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vrm.1.7 Suyajna, Jabali, Kaashyapa, Gautama, Markandeya, Deerghaayu, and then Kaatyayana are the scholarly Brahmans acting as religious ministers, and along with them there are also Brahmarshis who are always the ancestral ritual scholars for Dasharathas family.
vrm.1.10 "After the departure of all them the courtesans, that Brahman Rishyasringa, the grandson of Sage Kaashyapa, is disturbed at heart and even behaved sadly.
vrm.1.12 Then King Dasharatha said to his best minister Sumantra, "Let the Vedic scholars and ritual conductors like Sages Suyajna, Vamadeva, Jabali, and Kaashyapa, along with the family priest Vashishta, as well as other Vedic Brahmans that are there, they all be invited swiftly.
vrm.1.29 a "This is the erstwhile hermitage of great souled Vamana renowned as Accomplished hermitage, why because the sage with supreme ascesis Kaashyapa got accomplishment to such of his ascesis there only.
vrm.1.29 "In the meanwhile, oh Rama, he whose brilliance is similar to ritual fire, who will be with his wife Lady Aditi, who is resplendent with his own vitality, that godly sage Kaashyapa on completing his asceticism along with Lady Aditi started to eulogise the boon giver and the eliminator of Madhu, namely Vishnu.
vrm.1.29 Sage Kaashyapa praised Vishnu in this way.
vrm.1.29 Vishnu is gladdened for the devotion of sage Kaashyapa who is absolved of any blemish y his ascesis, and then Vishnu said this to, "You may seek a boon as you are boon worthy, I opine that you are a preferred one to me, let safety be with you.
vrm.1.29 Thus Vishnu said to Kaashyapa.
vrm.1.29 On hearing the word of Vishnu sage Kaashyapa, the son of Sage Marichi said, "oh, god the accorder of boons, as you are pleased with us it will be apt of you to bestow the boon besought by Lady Aditi and the Gods, oh, lord with lofty vows, for which boon I am also supplicating to you, following them.
vrm.1.29 So said sage Kaashyapa to Vishnu.
vrm.1.46 Thus Diti spoke to her husband Kaashyapa.
vrm.1.46 On hearing her request the great resplendent sage Kaashyapa, the son of Sage Marichi, replied Diti, who is deeply mournful.
vrm.1.46 Thus Sage Kaashyapa advised his wife Diti.
vrm.1.46 "Saying thus that great resplendent sage patted her, and then on his touching her she is consecrated, and then that sage Kaashyapa departed for his ascetic practises, saying be blest.
vrm.1.46 "On the exit of Sage Kaashyapa, oh, best one among men Rama, highly elated Diti reached the sacred place called Kushaplava, on which the present City of Vishala is now standing, and practised a highly rigorous asceticism.
vrm.1.46 "Oh, best one among Gods, Indra, on my prayer your high souled father Sage Kaashyapa bestowed this boon on me for a son, which materialises at the end of thousand years, and only ten more years are to slip by.
vrm.1.69 Vashishta", Vamadeva, Jabali and Kaashyapa, and the long lived Markandeya, and Sage Kaatyayana.
vrm.1.70 b, a The Unprovable emanated the timeless, changeless and perishless Brahma, and from that Being, namely Brahma, Marichi is begotten, and Kaashyapa is the son of Marichi, and Vivaswat is begotten from Kaashyapa, and Manu is said to be the son of Vivaswat.

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