Rama the chestiser of enemies! Where is the ability for him to give kingdom to Bharata, by making great enmity against you and me Oh, queen! Really, I am devotedly attached to my brother Rama.
vrm.2.21 On the word given by my father only, Kaikeyi instigated me to go to the forest.
vrm.2.22 My mother Kaikeyi is still agonized about my coronation.
vrm.2.22 Soon after my departure to the forest now, Kaikeyi having accomplished her purpose, will coolly get her son coronated.
vrm.2.22 If go to forest wearing deer skin rags and with my hair twisted together Kaikeyi will have mental peace.
vrm.2.22 Oh, Lakshmana! Look at it as destiny which has taken back kingdom given to me and which is sending me to exile If not making of destiny to create such a thought in Kaikeyi, how come she resolved to harass? You know that I had no discrimination among mothers and Kaikeyi also in the past had no discrimination between me and her son Bharata
vrm.2.22 I do not perceive any other reason than an accident that made Kaikeyi to abolish my coronation to send me to exile ,and to speak ferocious words ,not to be talked about.
vrm.2.22 If it is for not an accidental reason, how Kaikeyi who is of a perfect temperament and who is born in a royal family can tell like a common woman to her husband to create trouble for me The influence of destiny is un imaginable.
vrm.2.23 Can such a person like you speak a person like you speak thus doubtlessly of the powerless destiny?" "Why are you speaking about this weak and pitiable destiny? Why are you not doubting the sinful Kaikeyi and Dasaratha?" "Oh, the righteous sould! Both of them are smoothly deceiving in the name of righteousness with an intent to keep away your good conduct, with selfish away your good conduct, with selfish motive and by dishonest means.
vrm.2.23 How can you act on the word which is reprehensible and which is unjustified of your father who is surrendering obediently to the will of Kaikeyi?" "Though they are doing this treachery with a sinful intent, I regret that you are not grasping it.
vrm.2.23 "That is why, I shall break down the hope of father and of Kaikeyi, who is trying for kingdom to her son by creating obstacle to your coronation.
vrm.2.24 Kaikeyi already deceived the king.
vrm.2.26 hear me in what sequence it happened to me Two great boons were given to my mother Kaikeyi long ago by my father Dasaratha who is true to a promise.
vrm.2.26 Now that the arrangements initiated by the king for my coronation are getting ready Kaikeyi came out with that promise of boons, turning the situation to her own advantage by grounds of morality I have to dwell in Dandaka forest for fourteen years
vrm.2.31 "That Kaikeyi daughter of king Aswapati, after obtaining this kingdom, will certainly not accord good treatment to her step wives, who are at grief.
vrm.2.31 Bharata" on acquiring the kingdom will be devoted to Kaikeyi and will not think of sorrowful Kausalya or Sumitra.
vrm.2.33 Let Kaikeyi obtain the houses deserted by us, their treasures unearthed, their court yards in ruined state, their wealth and food grains removed, their best parts robbed off from all sides, covered by dust, deserted by the deitiespresiding them, overrun by mice, coming out of their holes and turning round here and there, without water and smoke, upswept, the rises of offering oblations to all creatures as well as the sacred fire, worship of Gods, the chanting of sacred texts and muttering of prayers having altogether ceased, as though dilapidated by adverse times and scattered with broken vessels.
vrm.2.33 Let Kaikeyi with her son along with her relatives indeed inhabit the region where ferocious animals and Vultures live with grass, meat and fruits.
vrm.2.34 Gazing at Rama who is unruffled, awaiting permission of the king for stay in the forest, the king Dasaratha spoke thus: "Oh, Rama! I was stupefied by Kaikeyi through a boon.
vrm.2.34 I was cheated by Kaikeyi who had concealed intentions and resembled fire with ashes.
vrm.2.34 Incited by Kaikeyi who has destroyed established customs, you wish to redeem my deceit, derived by me from her.
vrm.2.34 Oh king the bestower of boons! You were pleased to give a boon to Kaikeyi and let it be fulfilled completely.
vrm.2.34 "Oh Dasaratha the seion of Raghu! I was indeed asked by Kaikeyi to go to the forest.
vrm.2.34 Let the word of honour given by youto Kaikeyi come true.
vrm.2.34 Let your pledgegiven to Kaikeyi prove true.
vrm.2.34 Then, all the queens assembled there except Kaikeyi began to cry.
vrm.2.35 Then, moving his head all of a sudden sighing again and again, rubbing his hand in hand, grinding his teeth, turning his eyes red with anger shedding his normal colour, overwhelmed with wrath, suddenly getting the evil grief, carefully reading Dasaratha s mind, sumantra the charioteer spokeas follows as though shaking Kaikeyi s heart with sharp arrows, in the form of thunderbolting words speedily peircing all her vitals.
vrm.2.35 "There is nothing on earth, anything which is most disgraceful for you by whom your husband king Dasaratha the supporter of the entire creation the unmoving and the moving, is betrayed, Oh, Kaikeyi!"
vrm.2.35 Oh, queen Kaikeyi! What pleasure will be derived through attainment of soverignity, when your relatives, all brahmanas and pious souls desert you forever? Now, you want to do such an act of impropriety" "I am looking only with surprise, why the earth is not immediately rent asunder, while you conduct yourself with such an act"
vrm.2.35 "Oh, Kaikeyi, seeing evil everywhere! You, too, thus following the path trodden by wicked men, are making this bad resolution by ignorance.
vrm.2.35 "Oh, Kaikeyi! Dasaratha the faultless man, the majesty, the lotus eyed man and the king cannot indeed belie the promise given to youHence, you alone has to change your opinion" "Let Rama the eldestof the sons who is generous strong skilled, capable of protecting his own duty as Kshatriya but also of protecting the world of living beings, be installed on the throne of Ayodhya"
vrm.2.35 "Oh, Kaikeyi! A great accusation will surely roam about you in the world, if Rama leaving his royal father goes to the forest.
vrm.2.35 Thus, Sumantra repeatedly with joint palms, caused a shaking to Kaikeyi in the royal assmebly, by his kind words as well as bitter words.
vrm.2.35 That queen Kaikeyi, however, was neither excited nor repented in her heart nor was any change observed in the colour of her face.
vrm.2.36 Let the glorious Rama be sent alog with all objects of enjoyment" While Dasaratha was speaking thus, fear drew near Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.36 Feeling depressed and apprehensive, with her mouth getthing parched and her face turned towards the king, Kaikeyi spoke as follows:
vrm.2.36 Bharata" will not accept the kingdom, which will become uninhabited, hollow and which will be absolutely unenjoyable like wine, quaffed of its spiriteous part, Oh noble soul!" While Kaikeyi who has cast off her shame was thus uttering th emost cruel words, King Dasaratha spoke these words to that lady with large eyes: Having charged me with a burden, Oh hostile woman, why do you prick me while I am carrying it? Why did you not check beforewhile asking the boons by putting a condition that Rama should not be allowed to take anything with him the deedof sending troups etc with Rama in the begining itself, Oh the vulgar woman!"
vrm.2.36 Doubly enraged in hearing this angry question of Dasaratha, Kaikeyi the beautiful woman replied to the king as follows: "In your dynasty itself, sagara cast away his eldest son called Asmanja Rama too is entitled to go like wise without anything to bank upon" Spoken to as above, king Dasaratha uttered only a word Shame"!".
vrm.2.36 But Kaikeyi did not perceive it"
vrm.2.36 There, the aged and the upright chief minister Siddhartha by name who was highly esteemed by the king, spoke to Kaikeyi these words: Asamanja" the evil minded, catching hold of children playing in the street and throwing them in the waters of saryu river, took delight in it" By watching him, all the citizens were angry and spoke to the king, "choose either to keep yourself Asamanja alone or to preserve us, Oh the promoter of the state!" Thereupon the king said to them, "For what reason is this fear? Duly asked by the king, those people also replied these words:
vrm.2.36 "Or if you see any fault in Rama, Oh Kaikeyi you tell about it now correctly.
vrm.2.36 "Oh, Kaikeyi! Hence, there is no need of impeding the royal fortune of Rama.
vrm.2.36 Hearing the words of Siddhartha, king Dasaratha spoke to Kaikeyi in the most tiresome tone, with a voice choked with deep anguish, as follows.
vrm.2.37 Thereupon, Kaikeyi shamelessly bringing personally of men, said to Rama "Put these on" Taking those two pieces of bark as loin cloth and cover from kaikeyi and discarding his clothing of fine yarn, Rama put on the garb of ascetics.
vrm.2.37 Seeing Seetha accepting the piece of bark, Vasistha the king s preceptor prevented her and spoke thus to Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.37 "Oh the evil minded Kaikeyi, who have exceeded your limits, who have brought disgrace to your family! You are not establishing justifiable standard and you misled the king.
vrm.2.37 There is none indeed in this world who is not devoted to Rama" "Oh, Kaikeyi! You will see now itself that beasts, Elephants, Deers and Birds going with Rama and trees also turning their faces towards Rama.
vrm.2.37 "Moreover, putting aside the bark of trees, give excellent jewellery to your daughter in law, Oh, Kaikeyi! the bark of trees is not ordained for her" Thus saying so, Vasishta prevented that wearing of garment by Seetha.
vrm.2.37 "Oh, Kaikeyi! It was solicited by you, the dwelling in the forest of Rama only.
vrm.2.38 "Oh, Kaikeyi! Seetha does not deserve to go with a robe made of Kusa grass.
vrm.2.39 Death does not claim me, even being tormented by Kaikeyi and eventhough I behold my son, efflugent as fire, standing before me clad in the robes of an ascetic having cast off his fine garments.
vrm.2.39 "All these people are suffering on account of only Kaikeyi, who sought refuge in chincanery, with an implicit intent of selfishness"
vrm.2.41 Where has he gone, who was not angry even when provoked, who resolved every misunderstanding and who propitiated all those who were angry by sharing their suffering? That illustrious and great souled Rama, who treated us with the same reverence he paid to his own mother, where has he gone? "Where has he gone, he the protector of the people and the whole world, driven to the forest by the king, goaded on by Kaikeyi? Alas! In his folly, the king has banished the virtuous the beloved and the strictly truthful Rama to the forest!
vrm.2.42 When Dasaratha fell down, Kausalya his wife took her place on his right side to lift him up and Kaikeyi of charming limbs took her place on his left side.
vrm.2.42 The king endowed with wisdom virtue and discretion seeing Kaikeyi beside him, said to her in great agitation as follows: Oh, wicked Kaikeyi! Do not touch my limbs.
vrm.2.42 Oh, Kaikeyi! Let your desire be fulfilled! Dwell in the kingdom as a widow.
vrm.2.43 Thereafter, Kausalya afflicted with grief of her son and seeing the king lying down depressed with sorrow, spoke to the monarch as follows: "Having planted her poison on Rama the tiger among men, indeed Kaikeyi of crooked ways will surely wander about freely like a female serpent that has cast off its slough Having fulfilled her desire of expelling Rama to the forest, Kaikeyi the charming woman will frighten by clamping down upon me, like a dangerous serpent in the house.
vrm.2.43 Having willfully thrown Rama out of his position, Kaikeyi has acted in the same way as one who tends the sacred fire throws a part of the sacrifice to Rakshasas on a new or full moon.
vrm.2.43 Together with his wife, accompanied by Lakshmana and walking like king of Elephants having a bow in hand, the mighty armed hero surely will have entered the forest In the forest, what fate will befall them who had never seen such a suffering before and who have been sent by you to a forest life as per the wishes of Kaikeyi?
vrm.2.43 Oh, tiger among heroes! Fond of my child like a cow, I, as such was forcibly deprived of my child by Kaikeyi in the same way as a cow having a calf of tender age may be deprived of her calf by a lion.
vrm.2.45 Bharata who enhances the delight of Kaikeyi and who possesses excellent conduct, will indeed do pleasing and beneficial things to you appropriately.
vrm.2.48 Who will be highly pleased with this residence in the city, which is apprehensible, with anxious people in it and not being a pleasant spot with unsettled minds? If it were to be the rule of Kaikeyi, it will not be in consonance with righteousness, with no protector and indeed with no use for our lives, mush less for our sons and riches.
vrm.2.48 Whom else Kaikeyi will not abandon? that Kaikeyi, by whom her son and her husband were forsaken for the sake of power and who brought disgrace to her family.
vrm.2.48 We swear even by our sons that while Kaikeyi is surviving and as long as we live, we will never inhabit this kingdom as Kaikeyis servants! Who can live happily on having obtained as ones ruler that impious woman of wicked conduct, who banished the son of the king without any pity? The whole of this kingdom, without any leader, having no support and visited by calamities, will meet with ruin because of Kaikeyis fault.
vrm.2.48 Otherwise, follow Rama to forest or reach a place where even the name of Kaikeyi may not reach your ears.
vrm.2.49 Alas! Kaikeyi the cruel and the sinful one now is still engaged in a cruel game.
vrm.2.49 That hot tempered Kaikeyi is behaving in a rude manner, transgressing the bounds of propriety How Sita the venerable woman, the daughter of Janaka, who was delighted always in homely comforts can now experience hardships in the forest? What a surprise! The king Dasaratha, having no love for his son, now wants to abandon Rama who is so beloved to the people and is even faultless.
vrm.2.52 Oh, Rama! We are actually ruined, in that, disappointed in our hopes by you too, we shall fall under the sway of Kaikeyi the sinful woman and reap the suffering.
vrm.2.52 What so ever act that high soled emperor may enjoin you to do, with intent to oblige the desire of Kaikeyi, it is to be done unhesitatingly.
vrm.2.52 Oh,Sumantra! This is what you should say to the king, my mother, all other queens and Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.52 As is your affection for Kaikeyi, so let it be for Sumitra and also the divine Kausalya, my mother If you accept the princely kingdom with an intent to please our father, it will be possible for you to enhance happiness in both the worlds in this world and the next.
vrm.2.52 Seeing you, returning to Ayodhya, Kaikeyi, my younger mother will get the proof that Rama has gone to the forest.
vrm.2.52 Having completely satisfied, about me having gone to forest, Kaikeyi will leave her strong suspicion that the virtuous king may be a person who speaks untruth.
vrm.2.53 Assuredly the emperor is sleeping badly tonight, while Kaikeyi, having realized her ambitions, ought to feel satisfied.
vrm.2.53 Seeing Bharata returned, queen Kaikeyi, I am afraid, may not expel the lives of the emperor for the sake of kingdom.
vrm.2.53 Aged and therefore helpless, deprived of my presence, what will he do, dominated as he is by his passion for Kaikeyi and who has fallen into the clutches of Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.53 It seems that Kaikeyi came into our house, oh good brother, to bring about an end to Dasaratha, to send me into exile and to secure kingship for Bharata.
vrm.2.53 Blinded by pride of good fortune, Kaikeyi may even now persecute Kausalya and Sumitra because of their relationship with me.
vrm.2.53 Kaikeyi of base deeds may resort to unjustified means to be disliked.
vrm.2.57 Oh, king! On whose fear, you are not enquiring with Sumantra about the welfare of Rama, that Kaikeyi is not here.
vrm.2.58 Make the venerable Kaikeyi, agreeable to the king.
vrm.2.58 But Lakshmana was very angry and breathing a sigh, spoke to me as follows: On which offence this prince was expelled from home? The king even took shelter under a wretched decree of Kaikeyi and performed an act not to be done, as though it is a proper deed, for which we are now tormented.
vrm.2.59 Hearing Sumantras words, the king in a voice choked with tears and very much woeful, spoke to that charioteer as follows: Enjoined by Kaikeyi with her sinful birth and intention, I could not deliberate with people experienced in counsel or with elders beforehand.
vrm.2.59 Kaikeyi is its submarine fire.
vrm.2.59 Its shores are the boons asked by the cruel Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.60 It does not flash to my mind now of the words hurriedly spoken of by Seetha about Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.60 Expunging the remarks spoken by Seetha about Kaikeyi coming almost nearer to his lips by inadvertence, Sumantra spoke only delightful and sweet words to Kausalya.
vrm.2.61 Your son Bharata and your wife Kaikeyi only are delighted.
vrm.2.64 O, mighty armed! O, Rama! O, annihilator of my grief! Alas! O, darling of your father! O, my protector! O, my son! Where have you gone? O, Kausalya! O, Sumitra, the miserable! Alas! O, Kaikeyi, the cruel one! My enemy! The disgrace of my family! I am going to die.
vrm.2.65 Kaikeyi and all other wives of king Dasaratha were weeping afflicted by grief and fell unconscious.
vrm.2.66 Seeing the aforesaid deceased king, who looked like a fully extinguished fire, a waterless ocean and a lusterless sun, Kausalya holding the kings head on her lap with her eyes full of tears and who was stricken with grief of various sorts, spoke to Kausalya as follows: O Kaikeyi the cruel one and the doer of evils! You be there, having fulfilled your desires.
vrm.2.66 Which woman would wish to survive, leaving her husband who was divine, except Kaikeyi who kicked off righteousness? A greedy person cannot understand ones faults, like one who eats a forbidden dish.
vrm.2.66 Due to that hump backed woman, Kaikeyi has ruined the race of Raghu dynasty.
vrm.2.66 Hearing Rama along with his wife have been sent to exile by the king as he was coerced as he was Kaikeyi to do an unworthy act, Janaka will profusely lament as I do.
vrm.2.66 Far in distance from Rama, how shall we without our husband, live in proximity to Kaikeyi of wretched nature, who killed her husband? Rama, a protector to you and all of us as well as a capable, prudent and an eminent man, has indeed gone on exile to the forest, leaving this lovely kingdom.
vrm.2.66 How can we, being disgraced by Kaikeyi, and stupefied by evil passion, live without you and the heroic Rama.
vrm.2.66 Whom else will Kaikeyi by whom have been abandoned the king as well as Rama along with Lakshmana great strength and Sita not abandon? With tears and excessive agony, those excellent Dasarathas wives together in a row, rolled on the ground, sorrowful as they were.
vrm.2.70 As Kaikeyi, who loves herself, a forever fiery lady of wrathful nature, who prides herself to be highly intelligent and my mother, also well? What did she say? On hearing the words of the high soled Bharata, those messengers then respectfully spoke to Bharata as follows: O, tiger among men! Those, of whom you do enquire, are all well.
vrm.2.70 Kaikeyi is fortunate to have a good son like you.
vrm.2.72 Beholding his son who was absent from home for long and returned, Kaikeyi was delighted and then sprang up, leaving her golden seat to receive him.
vrm.2.72 Kaikeyi smelled as mark of affection the head of the illustrious Bharata, embraced him, made him to ascend on her lap and started questions.
vrm.2.72 How many days passed since you have left your maternal grand fathers house? Is there no travel fatigue to you, who have come speedily in a chariot? O,son! Is your grand father doing well? Is Yudhajit, your maternal uncle doing well? Were you happy in being absent from home Be good enough to tell me all? Affectionately enquired thus by Kaikeyi, the lotus eyed bharata, the prince, narrated all to his mother.
vrm.2.72 Or is he in the house of Kausalya the senior most of my mothers? Deluded by the greed for kingdom, Kaikeyi who knew everything closely, told the terribly unpleasant news to Bharata, who did not know anything, as though the news was delightful.
vrm.2.72 Kaikeyi lifted up from the floor, her son Bharata, who was pained with sorrow, looking like a god, who fell on the ground like a sala tree, cut off by an axe, appearing like an Elephant in rut, looking like the moon and sun,afflicted with grief as he was and spoke the following words: O, the highly illustrious prince! Arise,arise! Why are you lying down? Gentlemen, like you, respected in the assembly of men, do not grieve indeed.
vrm.2.72 Thus requested by Bharata, Kaikeyi spoke the following words in accordance with truth.
vrm.2.72 Kaikeyi, a fool thing herself to be learned, after hearing the queries of the virtuous Bharata, delightfully spoke the following words: Not even a little of belonging to a Brahman was stolen by Rama,No harm was done by him either to a rich or to a poor virtuous man.
vrm.2.74 Reproaching Kaikeyi in that manner, Bharata again spoke the following words, wrapped as he was in great anger.
vrm.2.74 O, Kaikeyi! The cruel and evilmannered woman! Get lost from this kingdom.
vrm.2.74 What harm king Dasaratha or the highly righteous Rama have done to you so harshly that Dasarathas death and Ramas exile have occurred at one and the same time because of you? O, Kaikeyi! You got the sin of killing an embryo because of the destruction of this race.
vrm.2.74 O, Kaikeyi! Go to hell
vrm.2.75 Recognising the voice of Bharata the noble man, crying out in that manner, Kausalya spoke the following words to Sumitra: Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi, the doer terrific deeds arrived.
vrm.2.75 Alas! By the cruel deed of Kaikeyi, it was obtained by you soon! The ruthless Kaikeyi condemned my son to wear garments of bark and sent him to dwell in the forest: What merit has she gained from this? Kaikeyi ought to send me too without delay to the place where my illustrious son with a golden navel is there.
vrm.2.77 We are immersed in a violent and appalling ocean of sorrow invoked by Mandhara, in which Kaikeyi in the form of a crocodile swam in its current the irrevocable boons granted to her by my father.
vrm.2.78 Shatrughna, the strong and the eminent man, thus violently seizing her with rage, sharply rebuked Kaikeyi and spoke harsh words to her.
vrm.2.78 "If the pious Rama were not to express his displeasure with me for killing the mother, I would have killed this Kaikeyi, the ill mannered and sinful woman.
vrm.2.78 Manthara fell at the feet of Kaikeyi, breathless, weeping piteously.
vrm.2.81 Then, the awakened Bharata proclaiming that I am not the king, caused to stop that sound and spoke the following words to shatrughna: Behold, O, Shatrughna! How much harm was done to the world by Kaikeyi! The king Dasaratha left us, leaving all sorrows to me.
vrm.2.83 Kaikeyi, Sumitra and the illustrious Kausalya rode in a resplendent chariot, delighted as they were at the thought of Ramas return.
vrm.2.83 Exceedingly pleased and cheerful, that army escorted the son of Kaikeyi Bharata who was affectionate towards his brother and who had set out along with his family to bring his brother, Rama.
vrm.2.84 Will Bharata the son of Kaikeyi bind us with chains or slay us? Or is he coming to kill Rama, the son of Dasaratha, who was exiled from the kingdom by his father, desirous as Bharata is to get the prosperous Ayodhya kingdom, a luxury and that which is inaccessible to another?
vrm.2.85 Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi was pressed by the weight of that colossal mountain of agony consisting of rocky caverns in the shape of settled contemplations on Rama, minerals in the shape of groans and sighs, a cluster of trees in the shape of depressive thoughts, summits in the form of sufferings and fatigue, countless wild beasts in the shape of swoons, herbs and bamboos in the form of his exertions.
vrm.2.91 Seeing he had resolved to halt at that place for the night, the sage Bharadwaja prepared to offer Bharata the son of Kaikeyi the full honours due to a guest
vrm.2.91 The mighty armed Bharata the son of Kaikeyi on invitation by the great sage, entered that palace filled with precious gems.
vrm.2.92 Kaikeyi with her unfulfilled desire and despised by the whole world, clasped the sage s feet with bashfullness.
vrm.2.92 "She, through whose fault, those two Tigers among men have to obtain a miserable existence and King Dasaratha deprived of his son, has gone to heaven this woman, who is irate, imprudent, arrogant, who esteems herself to be good looking, who is covetous of power, unworthy though noble to all appearance, know her to be Kaikeyi, my mother of wicked and sinful resolve, in whom I see the root cause of my great misfortune.
vrm.2.92 "O, Bharata! Kaikeyi is not intended to be understood by you accusatively.
vrm.2.96 Bharata", Kaikeyi s son, having obtained coronation and desirous of making the kingdom free of enemies, is coming here to kill both of us.
vrm.2.96 "Let Kaikeyi, who is craving for the kingdom see, with great sorrow, her son slain by me today in battle, as a tree is crushed down by an Elephant.
vrm.2.96 "I shall kill Kaikeyi too along with her friend the hunch back and other accomplices.
vrm.2.97 "Getting angry with Kaikeyi his mother and speaking unkind and harsh words to her, the glorious Bharata after getting permission from our further, came here to bestow kingdom to me.
vrm.2.99 Beholding him, the illustrious and the high souled Bharata the son of Kaikeyi distraught by the grief that possessed him, rushed towards Rama.
vrm.2.100 I hope the venerable queen Kaikeyi is rejoicing.
vrm.2.101 "O, tormented of foes! As urged by his wife and my mother Kaikeyi our father committed this great sin that has taken away his own reputation.
vrm.2.103 Abusing Kaikeyi and Manthara, those people turned up with their faces bathed in tears.
vrm.2.106 "Save Kaikeyi and me, our father, our friends, our relatives, all the urbanites and the villagers as well as the entire kingdom.
vrm.2.107 "These words, which you have spoken are worthy of you, the son of Dasaratha the excellent king, born through Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.109 "A firm promise has been made by me in the presence of my father, when Queen Kaikeyi too became rejoiced.
vrm.2.111 What was advised by Kaikeyi was proper and what was done by my father was a righteous deed.
vrm.2.111 "The king Dasaratha was indeed solicited for a boon by Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.112 Dasaratha, having honoured his pledge to Kaikeyi, indeed went to heaven.
vrm.2.112 "So be it" promised Rama, embraced that Bharata with affection, took Shatrughna also in his arms and spoke to Bharata as follows: "O Bharata! Protect your mother, Kaikeyi.
vrm.3.2 a "That which is desired to befall on us, and that which is the choicest desire of Kaikeyi, and that which is concomitant to her boons, oh, Lakshmana, that has come to pass quickly, and today only Lakshmana.
vrm.3.16 "Whose husband is Dasharatha and whose son is gentle Bharata, how then can she, our mother Kaikeyi, is with this sort of cruel disposition, indeed" Thus Lakshmana spoke to Rama on their way to River Godavari.
vrm.3.37 "On seeing his father who is a proponent of truth, and whom Kaikeyi has outwitted, that virtue souled Rama neatly decamped from Ayodhya saying that I will prove my father to be a real proponent of truth.
vrm.3.37 "Discarding the kingdom and even royal comforts Rama entered Dandaka forest only to fulfil the cherish of Kaikeyi, viz.
vrm.3.37 to remain loyal to his promise to Kaikeyi.
vrm.3.47 "When Raghava s anointment was being organised my venerable mother in law known as Kaikeyi begged her husband Dasharatha for a boon.
vrm.3.47 "Restraining my veracious father in law by a good deed once done by her in his respect, Kaikeyi besought two boons from him, namely expatriation of my husband, and anointment of her son Bharata.
vrm.3.47 a If Rama is anointed now, come what may I will not eat, sleep, or drink, and my life ends this way, thus Kaikeyi was adamantine, and the king and my father in law entreated her who is nagging with meaningful riches, but she did not make good on that entreaty.
vrm.3.47 b, a "But Rama s father Dasharatha was lovesick for Kaikeyi and to fulfil her desired aspiration that great king did not anoint Rama.
vrm.3.47 b, a "When Rama arrived in the presence of his father, Kaikeyi readily and decidedly spoke these words to my husband.
vrm.3.47 b, a As an unfearing one from any quarter and as a resolute one in his pledge my husband Rama said so be it to Kaikeyi and followed her dictate.
vrm.3.47 Such as we are, oh, eminent Brahman, we three are moving about the impenetrable Dandaka forest just by our own mettle as we fell down from kingdom owing to Kaikeyi.
vrm.3.49 "An honest wife of a glorious one who aspires nothing but honesty, such a wife of Rama as I am, I am being abducted, thus the aspiration of Kaikeyi and her kinfolk has now come true.
vrm.3.58 Vaidehi" who is dearer to me than my lives, will she be alive somehow! Oh, valiant Lakshmana, this peregrination of mine, will it not become futile, someway! "When I am dead for the sake of Seetha and when you get back to Ayodhya lonesomely, and when Kaikeyi s wishes are accomplished thus, oh, Soumitri, will she be comfortable, somewhat! Kaikeyi" is with her son, with a kingdom, and further her purposes are achieved, oh, gentle Lakshmana, and because of the death of her son will my austerely mother Kausalya humbly get into the servitude of Kaikeyi, anyhow!
vrm.3.62 Ha! Chastely and best complexioned lady, now the ambition of my queen mother Kaikeyi will be fulfilled, as I breath my last owing to your straying.
vrm.3.62 Oh, efficacious Lakshmana, on revering my mothers Kaikeyi, Sumitra, and Kausalya justifiably you tell them my good bye, and you as the one who effectuates whatever is assigned to you, you have to effortfully protect my mother Kausalya by doing whatever she says.
vrm.4.56 "Just by giving boons to Kaikeyi, the quandaries like Rama s dwelling in forests along with Seetha and Lakshmana, as a result Rama s fury eliminating complete Rakshasas of Janasthana, and as a result Raghava s arrow exterminating Vali have come to pass.
vrm.5.13 Thereafter seeing sons to be dead the mothers Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi will not exist there is no doubt.
vrm.5.33 "While that anointment of Rama was being arranged, a queen called Kaikeyi spoke the following words to Dasaratha, her husband.
vrm.5.33 "Hearing the cruel and the disagreeable words of Kaikeyi and recollecting the boon given to the queen, King Dasaratha who was true to his word, fell unconscious.
vrm.6.32 Recognizing that head as that of Rama, with a proof resembling her husbands eyes, facial complexion, hair, expanse of his forehead and the beautiful jewel worn on the top of his head, she was very much afflicted with sorrow, cried like an osprey and abused Kaikeyi who was the originator of the present calamity as follows: Kaikeyi! Be a fulfiller of your craving! This Rama, causing a joy to the family, has been slain.
vrm.6.49 "What shall I say to my mother, Kausalya or to Kaikeyi? How can I talk to my mother Sumitra, sighing for the sight of her son?" "How shall I console Sumitra, trembling and crying out like an osprey, bereft of her son, if I return to Ayodhya without lakshmana?"
vrm.6.119 "Fortunately has the fear born of Ravana which increased the severe darkness on the entire world has been removed by you, on the battle field, O Rama!" "You are fit to go to the heaven, by comforting the depressed Bharata and the illustrious Kausalya as well as seeing Kaikeyi and Sumitra, the mother of Lakshmana having got the sovereignty of Ayodhya, bringing delight to your friends, stabilizing the back bone in the race of Ikshvaku, getting excellent glory by performing a Horse sacrifice and by granting riches to Brahmanas.
vrm.6.119 "O excellent among the eloquent! The words, which were uttered by Kaikeyi, with an aim to send you into exile, are still imprinted in my heart.
vrm.6.119 To Dasaratha, who was thus speaking, Rama with joined palms in salutation, submitted as follows: "Be gracious to Kaikeyi and Bharata, O the knower of virtues!"
vrm.6.119 May that terrific curse not touch Kaikeyi and her son, O Lord!" Saying May it be" to Rama who stood with joined palms embraced Lakshmana.
vrm.6.121 In the absence of Bharata, the son of Kaikeyi, who is practicing virtue, ritual bathing, garments and jewels are not to my liking.
vrm.6.121 My heart is hastening to see that Bharata, who came all the way to Mount Chitrakuta to take me back to Ayodhya, yet whose appeal was not executed by me, even though he requested me with his head bent low and Kausalya my mother as also Sumitra and the illustrious Kaikeyi my step mothers as also Guha my friend, as well as the citizens of Ayodhya and the inhabitants of the country side.
vrm.6.124 "O Rama, the victorious in battles! Formerly, on seeing you penetrating deeply into the great forest on foot, with the sole intention of practicing virtue, clad in pieces of bark, going away from sovereignty, deprived of all enjoyments, like an immortal fallen from heaven, having renounced all your possession, with your spouse Seetha as the third of your party besides Lakshmana and yourself, resolved in carrying out the behest of your father and intent on implementing the pledge given by your father to Kaikeyi and living on wild roots and fruits, pity arose in me earlier.
vrm.6.125 Hearing the words of Hanuma, Bharata the son of Kaikeyi, felt delighted and sank all at once to the ground as also fainted through joy.
vrm.6.127 All of them, including Kaikeyi, reached Nandigrama.
vrm.6.127 Offering salutation to Sumantra, the illustrious Kaikeyi and all his mothers, Rama then went to Vasishta the priest and offered his salutation in reverence.
vrm.6.128 Placing his hallowed hands together on his head as a mark of salutation, Bharata the enhancer of Kaikeyi s happiness, spoke to the truly brave Rama, his elder brother as follows:
vrm.6.128 Approaching and entering the palace of the great souled father, Rama the prince offered salutation to Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi and spoke the following sweet and meaningful words to Bharata, the foremost among the righteous: "Give this great palace of mine which looks excellent with Ashoka garden and consisting of pearls and cat s eye gems to Sugreeva for his stay.
vrm.6.128 Even as Kausalya, the mother has Rama as her living son, or as Sumitra has Lakshmana or as Kaikeyi has Bharata, the women likewise can become mothers of living sons, endowed with children as well as grand children and thus become happy forever.
vrm.7.53 Thereupon Rama incidentally addressed them saying O Vadra, how do the inhabitants of the city and provinces talk about Sita, Bharata, Lakshmana, Satrughna and the mother Kaikeyi ?The kings, when they deviate from the paths of justice, become objects of censure in the houses of men and even in the forests as well.
vrm.7.76 And Kausalya and Sumitra and Kaikeyi and the other wives of the king set up festal salutation in the palace.
vrm.7.77 Having thus ordered the powerful warriors the highly powerful Satrughna bowed unto Kausalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi.
vrm.7.96 Hearing those sweet accents of Bharata, Rama, having truth for his prowess, attained to incomparable delight, and addressed the enhancer of Kaikeyi s delight with kind words saying: "O thou freed from sins, I have been greatly delighted with thee.
vrm.7.112 Performing many pious observances Kaikeyi followed her and obtained peace in the land of immortals.
vrm.7.114 After the destruction of the Gandharvas, Kaikeyi s son Bharata set up two excellent and prosperous cities in the province of Gandharva.
vrm.7.114 Having reared up those two cities within five years, Rama s younger brother, the mighty armed Bharata, son of Kaikeyi, returned to Ayodhya, And like unto Vasava saluting Brahma he adored the high souled Raghava the very personation of virtue and communicated unto him duly the destruction of the Gandharvas and the establishment of the two cities.

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