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vrm.2.71 Making a camp in thatbeautiful forest there, Bharata traveled towards the east and reached a garden in the city of Ujjihana, in which there are a number of Kadamba trees.
vrm.2.71 Having reached Sala and Kadamba trees, Bharata yoked swifter Horses to his chariot, allowed his army to come after him and quickly went ahead.
vrm.3.60 Oh, Kadamba tree, seest thou someone a lady who is lover of Kadamba flowers, one with a lovable face and a love of mine, thou tellest me if thou knowest.
vrm.3.73 and even trees like Dhanva, Naga, Tilaka, Naktamaala, blue Ashoka, Kadamba, Karaveera, Agnimukha, Ashoka, red sandalwood trees and Neem trees will be heart pleasingly shining forth in full blossom, that alone is an optimistic course for you.
vrm.4.27 And bloomed Malati and Jasmine bushes, also trees like Sindhuvara, Shirrishika, further the trees like Kadamba, Arjuna, and Sarja in bloom, are brightening it and it is delightful.
vrm.4.28 "Adaptive are the interiors of forests for the peacocks to dance very well, adaptive are the Kadamba trees with their branches and bouquets, adaptive are the bulls with matching sensualities of Cows, and adaptive is this earth with its enrapturing crops and orchards, and all are adaptive to the season s gaiety.
vrm.4.28 "By the downpours that are falling down, knocked down are the hexapods, and they are languishing on the branches of Kadamba trees, and their once acquired copious intemperance from the nectar of flowers in Spring season, they the honeybees are now slowly forfeiting.
vrm.4.28 "Plentiful in Kadamba, Sarja, Arjuna, Kandala trees, with the heaps of their reddish flowers fallen on ground, and the forest interior is aplenty with the watery nectar of those fallen flowers.
vrm.4.28 "Lashed are the fibrils of lotuses with the pours of new waters, and quickly leaving them off the honeybees are sapping the new fibrils of Kadamba flowers.
vrm.5.2 Standing on that mountain, the Elephant among Vanaras, Hanuma, saw pine trees, Karnikaras, Date Palms in full blossom, Priyalas, Lemon trees, wild Jasmine trees, Mogra trees, long Pepper trees filled with sweet fragrance, Kadamba trees and seven leaved Banana trees, Asana trees, Kovidaras, Karaviras in full blossom, trees that were tied by the weight of their flowers and flower buds, that were distressed by Birds, with their crests moved by wind, wells and various glorious pleasure groves filled by various trees that give fruits and flowers in all seasons and beautiful gardens also, surrounded by various ponds consisting of swans and ducks.
vrm.7.31 And the interior of the forest was beautified with the brilliant groves of Karnikara, with Kadamba and Vakula trees, groves of full blown lotuses, the waters of Mandakini, with Champaka, Asoka, Punnaga Mandara, Mangoe, Patala, Lodra, Pryangu, Arjuna, Ketaka, Tagara, Coconut, Pyala, Panasa and various other trees.
vrm.7.52 Having sent away the golden Pushpaka, the highly powerful Rama entered the Asoka forest beautified by sandal, Aguru, Mangoe, dark sandal and Devadaru trees, and covered with Champaka, Aguru, Naga, Kesara, Madhuka, Panasa, Sarja, Parijata, resembling smokeless fire, Sodhra, Neepa, Arjuna, Naga, Saptaparna, Muktaka, Mandara, Kadali and various creepers, abounding in Priyanga, Kadamba, Vakula, Jambu, pomegranate, and Kadali trees, containing various flowers, picturesque, having many fruits, fragrant, decorated with new leaves and adorned with vaious other trees.

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